// not a finger put on thesis today. i suddenly got carried away (yet again and again) photoshopping announcements, scrolling through 9gag*, and just yearbooking instead of thesising (not that there's any cool progress with either but errrr). i'm totally missing out on the more important things to do.... like take a bath?

// wow. longest time i spent in the basement this week haha. >:|

* - i know some people feel bitter that 9gag is becoming mainstream JUST because they feel like they were the first ones to discover it. oh well you were the ones who shared 9gag to us so don't fret like we've just robbed you of the charter status. if anything, just look for a potentially better 9gag, be a loser and keep it yourself.

// i feel so FREAKING LAX! what the hell are we gonna show mam garcia this saturday? for the nth time, i'm not doing anything. lol

// i feel so freaking irresponsible lately, academics wise. before, i keep on pushing myself to do my best but now i just want to PASS thesis and focus on the yearbook. yeah right. and start earning and buy a kickass laptop hehe

// for now i have to, uhm, i dunno. start thesis maybe? haha


blood gone

yesterday, i donated 350 ml of blood for a church activity. looks like i've gone a bit too unhealthy since the last time i donated (early 2011, feb or april). my blood was too viscous (or malapot basta yun) that it took so long to fill the bag, there were times it stopped flowing cos it already clotted. so yeah, look at the bruises. i was freaking worried (deep inside), about the state of my blood. and also about the fact that i kindof donated useless blood. which is why i'll do my best to go back to the 2 liters of water/day habit that i lost after 2 weeks of herbal medication (and after snyder's jalapeno went off the shelves of rustans). haaay what can i do, i can't stop stuffing on junk food! huhu >XO

yearbook yearbook yearbook. what i need is an assurance that 100 people will pay. i really want to push through this, more than the happiness it would bring me to do the layout hahaha, it's one thing to prove the higher batches that we're not like them. we're not just gonna bend to an administration that cuts you off when you start talking money. i've been bottling up my grievances about stuff at school because it's rude to just rant and rave publicly, specially that i'm expected to act nice and agreeable ALL THE TIME. >:| haaaay

for the record, my sister's yearbook (CEM  Batch 2009) has only around 150 pages and more or less 120 pages of those are profiles of graduates from their college. that's UPLB, home of the not so rich kids, and they were able to pay off for the yearbook. if only people would realize that this is not a useless cause. it's a freakin memorabilia of your college lives! come on, if i could only reach through the parents to give their kids money for the yearbook haha.


was supposed to make a simple announcement but i got carried away (i guess). >XD why do i love this work so much i'm neglecting thesis for this hahahaaay >XD

oh, this is not for announcement purposes duhh like i actually drive people to check my blog for updates haha. it's my for unoffical portfolio whatever. kindof

working for the yearbook

blaaaah because flash is hanging and photoshop isn't, i can't work properly on thesis. my wish, NEW LAPTOP. <30k on a Lenovo something running on i3! >XD


happy valentine's day!

ooooh this day was great!

1. at the office, all i did was eat!!! someone came to school selling boxes upon boxes of discounted cheetos, tostitos and lays! course the reason is obvious haha. looooook, they're selling these big packs at 50 pesos each. but lucky me got it for 3for100 because of the 'employee' discount i sortof benefited from from the department heads! hihi

don't tell mommy
 2. it's valentines day so i get to spend the day with jeckie! and of course... EAT AT YOSHI!

at yoshinoya sm north >:D

my favorite feast
 yoshi!!! they have a promo where it says that when you buy 2 rice meals, you get 2 regular red tea for free! i don't like red tea (cos it tastes like gummy/jelly ace juice errr) so i just gave it all to jec and bought green tea instead hihi

3. awesome froyo

way out of my budget but i wanted to know how other froyos fare. so there, white hat! freaking awesome that i had 2 of these! hahaha very expensive though, 90 pesos for a regular cup (4oz). I Heart Froyo sells bigger at 55. hahaha but the difference is just so remarkable, lol. white hat is super pure fresh yogurt. tastes like yogurt and white cheese. love it!

4. RACK's for the first time >:D

awesome gravy >XD
slfkhihaldhasldj i'm sleppy
oh btw, we didn't dine there! LOOOOL as much as i'd like to think we could afford this hahahaha
we just met with his parents who are also, by coincident, celebrating Vday at sm north! hihihi

5. blueberry cheesecake from KCC. huhuhuhuhu how i love this day
tita and tito bought this and 

i just ate a slice, okay?! >XD yummeeehhhh
i'm really very sleppppy

I LOVE THIS DAAAAAYYY!!! thank you God for giving me soooo freaking much to eat! >XD my stomach is a messss 

thank you my dearest jeckie for making this day super wondahful! i superduperloooove you! >XD

bitch please

was supposed to unwind and think about stuff this afternoon but before i could even hit the mall with my sister... crap got crappier, my mood was totally killed so i decided to just lock myself in the house and feel sorry for making others feel sorry about myself. hey, i was supposed to feel sorry for myself but i end up feeling more sorry about what others feel about my sorry-ness for myself? bitch please. may i have my time alone? thanks.

 thank you blog. for always being there when i need you. and let's be exact, only when i need you. thank you for not forcing yourself on me when i clearly needed some time alone with my childish instincts. i missed being alone with just my murderous thoughts. with no one telling me i'm doing it wrong and with no one telling me i should be acting in accordance to fulfilling One's glory.

i was thinking if this is what i really wanted. cos if yes, i wouldn't be shutting myself with just my blog and no one else. then i thought maybe i'm not yet prepared to be completely honest with anyone yet. cos i have issues i'm not comfortable sharing with someone, and i have mood swings i'm not ready to compromise for the sake of relationship. yeah, i'm too selfish. i hate sharing what's mine.

what was the issue again? i almost forgot. yeah. nothing. check my tweets. or follow me to middle earth.

Options Job Fair 2012

freaking tiring day!!! i'm not even in heels and my legs are sore from all the walking, squeezing through people and waiting in lines, just to deliver my 50 resumes to 50 different companies to complete the job fair's bingo card (which is also required for our clearance. clever school huh). they'll be raffling it off and a lucky winner will receive a laptop at best. >XD i guess jeckie and i were one of the first to finish our cards. we turned em over at quarter to 12. then we ate lunch with friends, then went to UST to get jec's TOR, then to NCBA to get his F137 then finaaaaally home!

i was supposed to sleep but work came knocking around even before i could feel the inviting covers of my queen! >XO i have to prepare stuff for tomorrow's amazing race, text people, entertain concerns from the booths we invited, photoshop stuff for AOG then FCLC, and simultaneously worry about thesis. i wonder when my team and i are ever going to focus and thesis ALONE. i mean duh, it's the one thing we need to graduate. i can't believe we're taking it lightly like crap. 

what i like about huge job fairs, or any job fair in particular is that they always have freebies! bags, ballpens, memo pads usually, fans and blaaaah, yes candies too. who doesn't like freebies? i love paper. haha >XD


 my complete bingo card (front)

FERN Chronicles Layout

Rush is ruuuuuush! 

 i wonder if mam knows that i'm also doing the layout for this? i'm soooo busy ignoring our thesis. >XO come defense time, i wonder if the heads are going to criticize our program knowing that our group has been too busy (following their orders) with our extracurriculars. LOL no, not blaming anyone! i'm excited for fresh mango shake and barbecue popcorn! >XD hurray for a pretty "fast" layouting. well i just copied the previous issue hahaha >XP

photoshop, we should be engaged.


options 2012 job fair tomorrow!

not excited! >XD i actually prefer to be at school, drinking fresh mango shake and eating popcorn lol. >XD it's our foundation week and nothing's happening! >XO i feel mostly at fault here, for being too irresponsible and too err lazy to cook up something fun for the students. not that i have anything fun in mind, actually besides being too lazy to plan, i'm not confident enough we'll put away a good show. i suck. >:| so is our thesis. i'm kinda starting to regret involving myself in stuff i can't even balance.

and wait, i don't even enjoy being at school sometimes. there's just so freaking much to do there. >XO

writing that kinda pays

yey for 1 kiao! i won this over at OpenRice's last promo! hehehehe what's cool with this promo is that the prize is actually money! hahaha usually they give out gift cheques and stuff so i had to exchange them from my friends or from buyers from the store itself just so i could get it in cash! >XD anyway, for that amount, i wrote 20 food reviews, of at least 100 words each. see? it's thaaaat cool at openrice. i get rewarded for doing the things i like e.g eating and writing. >:)

i'm still open for suggestions on earning online EASILY. but of course, none of those pay-per-click or paid-to-click websites that never really pays. writing could also be an option but i dun wanna go back to ghost writing about topics that i have the slightest idea about. like parasails and double doors. uggggh. the horror i've gone through for a few dollars. 

anyway. i thought i could use this weekend to rest and do stuff totally unrelated to school but looks like i have to work even on sundays! >X( 

back to gossip girl then. >XD

i should be doing thesis you know

but i'm busy 9gaging huhu what's happening it's 8 and i should've made some decent progress with our thesis omg. this is stressing me out. err, srsly! come on, flash! yknow, like chuck! grrr >XO

there's just so much workload to deal with! i enjoy being busy, doing a lot of things, specially when you get to do what you want (design!) hahaha but not thesis lol. if i could only make my entire extra curricular my thesis, i bet i'd get a more decent documentation than what we he have right now for our blaaaah of a thesis.

alright. how do you get a grip on these things? sometimes i feel like i'm not really doing anything big, work in the office gets tedious at times but that's because whenever i'm there, i take 3 positions: SA, ICON pres and CBS pres. then i consider myself lucky because at least i have a desk with a computer and internet! hehe! orders may be piling up but none of them combined is as stressful as trying to come up with something to show your professor that's supposed to be a "progress report" on your THESIS. come on flash! i have no patience for this. >XO

then sometimes i get anxious for this semester to end because i want to get rid of all the stress factors from school and just focus on being in love. for the lol of that. srsly. T__T;

layout and design jobs

this is what ate up my entire week (kindof). below are some tarp designs for the upcoming AOG and Foundation Week!

but i actually enjoyed doing them, specially when people call it beautiful! >XD but then, i feel useless being under mam samson. i'm supposed to do computer jobs but most, if not all, of my duty hours go to layouting and doing CBS stuff. if i could only learn more about this craft, i would! >XD

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