Watch Be Careful with my Heart #TheWayYouWantIt!

Being a working girl, it's always hard to keep up with my favorite TV shows. In my case, isa lang naman, and that's Be Careful with my Heart! <3

Now that BCWMH has entered its next season, with Maya and Sir Chief happily married and having a baby soon, it's hard to miss out on anything! During the first season, my eyes were glued on how the lead couple's relationship will progress, but now, I've got eyes on Nikki and Nicolo na! Hahaha bagong love team yiiie! Carlo Mortel's (Nicolo) inclusion in the hit series made it more refreshing and engaging to watch because his character is just so hilarious! >XD

Unfortunately, in the rare case that I catch the show at home, ganito pa ang eksena...

static, malabo at masakit sa mata! @_@
Sarap manood no? >XS

That's definitely not how i want to watch my favorite TV show, And i'm sure kayo din!

So what's up? The problem really isn't that my eyes can't stand the horrible reception at home. Because i love the series so much, I can forgive and bear all that! What I find most depressing though is how I cannot re-watch it in case I missed an episode.

Thankfully, there's SKY CABLE! ano raw? pano tayo napunta sa Sky Cable HAHAHA
Of course, if there's a problem, there's a solution! And believe it or else, this is just about the best solution i found!

So how does that solve my problems? 
Sky Cable has four amaaaazing features that lets you enjoy your television the way you want it! First off, my favorite feature:

Sky Cable enables you to take control of your TV viewing with iRecord

Exactly what I needed right? Having the first and only Personal Video Recorder (PVR) feature in the country, iRecord gives you the ability to pause, record and rewind live TV! That means I will never miss out an episode of my favorite series! Ngayon pa na Ms. Charo Santos (jokingly) said in an interview that the series will go on forever! >XD

Here are your options!

Pause - iRecord has a timeshift feature which lets you pause TV shows in case you need to step out for a while.

Record - obviously, you can record your favorite TV show! but more than that, you can do it while watching on a different channel (from the same channel group) pa! amazing!

Playback - bookmark, fast forward, and rewind that show the way you want it! Plus may slow motion and frame by frame effect pa. winner na winnner talaga!

That's just the first feature guys! take a deep breath as I reveal 3 more exciting features from Sky Cable!

Up next,

Sky Cable has the most number of standard definition (SD) and high definition channels!

Kung hindi ka ba naman ma-windang with 180 channels to choose from? Truly, Sky Cable offers you and your whole family a chance to enjoy all the programs in the world! Seriously! From movies, sports, kids, learning, music, general entertainment, news, lifestyle, religious and international channels, name it and they have it! What's more is that Sky Cable brags about having the most number of HD channels (that's 42 as of now!) among its competitors in the Philippines! And i'm sure it'll stay that way! >;D

Feature #3...
Sky Cable gives you the ability to add channels and packs that you like to your basic plan

This my 2nd favorite feature actually, being that it allows me to select just the channels I wanted! This is pretty similar to Smart's Flexibundles and Globe's Superplan (if you're familiar with those!) because it gives you the power to just select what you want on your TV! Sky Cable allows you to add channels and packs on top of your basic subscription plan to suit you and your family's preferences. 

Take a look at some of these select packs:

FOX Pack (P299/month):
Fox Channel HD, FOX Crime HD, FOX Family Movies HD, FOX Movies Premium HD, Nat Geo Adventure HD, Nat Geo Wild HD, National Geographic HD, Star World HD, Channel M HD

HBO Pack (both SD and HD at P350/month):
HBO Family, HBO Hits, HBO Signature Movie Pack (P550/month): CinemaWorld HD, FOX Family Movies HD, FOX Movies Premium HD, HBO HD, Sundance Channel HD

Sports Pack (P550/month): 
ASN HD, FOX Sports News (SD), FOX Sports Plus HD, NBAPremium TV HD, Outdoor Channel HD

Kids Pack (P249/month): 
Baby TV, Cartoonito, Cbeebies, Discovery Kids, Disney Jr., Jim Jam, Kids Co., Nick jr.

Korean Pack 1 (199/month):
Arirang, Channel M, CTS, KBS World, YTN

Korean Pack 2 (P900/month):
Arirang, Channel M, CTS, KBS World, MBC, YTN

HD 40 Pack (P1999/month): 
ASN HD, Balls HD, Bio HD, Cartoon Network HD, Channel M HD, CI HD, Cinema World HD, Cinemax HD, Classica HD, CNN HD, Comedy Central HD, Discovery Channel HD, E! HD, Fashion TV HD, Food Network HD, Fox Action Movies HD, Fox Channel HD, Fox Crime HD, Fox Family Movies HD, Fox Movies Premium HD, Fox Sports Plus HD, H2 HD, HBO Family HD, HBO HD, HBO Hits HD, HBO Signature HD, History Channel HD, Lifetime HD, MTV Live Asia HD, NatGeo Adventure HD, Nat Geo Wild HD, National Geographic HD, NBA Premium HD, Outdoor Channel HD, RTL-CBS Entertainment HD, Star World HD, Sundance Channel HD, Syfy Channel HD, Travel Channel HD, Universal Channel HD

That, and a whole lot more!

I know, I know, by now you're probably just amazed as I am, but there's one last feature I'm gonna share to you and I'll end with this hehe...

With Sky Cable, you get access to special shows and events through Sky Cable Pay-per-view and Free view!

Oha! Sa mga sosyalin dyan, you don't have to fly all the way to Las Vegas to watch Manny Pacquiao fight live HAHAHA, else suffer the agony of watching a delayed telecast! With Sky Cable, you get free access to special shows and notable programs! Also, you get access to the widest variety of live entertainment (sporting matches, blockbuster movies, special events, concerts, etc)!

Naks naman diba? All that and more, only on Sky Cable!

So what are you waiting for? Give your family a gift of bonding and quality entertainment by subscribing to Sky Cable!

Aaaand because I can finally record Be Careful with my heart, here's how I imagine my 8pms will be, watching my favorite TV show the way I want it! 

Now let me walk you through this campaign poster... 

and this commercial...

odiba, tv Sky Cable lang pala ang katapat ng pagiging homesick from new york!

Only from the biggest digital cable TV provider in the country,

Cheers to being able to enjoy your television #TheWayYouWantIt!

of java and a looming sense of failure

dear friends, please bear with me as i (yet again) wallow in self pity and inquire on the purpose of my life, and the reason i'm pursuing this path. lol. i just realized something, YOU CAN'T LEARN EVERYTHING. there are just some things that fill your head to the point of over saturation that you cannot anymore give space to new knowledge. i'm close to believing that a person's learning potential in a given field is limited, especially if that field is not among the special gifts he received from God. ano raw.

i've experienced it once, and i'm experiencing it again. the peak of my java learning curve stops at the concept of inheritance and anything that has to do with classes. the succeeding topics are all but points of a downhill slope. i'm so sure because (much to my shame), i've already received java training before (read here!) and i can't believe i'm stuck at the same spot. but you know i actually found it really cool like, oh my gulay this is the exact topic that got me brain dead. this must really be my limitation! i'm fascinated at how i had to be reminded twice about it. haha

sadly, it's nothing to celebrate about. this could mean that i'm really really not for this and that i should focus my efforts somewhere else. i'm close to making up my mind that if i still break this chance to actually be a 'programmer', then it must be God's way of saying that, child you should study the arts now. i'm looking at CIIT! >XD hahaha

it's depressing how i feel like i'm not going to excel here, yet again.

PS: why the negativity? i could just challenge myself to betterment diba? dibaaa? why. not. >XD

God with us!

last friday was soooo amazing grabe, i just had to share. haha God is soooo good!

ganito kasi yon...

the day started out to be so stressful. it was our finals day at our cobol training and we were tasked to present 2 cases with their corresponding analyses and solutions. everything was provided naman in fairness, from the code to the documentation, even the solution... and the instructions were clear. but the amount of resources we had was just so overwhelming we didn't know where to start hahaha. even before the presentation proper we were all super unsure of our understanding of the case (at least 2/3 of our group was? haha).

anyway, i was extremely nervous. joke. nung thursday i wasn't so nervous honestly, i had this feeling na bahala na si Lord, and i was (sorry) kindof leaning towards my smarter groupmate (read: marck!) to fill in the possible lacks. i dunno, i believe i was blessed enough to be grouped with 2 of the best thinkers in class (naks! hi kamil and marck!) that i didn't have to worry about anything other than my pride (haha!) tipong, ano kayang pwede kong maitulong sa mga to, magagaling na to eh. >XD

anyway, i was given the easiest part of the case, which i believe i understood fairly well naman with regards to the documentation, kaso when i started to read the code, i was like where the hell does this block of code explain this sentence in the docu?! where?! where?!

so i was lost. looool

after wasting so much time trying to understand the entirety of the problem, i almost gave up na. with the little knowledge i extracted from the docu, i started to create the powerpoint presentation na lang, at least may isang part akong alam kong iexplain. wag lang masyado magtanong ang mga panel haha.

anywaaaaay, we were so anxious to get the day done with, unfortunately we were the last group to present pa! grabe lang. 8 hours of tension kumusta naman yon?! during that time i was super duper nervous na. i thought, okay it's doomsday! up to that point di parin ako confident sa sarili ko na madedefend ko ung mga ipagsasabi ko sa presentation.

when we entered the room i noticed na 2 of the 8 panels were my final interviewers and i was like waaaaaah, why Lord?! whyyyy! why must they witness a shameful moment of my life?! -____-; but then, we must carry on.

i don't remember how many times i prayed to God to help us get through the day at least, but at the end of my part of the presentation (which is the first part!) i was surprised that no one asked questions! that way we were able to transition to the next part easily! that felt soooo relieving! when my other groupmate was presenting i was taking notes about what he said, para in case he asked for backup i would at least have reference but at the back of my mind i was like, i'm so sorry marck i'm not even sure how my pretentious note-taking will help you. huhu. when our presentation for case 1 ended, it's time for QnA naman. for the most part eto ung pinaka-nakakastress kasi oh my gulay what if all of them asked hard questions!?

thankfully, only (sir) bong asked questions! grabe lang! whew! hahaha after nung case 1, i was mentally rejoicing already but of course we had to carry on pa until kamil finished with case 2. thank God it went on smoothly! as in wala naman masyadong nakaka-pahiyang questions and when we were done and they were giving feedback na, i was surprised at how positive their reactions were! tipong, really? did that remark came from the bottom of your hearts?! hahaha

i was so sure na magkakalat kami but it seemed like they actually appreciated our group! yehey! seriously, i could only take God's power into account. i would never ever have thought we'll reap in positive remarks from them. as in! sa loob loob ko talaga, grabe ka Lord! grabe ka! you are so amazing! not to be so hard on myself naman, i believe i did my best during the presentation. i mustered all my courage to be able to present my part clearly and in english pa hahaha! but still, it didn't look good enough in my mind >XD

hanggang paguwi ko sobrang dumbfounded ako sa nangyari. only God can make this happen. i am so freaking sure of it. i was thinking, maybe because we were the last group to present, they were more considerate, baka nagmamadali na sila umuwi or something kaya di na masyado nagtanong, but it never felt that way. haha i will never forget how (sir) bong somehow remarked 'save the best for the last'. best feeling ever. and thank you Lord, my presentation skills were noticed too! flattering much! >XD

it's a great great feeling to know that at the very least our group left a good impression to the panel. i could only hope none of us gets truncated by thursday! >XS

nung umuwi ako, di parin ako makapaniwala. it felt like a miracle really. only God can turn a seemingly disastrous day into a victorious one. i mean, the fact that we were able to satisfy the panel is victory enough for me. it felt like taking a test knowing only 10% of the topic, and coming out with a perfect score.

i only have one thing i'm so sure of, only God can do that! ganito pala yung feeling na wala akong maipag-mamayabang kasi alam kong hindi ako yung magaling kundi si God? whew!

when i came home and finally did my devotion (na supposed to be ay first thing in the morning), lalo akong nagiyak (naiyak sa galak. ohaaa) sa title ng message: God with us

and my faith was reinforced that night, knowing that there is a God who hears our prayers and gives us victory!

have a gooooood day! >XD

UPDATE: 3/26/2014
PS: despite the seemingly good news, this doesn't exempt me from the big possibility of getting truncated by, wait, TOMORROW! my cobol 1 exercises all suck just so you know. i'm just banking on the instructors' consideration, and another miracle! yeah! haha

Hillsong United Live in Manila 2014

something to look forward to this year! famous worship group Hillsong United will be holding another concert here in manila this June 13! who cares if it's friday the 13th? haha >XD

anyway, as of writing tickets aren't up for online purchase at ticketnet and beccamusic yet but i'm sure it'll be up in a few! let's all watch out for it! >XD

Hillsong United Live in Manila 2014
June 13, 2014
Smart Araneta Coliseum

Ticket prices:
Patron/Lowerbox: Php 1,500.00
Upperbox A: Php 1,000.00
Upperbox B: Php 500.00
General Admission: Php 300.00

let's go! >XD


a dream in bullets

- mela dancing like crazy doing her 18th birthday video
- tall blonde guy in pink pants chasing me (us?)
- ate a muffin, saw that it has strands of hair, complained to the owner but he just shrugged
- owner happened to be sweeney todd. urhgk


Breakfast at Spiral

it's been ages since philamlife held their annual national recognition program at Sofitel! congrats mommy! i lost count of the years she's been a consistent awardee basta alam ko since grade 2 pa ko. hihi as usual, with the overnight accommodation comes the complimentary breakfast buffet (and the complimentary hoardables* as well) at Spiral! yahoo! and since terai and i are such pigs, we prepared so much for this! she worked out at the gym (it's called So Fit, katuwa. so punny! hahaha), then we swam, tapos sauna, steam, jacuzzi, and everything... magpawis ba kahit konti para ma-offset (kahit pano!) yung kakainin namin kinabukasan. hahaha

i love sofitel because their rooms are kindof bigger than the metro manila shangs, and super duper ganda ng ambience and view from the rooms, overlooking the bay ba naman kasi. haha the interiors, exteriors, lahat peg ko. ganon naman yata talaga sa mga hotel no? i looooooove hotel furniture. hahaha

anyway, on with the food! would you believe i only had 3 plates? yes! usually on buffets like this i average 4-5 plates including dessert but yesterday was different probably because it's breakfast and the food i'm looking for belonged to the lunch/dinner spread pa. haha

this was supposed to be my japanese plate, kaso hanap ako ng hanap ng maki at sushi wala akong makita kaya ayan. 

2nd plate! blueberry whipped cream pancake with nuts, yogurt with oatmeal, scrambled egg, tapa tocino and smoked salmon. lahat masarap pero hindi sila bagay sa isa't isa. walang theme ang plato ko. basta mukang masarap, getching!

last plate! salaaaaad with an abundance of parmesan and an ozom vinaigrette dressing! fruits na bawas na, i already ate the dragon fruit when i realized i haven't taken a picture yet. lolz. underneath that cracker is an assortment of cheese! hehe

ayan. kering keri ang breakfast. i had two cups of coffee that morning. during that time they were attending to sooo freaking many customers (i could tell!) because we were put in a function room (awaaaay from the buffet!) with large 10-seater round tables instead of the lounge with the pretty view (aw). i didn't like the idea of sharing the table though kasi nga terai and i eat a lot, nakakahiya naman sa mga senyorang kasabay namin. buti na lang we shared the table with tita luchie, mommy's friend, who didn't mind at all! hahaha 

i also noticed how they lacked so much man power that morning. ang dami kong naririnig na reklamo sa paligid. hehe and it took me 5 follow ups for my 2nd cup of coffee to arrive. i had a few learnings here: 

1) wherever you go, be humble, and always understand the situation. always be polite and don't be too demanding! the amount you paid for doesn't include a right to be rude. //end rant

2) health is wealth. sabi nila, ang kalusugan ay kayamanan. but lately, it seemed more like ang kalusugan ay pang mayaman. ang mahal kaya ang healthy foods!

* speaking of complimentary hoardables - eto yung mga take-homes from the hotel room na ang lakas maka-sosyal! HAHAHAHA lanvin shampoo,body gel, and soap! tootbrush set, suklay, laundry bag, stationery, sewing kit, etc, etc, etc,. aminin inuuwi nyo rin yan. >;P

osya osya, pic spam below! 

and lastly, the obligatory cr selfie! hahaha

happy sunday!

a saturday that felt like a sunday

waaaahhh yesterday was so fulfilling! breakfast at spiral sofitel, in the afternoon - attended 'foundation for victory' (f4v), explored fairview terraces - the newly opened ayala mall right across sm fairview haha, theeeen attended 7pm service! all in all i had 4 cups of coffee. wala lang. haha

anyway, our first f4v lecture was very enlightening and interesting. hahaha i actually signed up for it for knowledge purposes because i'm in this phase in my spiritual journey where i'm so excited to know more about the Bible and the doctrine of Jesus. i call it the curious phase!

when i came in, i realized that this training is geared more towards equipping us to build disciples in the future, something i've always feared a lot... before! naaaaaaaks, ngayon kasi di na a lot. pero afraid parin ako honestly.

i took it as a chance to really learn a lot, because one day, when i'm finally out there sharing the gospel, i want to be sure of what i believe in and of the things i'll be sharing to others. i want to be able to bring the same enlightenment to others, the same excitement and fascination! woooh.

okay okay, here are thoughts i found interesting yesterday hehe

when we walk in the light, our sins are magnified

which is important for a life of daily repentance. how else are we going to acknowledge our sinfulness if we continue to live in the dark! walking in the light is not a happy stroll in the park. madami kang makikita na hindi talaga nakakatuwa. mga bagay na dati akala mo okay lang, pero hindi pala! sins we considered too petty before (like spitting, or throwing balat ng candy on the streets) will sound all too grave and deserving of death. lol. seryoso. so to be in the light is an opportunity to recognize sin better, and claim victory over temptations!

faith brings about good deeds

remember that faith alone saves (ephesians 2:8-9). not faith + good deeds, definitely not good deeds alone, and most definitely not grace alone. the argument found in james 2:14-17 saying that "what good is it, my brothers and sisters, if someone claims to have faith but has no deeds? can such faith save them?" is only confirming the notion that good deeds is an automatic product of having faith. if you don't feel the urge to do good, then your faith must not be full.


i do feel more empowered even just after our first meeting. i still have a few questions but i'll save it for later na lang! haha >XD


last last month i joined this nuffnang blogger contest sponsored by globe where you answer the question:

“If there is one thing you can give to the Philippines, what is that gift?”

this was my response: #GLOBEProjectWonderful2014 - A gift of reading :)

the owner of the most creative blog entry will get an ipad air and a gift come true from GLOBE Project Wonderful! also, one lucky commenter will win an ipad 2 naman! bonggaaaa! sa sobrang dami ba namang nagcomment sa entry ko (mga lima HAHAHA), i know how tight the competition was. congrats to Jinky Sagum for winning with me! >XD

i didn't really expect to win (naks haha), but i knew my entry had a fighting chance because it was a pitch for TSP! it's already a great project, and i just had to write about it and let Globe know! hehe i didn't even think my entry was 'creative' per se, but i believe it was something concrete enough for Globe to take part in. yes may mga ganong konsiderasyon talaga hehehe

nevertheless, i'm soooo blessed to have won this contest! honestly, i was only aiming for the next 15 best entries kasi mas peg ko ung globe tattoo stick, kelangan ko un eh haha. pero IPAD AIR pare, IPAD AAAAIR (at the back of my mind: shoot, magkano kaya to mabebenta?!) when i learned that they'll be announcing the winners by 3pm today, inabangan ko talaga. HAHAHA as with any contest, shempre you feel hopeful! HAHAHA

while waiting i was busying myself with our cobol exercise, and a few minutes after 3pm, i checked my facebook and boom! SPEECHLESS MOMENT! as in, what, what, i won an ipad air! my classmates started flocking over me kasi sobrang naoverwhelm ako! hahaha

thank you soooo much Lord for this blessing, not only did i win an ipad air (that i am most probably going to convert to cash!) but i also kindof got Globe to sponsor TSP! asteeeeeg! i'm so excited to collaborate! ang dami dami kasi nilang pwedeng maitulong! they could fund the publishing of our first ever story book, or they could sponsor a TSP community, or they could give us free load. chos. haha

HAHA sa sobrang overwhelmed ko my hands are shaking from happiness habang nagta-type (OA much e no). pero naman kasi, this is my biggest win so far, sa dinami dami ng kung ano anong online contest na sinalihan ko. ngayon lang ako nanalo ng super grand prize, and it felt extra fulfilling pa that i didn't win this for myself, but for the countless children who are waiting to be reached! naks, maabot na namin kayo. waits lang.

anywaaaaay, i was already too distracted to continue cobol-ing after learning the good news so i just hoped against hope that i find a way to run microfocus at home kasi waley na waley parin ako sa exercise namin!

nung nakauwi nako at nagopen ng laptop, i immediately opened vm ware and launched my virtual xp, earlier at class i learned something that could possibly allow microfocus mainframe express 2.5 to run on xp (because i keep on getting compatibility errors). sabi ko, Lord i want to stretch my blessings my today... MAKE THIS WORK PLEAAASE!!! after a few clicks:

YESSS!!! IT FINALLY OPENED!!!! I AM ONE ULTRA BLESSED CHILD TODAY, THANK YOU FATHERRR!!! at dahil nagopen na sya, clinose ko rin. masaya na ko na nalaman kong matutuloy ko sa bahay yung mga exercises. hahaha

notes: micro focus mainframe express 2.5 runs only on windows nt 4 or windows 95, to make it work with xp.... right click program, properties, select compatibility tab, check on compatibility mode and select the os where the program runs natively on! yeyy >XD

ang tanong, matatapos ko ba ang exercise? haha

killing boredom, chasing dreams

i read something really insightful yesterday from Bo Sanchez' newsletter, it's about writing down our 100 dreams and working on accomplishing them every time we feel bored. i realized that there's really never a reason to get bored if we're always running after something. and if we take time to list down our dreams and aspirations in life, no matter how crazy they sound, every time we find ourselves not doing something productive, we can figure out small steps to reach them!

i find it a very effective way to avoid wasting time and eliminate boredom. even if we don't see ourselves realizing our far-fetched dreams right now, we must take small steps towards it, and eventually it'll dawn on us how close we have become. it's still better than doing something that doesn't lead to anything like scrolling over facebook or instagram. :P hehe

so what are my 100 dreams?

for now let me just write about 11? haha hey it doesn't matter how silly or impossible it sounds, as long as you can imagine yourself in it, write it down! aaaand, our small steps could be anything we can do in our free time to get a step closer to it. this isn't saying we should drop what we're doing, specially if we have a job, and chase our dreams full on. this is more of a stress reliever, doing things you like and is productive in your free time, so that a day never passes that your breaks are wasted on nothing.

so here they are!

1. illustrate a book
small steps:
- learn to draw figures
- learn rendering styles in photoshop
- read illustrated books

2. become a yogi
small steps:
- do yoga every morning (arg >XD)
- stretch! haha

3. become a pro blogger
small steps:
- write regularly
- write something sensible HAHA
   smaller steps:
   - read regularly (books, articles, novels)
- subscribe to blogs with great content

4. host a podcast
small steps:
- write about a topic i like
- record!

5. start a watercolor project
small steps:
- learn watercolor haha
- get inspired! lol

6. open an online business
small steps:
- decide on a product
- scout for suppliers

7. start a food cart business on a prime location and be super successful!

8. be a rockstar!
small steps:
- continue singing in the bathroom
- and in the tricycle on the way home because

9. write a fiction novel, ala dan brown wooh!
small steps:
- read, read, read!
- write, write write!

10. become a famous graphic designer!
small steps:
- get inspiration! browse browse browse
- draw, draw, draw
- design, design, design

11. be a philippine team swimmer naks
small steps:
- uhm, swim more often siguro no? >XD
- learn tumbling
- learn butterfly

12. become a radio dj!

13. magka-abs! HAHA have an overall fit body!
small steps:
- exercise regularly
- avoid junk foods!

hmm, i think it's a good start! nakaka-good vibes to know that i'm not gonna slump over idle moments anymore because of this list! ang galing galing lang, i just realized how beautiful life is to waste over things that doesn't lead to anything! at least strive for your dreams diba? hahaha!


today, jeckie and i celebrated his upcoming birthday in advance! and my gift to him is to treat myself to a buffet so he could avail of the birthday promo at Dad's HAHAHAHA so much for a gift ba? after all, he can't dine alone! hihi 

i thought the World Buffet (megamall) would be different from the regular Dad's Crossover but hmm, it was pretty much the same! siguro kasi, no matter how varied the menu is, when it comes to buffet i'm not too adventurous lalo na kung bawal left-overs! haha in the end, as with any buffet i ravaged, i always eat the sushis and makis first, then mexican, tapos italian, then filipino favorites (lechon and karekare!), then dessert! hahaha

meat monster!
pic above is my first plate which i struggled so hard to finish! i have this takaw-tingin thing whenever i'm really hungry, i always put too much on my plate haha i just loooove them so much! >XD i wasn't able to take pictures of my other plates cos i forgot to hahaha

after 4 plates i felt extremely stuffed to the ribs that i can't tuck my tummy in anymore! hahaha i had to throw up a hell lot just to feel better. but even so, i didn't regret it! haha! for 788 pesos ALL-IN, i think it was really worth it, i just have to really watch over the quantities i put in my plate! hehe the 788 already includes a bottomless drink of your choice! hehe

ako personally, i'll keep eating at Dad's for birthdays kasi sulit talaga. haha in fact, today i earned my 5th stamp on their some sort of 'loyalty card' HAHAHA way to go!

whew! this is going to be a really abundant week for me! another buffet treat awaits on saturday! hahaha

since it's been ages since i last step foot at sm megamall, after eating we decided to stroll around the floor to look at galleries! and tagal ko nang hindi nagagawa to! it's soooo refreshing to be fed visually, hahaha lakas maka-inspire! haha till next tiiiime! >XD

// meanwhile...

i don't know how else to cope with our cobol exercise than to bring it home! unfortunately, none of the programs i downloaded are cooperating!

i downloaded visual cobol but it couldn't freaking read an input file (most probably b/c i didn't know how to make it work).

i tried to setup a virtual pc and found that win 8 has this so called 'hyper-v' which is the counterpart of windows virtual pc in win 7 BUT THEN i'm running on single language and hyper-v can only be activated w/ win 8 pro. sucks.

i downloaded vmware in hopes of setting up up my own xp mode and installing microfocus but found i have to have an xp installer as well! argh! so right now... i'm downloading an xp pro iso file over torrent which is a freaking 600mb++.

i totally wasted a cup of coffee over this, thinking i'll be able to pull an all nighter. hahaha! i think it's also a sign that i should, uhm, move on and just sleep and pray that the 3 hours i'm left tomorrow to finish this exercise will be enough for me to actually 'finish' something functional to the veeeery least.

i believe there's another option, like a cobol compiler something something but i'm too dumb to work on a console! i'm an interface dependent programmer sad to say. T___T;


this brought me to really lag behind my illustrating project. i'm not even done with the sketches argh so

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