killing boredom, chasing dreams

i read something really insightful yesterday from Bo Sanchez' newsletter, it's about writing down our 100 dreams and working on accomplishing them every time we feel bored. i realized that there's really never a reason to get bored if we're always running after something. and if we take time to list down our dreams and aspirations in life, no matter how crazy they sound, every time we find ourselves not doing something productive, we can figure out small steps to reach them!

i find it a very effective way to avoid wasting time and eliminate boredom. even if we don't see ourselves realizing our far-fetched dreams right now, we must take small steps towards it, and eventually it'll dawn on us how close we have become. it's still better than doing something that doesn't lead to anything like scrolling over facebook or instagram. :P hehe

so what are my 100 dreams?

for now let me just write about 11? haha hey it doesn't matter how silly or impossible it sounds, as long as you can imagine yourself in it, write it down! aaaand, our small steps could be anything we can do in our free time to get a step closer to it. this isn't saying we should drop what we're doing, specially if we have a job, and chase our dreams full on. this is more of a stress reliever, doing things you like and is productive in your free time, so that a day never passes that your breaks are wasted on nothing.

so here they are!

1. illustrate a book
small steps:
- learn to draw figures
- learn rendering styles in photoshop
- read illustrated books

2. become a yogi
small steps:
- do yoga every morning (arg >XD)
- stretch! haha

3. become a pro blogger
small steps:
- write regularly
- write something sensible HAHA
   smaller steps:
   - read regularly (books, articles, novels)
- subscribe to blogs with great content

4. host a podcast
small steps:
- write about a topic i like
- record!

5. start a watercolor project
small steps:
- learn watercolor haha
- get inspired! lol

6. open an online business
small steps:
- decide on a product
- scout for suppliers

7. start a food cart business on a prime location and be super successful!

8. be a rockstar!
small steps:
- continue singing in the bathroom
- and in the tricycle on the way home because

9. write a fiction novel, ala dan brown wooh!
small steps:
- read, read, read!
- write, write write!

10. become a famous graphic designer!
small steps:
- get inspiration! browse browse browse
- draw, draw, draw
- design, design, design

11. be a philippine team swimmer naks
small steps:
- uhm, swim more often siguro no? >XD
- learn tumbling
- learn butterfly

12. become a radio dj!

13. magka-abs! HAHA have an overall fit body!
small steps:
- exercise regularly
- avoid junk foods!

hmm, i think it's a good start! nakaka-good vibes to know that i'm not gonna slump over idle moments anymore because of this list! ang galing galing lang, i just realized how beautiful life is to waste over things that doesn't lead to anything! at least strive for your dreams diba? hahaha!

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