[Review] Part 2 of my Wink Laser Studio underarm whitening experience

Part 1 here[Review] Part 1 of my Wink Laser Studio underarm whitening experience where I spent 12 sessions and figured it's not enough! 

As usual, this is an in-progess post! Will update this as I go along...

✱ Session 13: May 28, 2022 (Podium) 

I'm gonna start with session 13 since this is just a continuation. Here's a photo taken before the session, which means it's last session's result. Pretty pleased with how it's coming out so far hehe also because I have a better photo haha

✱ Session 14: June 25, 2022 (Podium) 

Not much has changed but it really has improved a lot.

The sessions now are more focused on the center part where it's still a bit dark. This area is usually the longest to treat because it's the part that folds and is exposed to more friction. In terms on UA habits, still the the same, Deonat tawas spray (aloe), and in the shower I wash it with Pond's facial wash, the pink variant. I think it's called Pond's Bright Beauty Serum Facial Foam now. The packaging used to be Pond's White Beauty Facial Foam. 

By the way, I thought I'd share something to encourage you about this freaking long UA whitening journey, so here's something I unearthed recently while I was cleaning my inbox... a photo of my UA four years ago, that's 2018 BEFORE I STARTED with SkinStation's Underarm Diode Laser Hair Removal... 

It's dark, hairy, rough, and itchy. So yeah, we've definitely come a long way haha. I can be patient wahaha!

✱ Session 15: July 23, 2022 (Podium)

Here you go! I feel like there's not much to say after 15 sessions so I'll just leave a photo here, which was taken the day after cos I forgot to take one before the session hehe.

✱ Session 16: August 20, 2022 (Podium)

Since we're only targetting the center area, the nurse told me we can shorten the gaps between sessions and do it every three 3 weeks. So that's what I'm gonna do.

✱ Session 17: September 10, 2022 (Podium)

I don't know but it kinda looks darker to me.

Actually, I'm not totally following the advice of the nurse to avoid physical activity/sweating within 48hrs. We play badminton every Sunday and my Wink sessions are always on a Saturday so it can't be helped. Anyway. Despite all that, I still think we've come a long way. It's just that I'm not seeing any significant progress lately. Could it be that my lifestyle is countering my progress? Hmm. 

✱ Session 18: October 2, 2022 (Podium)

I accidentally deleted my photos for this session but here's one taken five days later, I think that still counts hehe.

To be honest, I'm starting to lose trust in the process. It's just super slow now. Problem area remains the same, still mostly in the middle part where it creases. I don't know if it's ever going to lighten given my habits hehe. Sometimes I can't help but scratch it when it itches, I also don't wear sleeveless, and because I'm trying to be more active lately, I've been using Rexona when I workout because it's a good antiperspirant and deodorant. However, I'm afraid it's too strong for my skin, I remember using it when I was younger and I think it's the reason my armpits got darker. That and too much friction on my underarms from moving too much. But I don't wanna stink in the gym haha

✱ Session 19: October 29, 2022 (Podium)

Still the same, slow progress, if there's even any. Today's session was slightly more painful, I think they increased the intensity. Hopefully we get to the end of this journey cos I only have 5 sessions left and I'm not repurchasing if there's no visible progress between my 12th and 24th session.

I think I have to divert my attention to my face, I was looking at my progress photos and can't help notice my pimple scars huhu.

✱ Session 20: November 27, 2022 (Podium)

Really not impressed with the progress. Halos wala nang change. I'm thinking if it has something to do with my lifestyle already, because admittedly I don't follow the advise of no physical activity allowed within 48 hours (we play badminton every weekend), and I also keep wearing shirts with sleeves (I mean it's because I see no progress that I keep wearing the same shirts lol).

Definitely not repurchasing a package because of the very little effects I'm seeing at this point. I'm on my 20th session so it's kinda damning not to see anything I could consider a milestone. The effects are probably slower as you progress with the sessions because maybe I've hit a limit in terms of how much Revlite can lighten my underarms? I don't really know. 

There's something I noticed just now as well, seems like there's no dermatologist at Wink Podium? I have never talked to anyone who gave legit doctorly advise if you know what I mean. I wish I could actually get a consultation from a doctor, if they have one, and if it's part of the package. My initial assessment was done by one of the aestheticians who did the treatment and they don't really give any advise beyond what's written on their after-care cards. They won't even comment on your progress, they just know what to target based on the current condition of your skin. I guess they're not really allowed to say much cos they're not doctors.

So yeah, I'll probably try talking to a derma. There's Luminisce just across Wink and I'm hearing good reviews too. :) 

✱ Session 21: January 8, 2023 (Podium)

Ooooh, pretty good progress I see here. Just note that I didn't take this photo before my session, but rather a day after my session so it could be a combination of last month's progress plus this current session's tiny bit of progress? I do think it has more to do with this current session I had because I told the nurse to really focus on the middle area where it creases because it doesn't seem to be getting better.

You know what, I only have a few sessions left but I don't think I'm repurchasing with Wink. They increased their prices for 2023 and for such little progress per session it doesn't make practical sense. I think I'm only a few ways to go before I reach my kili-kili goals so I'm probably going to check out with SkinStation to finish this project haha.

✱ Session 22: February 4, 2023 (Podium)

Only two sessions left after this! There is progress, but you know, still not a lot and quite frankly I don't think it's worth getting a third package with them. I'll probably try SkinStation again after this.

✱ Session 23: February 25, 2023 (Podium)

Heyo! So kumusta naman tong kili-kili natin haha. I do think it's lightening a tiny bit but that because I'm using another product right now... V&M Natural's Ultrabomb and CPC+G oil.

I've used the same products five years ago then I stopped cos it wasn't always available. Then I tried it again this month cos it's easier to purchase online and yeah it still works! I started applying this religiously at night for more than a month now and the results are slow but they're showing and my UA is softer too.

I think after Wink I'll just stick with V&M. It works well on my face too hehe

✱ Last session: March 25, 2023 (Podium)

Here it is! My last progress photo. Like I said, I won't be getting any more packages with Wink. I think I've maxed out the effects of Revlite and yet my underarms are still not perfectly clear and smooth. Too bad. No one even offered me additional services or anything, no assessment or whatnot. Just goodbye and thank you in their usual spiels. The staff there are all friendly and nice but they're all too scripted like robots so I don't feel like they really care about your progress. Oh well!


Life lately

✱ Long overdue oil change!

Last weekend we had our long overdue oil change and PMS at Shell Dahlia. We're supposed to do it every 8 months or 10,000 km, whichever comes first daw. But well, it's been 15 months and the car has only been driven 2,000 km since. We usually go with the distance marker cos it looks more practical, but at our current rate it'll take us over 5 years to get the oil changed lol and that's something no one should ever do unless you enjoy riding an active road hazard.

The mechanic says everything looks good except for the AT fluid which needs changing. Have to buy this from Toyota directly so we'll get to that this weekend. It's the first time I heard of such fluid. Apparently it's used to lubricate the transmission component of the car to ensure smooth shifting from gear to gear.

We got the battery checked as well cos it's going 2 years and 10 months already and I feel like the headlights are starting to dim. The battery tester says it's at 62%, mechanic says it still a good number but if we're starting to observe some performance issues then it's probably time to change.

I did some Googling and it found that SOH (state of health) refers to the condition of the battery cells relative to its age, maybe like our phone battery health? SOC (state of charge) is the battery level relative to its capacity, so it's uhm 99% charged in a 62% capable battery. RES (resistance) - I don't really understand this but it says the lower the value of the internal resistance, the better the battery can discharge a high voltage load. Today I learned! Thanks to this Q&A.

✱ Maya and my first crypto purchase

So Paymaya recently rebranded into a neobank and it's offering 6% p.a. savings as its early access promo. Naturally I have to try. I pulled out a small amount from CIMB and transferred it to Maya. For CIMB to GCash to Paymaya, transfer fee is  ₱15 via InstaPay. Maya Bank is not listed yet so I have to move from Paymaya wallet to Maya bank account within the same app.

Since they also offer crypto on the platform, I tried that as well. Don't really know much about bitcoin so I just bought ₱500 worth. I mean it plumetted quickly cos I bought it on a downtrend lol but that's fine as I only intend to watch it fluctuate.

✱ Looking out 

You know I'm dreading RTO so much that I started handing out resumes to several companies through LinkedIn. I'm specifically avoiding consulting firms and agencies and so far I've gotten to three HR interviews. They all happened last week on Friday. It was a back-to-back-to-back interview begining 3pm and what can I say, I think it only made me more grateful for the firm lol. 

Company 1 has enough budget for my asking, offers permanent remote work, but I don't think I'm a good fit for the role. It's an automation testing role that uses technologies I'm familiar with but have never used within the scope of testing.

Company 2 has no budget for my asking, so they tried to encourage me by sharing their benefits. I was a bit hopeful about this company because the Jobstreet and Glassdoor reviews are good, and they're listed in Great Place to Work PH so those count for something right? But again, I don't think I'm a good fit because they wanted an automation tester with experience on Selenium and Cucumber so I'm definitely not the person they're looking for. Their max budget for the role is pretty much my current basic pay already so I decided not to pursue. The benefits are okay but not stellar compared to what I'm currently enjoying.

Company 3 is also a no-go. The position looks promising, very relevant to what I'm currently doing. The tools and technologies match, my years of experience check out, and it's a big company with a big infrastructure so it excited me how much I could learn from developing in such a scaled up environment. However, as much as I felt the fit, they couldn't possibly meet me at my asking price. Their budget is way below my current salary. And my asking, according to the HR is already on the executive level lol.

So yeah, after the call HR formally told me they'll keep me in the pool but would not pursue with my application. We talked for over 30 minutes, starting with a long primer on the history of the company, it's partners, subsidiaries, and parent conglomerate. It's actually the same company I worked with 10 years ago as a fresh grad haha, and back then the HR didn't give me this intro lol so I actually learned a lot haha.

It's kinda sad that none of the interviews worked out for me. It made me wonder if I'm actually overpaid or I'm just looking at the wrong companies lol. Actually no I'm not overpaid, some companies - specially local ones - just don't have the budget haha. Also, as my husband says, "better overpaid than underpaid".

It also gave me an insight at how blessed I am with the firm. In 5 years my pay has increased by 56% so I'm still on track as far as my personal standards go. My workload is manageable, my teammates are all great to work with, my manager is cool, and my office friends are a delight. I've become so comfortable I don't wanna leave. Also I don't wanna lose the iphone plan I literally can't afford it haha.

Okay that said I think I'm gonna give RTO a chance. Still actively responding to promising opportunities though, specially overseas ones!

✱ YouTube payout

Good news! I just got my second YouTube payout! I'm saying it's YouTube but it's actually Google Adsense so that's a combination of my blog and vlog earnings. The income ratio being 25% blog and 75% vlog so yeah it's mostly YouTube. I set my withdrawal threshold to $200 and I was able to reach it in six months! I know it's not that big, when I got in the Youtube Partner Program (aka monetized my channel) my first payout came nine months later. So this arriving three months early is a great thing! It means I'm still earning lol. It's fun to get paid doing stuff you enjoy no? lol


Ah, life

For the first time in my life, I voted! May 9 was a monumental day for me. It's the first time I gave over zero fucks for this goddamned country. For a while I had hope for the Philippines. That while being less than 24 hours. Cos not even two hours after the voting period closed my heart began to sink. With every passing hour I tried to make sense of things. How is this possible? Has anyone applied Benford's law to the election results? The answer is yes and the data trend checks out. Read: PH 2022 election results analysis using Newcomb-Benford’s Law

So eventually the feeling of defeat turned into acceptance. Whatever fucks I invested during the day dwindled back to zero. Apathy. Then to a negative. Hatred. I was never proud to be a Filipino. This time I'm ashamed.

Now I'm back to usual. Lazy. Unmotivated. Didn't take a day to lose all the hope I had. Maybe because there was never much to begin with. Oh well. Tomorrow is another day.


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