because i hate taking responsibility

hehe. i actually didn't want to be part of this but duty takes over, what can i do...?? hahaha, i'm not a good leader, promise. i'm better off working alone so maybe, i'm better off with the technicals. edi yun! technicals. hehehehe ok lang ok lang. sige sige, bahala na. :)

yehey. done with the self-motivation! bwahahaha
it isn't too hard anyway.

eto lang mga major pet peeves ko:

1. i hate, suuuupppper hate, being woken (gm?) up during a sound sound sleep. my mom does this everytime and sucks because i can't throw tantrums at her for spoiling my sleep. it's my reward dammiiiiit!!

2. i also super hate being interrupted when i'm playing on the computer.

3. here's what's currently happening now: i hate being ROBBED of my siesta time. in these time intervals, you shouldn't bother me: 11:30am-1pm (tues,thurs); 11:30am-2:30pm and 4-7:30pm (wed,fri) BECAUSE IT'S THE ONLY TIME I CAN SLEEP WELL.

if you're not aware, I AM AN INSOMNIAC. i don't do well during daytime that's why i get super cranky...sleeping during classes and actually dozing off on lectures. it's the reason why i'm the dumbest student in the university. it's not just a bad habit, it's my lifestyle now.

however, if you're still awake you can go rock my socks weekdays at 8pm-1am. never at 2am-7am though, i'm most probably wetting my sheets already.

that's my sched. oh i don't need respect. i'm probably just pissed off that i'm not getting my most important powernaps during the afternoon... when it's soooo nice to sleep.


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