today, jeckie and i celebrated his upcoming birthday in advance! and my gift to him is to treat myself to a buffet so he could avail of the birthday promo at Dad's HAHAHAHA so much for a gift ba? after all, he can't dine alone! hihi 

i thought the World Buffet (megamall) would be different from the regular Dad's Crossover but hmm, it was pretty much the same! siguro kasi, no matter how varied the menu is, when it comes to buffet i'm not too adventurous lalo na kung bawal left-overs! haha in the end, as with any buffet i ravaged, i always eat the sushis and makis first, then mexican, tapos italian, then filipino favorites (lechon and karekare!), then dessert! hahaha

meat monster!
pic above is my first plate which i struggled so hard to finish! i have this takaw-tingin thing whenever i'm really hungry, i always put too much on my plate haha i just loooove them so much! >XD i wasn't able to take pictures of my other plates cos i forgot to hahaha

after 4 plates i felt extremely stuffed to the ribs that i can't tuck my tummy in anymore! hahaha i had to throw up a hell lot just to feel better. but even so, i didn't regret it! haha! for 788 pesos ALL-IN, i think it was really worth it, i just have to really watch over the quantities i put in my plate! hehe the 788 already includes a bottomless drink of your choice! hehe

ako personally, i'll keep eating at Dad's for birthdays kasi sulit talaga. haha in fact, today i earned my 5th stamp on their some sort of 'loyalty card' HAHAHA way to go!

whew! this is going to be a really abundant week for me! another buffet treat awaits on saturday! hahaha

since it's been ages since i last step foot at sm megamall, after eating we decided to stroll around the floor to look at galleries! and tagal ko nang hindi nagagawa to! it's soooo refreshing to be fed visually, hahaha lakas maka-inspire! haha till next tiiiime! >XD

// meanwhile...

i don't know how else to cope with our cobol exercise than to bring it home! unfortunately, none of the programs i downloaded are cooperating!

i downloaded visual cobol but it couldn't freaking read an input file (most probably b/c i didn't know how to make it work).

i tried to setup a virtual pc and found that win 8 has this so called 'hyper-v' which is the counterpart of windows virtual pc in win 7 BUT THEN i'm running on single language and hyper-v can only be activated w/ win 8 pro. sucks.

i downloaded vmware in hopes of setting up up my own xp mode and installing microfocus but found i have to have an xp installer as well! argh! so right now... i'm downloading an xp pro iso file over torrent which is a freaking 600mb++.

i totally wasted a cup of coffee over this, thinking i'll be able to pull an all nighter. hahaha! i think it's also a sign that i should, uhm, move on and just sleep and pray that the 3 hours i'm left tomorrow to finish this exercise will be enough for me to actually 'finish' something functional to the veeeery least.

i believe there's another option, like a cobol compiler something something but i'm too dumb to work on a console! i'm an interface dependent programmer sad to say. T___T;


this brought me to really lag behind my illustrating project. i'm not even done with the sketches argh so

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