secondhand serenade

lol. emo!
i hate the word. it sounds cheap. i'm gravely sorry but the word emo, doesn't appeal to me that much. it seems overrated, overused, abused... yeah, mainstream, for a lack of a gentler term. -___-;

i just got back from lb square with itchel, i had to convince her to go with me because she didn't want to eat dinner, and i wanted to drink but what the hell is one company? and someone who doesn't drink, on top of that? but good grace, i enjoyed this night. :) after our blasted laboratory exam, i already planned that tonight i'll be having a glass of beer to quench my crave.

and it did yeah, though i kind of have to budget even this stupid drinking allowance because i'm living in poverty for the whole semester. i couldn't even lay my good ol hands on a redhorse, or something harsher, something...

well, i need something that kicks hard, aside from failing grades and the stupid reality in general.

i'm not drunk. well, i was never.

ok for the most part, i liked this day because i got to laugh a lot... during lab and after the exam. it waaaas nice. :)

haha, oh... here is my only major grievance about the org. i don't seem to find enough people whom i can just party and drink with... WITHOUT all the bullshit acads. oh come on, i'm not up for a study group. but give me a break, i need REAAAAL friends. who party.

another org perhaps?
gosh, that's like trailing off of my league because i'm reserving varsity for next sem and i can't probably divide myself into fractions with all the load. :)
but for once, i want to do something i'm inclined to! swimming! drawing! menial sidelines that mean a lot... oh damn it. i don't belong here in the first place.

back to the title: i got a few songs from SHS and they were nice... they're very emotional... emoooo. hehe

btw, it's the second time this sem that i encountered something i could trade a passing grade with RIGHT before the exam. on a note, that's quite phenomenal, to actually be THAT shallow to trade a passing grade with something that doesn't amount to any ordinal value... but you see, i was too happy while taking the exam awhile ago that i didn't care of the right answers.

last time it happened (rather, the first), i DID fail that exam. but because i was toooo happy to care, i let it pass. now it's up for the second time.

strike two.

let's evaluate:
i contradict mysef by dicussing too much acad stuff in this blog (and i did say i'm not a very acad-conscious person nor someone who dwells on her scholastic performance too much). i am, afterall, trying to build a better study habit... without sounding too nerdy and grade-conscious and all those stupid crappy things i see with my batchmates.


following the standards of today's harsh 'norms'; no one should be able to get this entry. at least not up to this statement.

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