what the heck.

among the 500 more or less entries i've made between appril 07 to 08, selecting my 5 best entries to represent this blog at the PBA 2008 WAS TOUGH.

for various reasons:

a) i didn't think i could possibly rank my entries. well, i could... they go through this scale of boring, more boring and most boring + annoying.
b) almost all of them, including this, are full of grammatical errors... which i know would give me lots of demerits from the panel. conscious, aye? i should be. people are reading and i haven't fixed my demented grammar.
c) honestly, i didn't know what to pick. it was hard, though i only did the selecting in less than 30 minutes because i have things to do and today is already the deadline and i didn't want to lose the nomination even though i'm the one who nominated myself. oops. hehehe

well, those could barely be called reasons but, hey, what the heeeeeckkk!

i'm seeing him more often now. though when i saw him awhile ago and saw that he looked like crap, i wanted to ask him what happened (well, i'm kind of a stalker, i already knew. but just for formality... hehe i'd go ask) and just say go get a rest or something but i didn't...we just passed each other by anyway.

but after that i contemplated on the feeling (of crush and bit more) and asked myself if i still like him even in his crappiest form. this is what everybody is asking from their potential-slash-delusional-future-partners in life, ACCEPTANCE.

to love is not just to love someone in his best form. i've always known that.
how come i'm being judgmental?

and so what have i to say with that? is this feeling only temporary and conditional?
i'm afraid not. because, damn, i accept him in whatever form he takes. thing is, acceptance doesn't always equate to love. so i'm not sure. i don't even want to mention it because i hate sounding cheesy and so teenbopper theymakemewannapuke.

wooot. artwork due tomorrow. i have to work on it now.
hehe bye. :)

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