a saturday that felt like a sunday

waaaahhh yesterday was so fulfilling! breakfast at spiral sofitel, in the afternoon - attended 'foundation for victory' (f4v), explored fairview terraces - the newly opened ayala mall right across sm fairview haha, theeeen attended 7pm service! all in all i had 4 cups of coffee. wala lang. haha

anyway, our first f4v lecture was very enlightening and interesting. hahaha i actually signed up for it for knowledge purposes because i'm in this phase in my spiritual journey where i'm so excited to know more about the Bible and the doctrine of Jesus. i call it the curious phase!

when i came in, i realized that this training is geared more towards equipping us to build disciples in the future, something i've always feared a lot... before! naaaaaaaks, ngayon kasi di na a lot. pero afraid parin ako honestly.

i took it as a chance to really learn a lot, because one day, when i'm finally out there sharing the gospel, i want to be sure of what i believe in and of the things i'll be sharing to others. i want to be able to bring the same enlightenment to others, the same excitement and fascination! woooh.

okay okay, here are thoughts i found interesting yesterday hehe

when we walk in the light, our sins are magnified

which is important for a life of daily repentance. how else are we going to acknowledge our sinfulness if we continue to live in the dark! walking in the light is not a happy stroll in the park. madami kang makikita na hindi talaga nakakatuwa. mga bagay na dati akala mo okay lang, pero hindi pala! sins we considered too petty before (like spitting, or throwing balat ng candy on the streets) will sound all too grave and deserving of death. lol. seryoso. so to be in the light is an opportunity to recognize sin better, and claim victory over temptations!

faith brings about good deeds

remember that faith alone saves (ephesians 2:8-9). not faith + good deeds, definitely not good deeds alone, and most definitely not grace alone. the argument found in james 2:14-17 saying that "what good is it, my brothers and sisters, if someone claims to have faith but has no deeds? can such faith save them?" is only confirming the notion that good deeds is an automatic product of having faith. if you don't feel the urge to do good, then your faith must not be full.


i do feel more empowered even just after our first meeting. i still have a few questions but i'll save it for later na lang! haha >XD

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