nothing better to do

on retrospect, i have studied relatively more seriously for my exams this semester than what i did last sem. if ever that makes sense, i should've gotten at least a couple of nice passing grades. but you see, studying doesn't always makes sense. at least to me...

out of the 6 exams i took this month, i passed only 4. hehe, with my standards, that's already good enough. i never used to pass any exam at all. with or without studying. hahahaha, and the two i failed were near the passing grade so i'm totally fine (rocked out) with that.

finally! i'm passing my exams! :| though i shouldn't be entirely happy about it.
you know, i skipped my favorite class to WORK on a caricature due on that day. i forgot about it, good thing my client texted me. i'm fine with it, actually... that i get to 'sacrifice' something for 'work'. but man, this would gradually turn uncool if i go skip important classes next time.

but i won't. promise.
i got only a few orders right now, but i'm not rushing into it because i have exams next week. 2 chems and the math midterm.

uplb tornado, anyone?

oh, i don't think i've mentioned about the tornado here in los banos, have i?
it happened last august 14, that's a thursday. it occured around 4pm. we're supposed to have our physics lab that time but the electricity went off, then people are suddenly screaming and running outside. i didn't know what's up so i followed my classmates downstairs to join the throng of people outside, raising their cam phones and video cams for something that seemed phenomenal.

then there's the brewing tornado -err, it's already around 90% brewed-, the first i've seen in my whole life. i didn't even know it could exist, RIGHT IN FRONT OF MY EYES. it was exceptional.

but of course, since this is not a natural occurence in a typically tropical archipelago, we were all, "WHOA! COOL! ASTIG! MAY TORNADO SA ELBI! WAHAHAHA"

aren't we supposed to run for our lives?

key word. supposed to.
but the elbi culture is dominantly thrashing that SOP away.

i got 2 pics of it in my phone (i was lucky i captured it before my phone ran out of bat) but i have no means yet to upload it here. to follow na lang...

however, you can get your pick of the various video covers HERE. there are lots. see how fascinated we are? you don't usally get fascinated with lethargic phenomenons.

that's us, for you. :)

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