before it kills me

i'll try to make this short (but i doubt). i do have a lot of things to say but because a headache's killing me i have to refrain from excessive thinking and probably resume to my Chuck marathon.

so here, my sister and i just came back from a church-mall escapade. it was hard on our part, with the dirty water seeping through our slippers... we just commuted actually. i couldn't quite miss going to church.

i'm a hypocrite of course, i intended to go the mall after. which is 'the' factor.

and because i'm evil, or because i didn't bring in my tithes in hopes of using the money to buy a set of staedtler pens, God punished me. or shall we say, for those who don't believe in him, Karma worked its rounds on me. i got a really bad headache now, right now, and it throbs in pain with every letter i type on the keyboard. now, how hard is that? me having to endure all this just to feed you an entry?

anyway. i thought the mall was going to console me with my dirty feet, a broken umbrella, and a very useless super absorbent jacket but no it didn't. i actually forgot that it's a SUNDAY and it's AUGUST 3. it's actually the last day of SM's 3-day mall wide sale. it's freakin suffocating inside, i regretted stepping foot on it. and you know, the set of staedtler pens i was hoping to purchase was out of stock according to a seemingly unreliable sales clerk of NBS. is there anyway to know if a sales lady is lying about their stocks? i think they're just too lazy to
attend to us. bitch.

i'm not in the mood anymore.

but i love Chuck.

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