hello endorphins

i don't remember why this day feels happy, but it does so thank you Lord! >:D BWAHAHAHAHA i must've eaten too much banana over the time i was sick, and wait, i ate banana for lunch too. that must've been the cause why i'm not snotty over the irritating humidity.

first day of school and work... for me, at least. school was fine, work was... err, fine, same old tedious typing job and a shocking amount of freshmen in the lib. it was the first time i saw the library that full. yeah, the school population most probably grew by more or less 40%. that's a lot man. and they all want aircon. that's a freaking loooot. oh yes, shocking news, i thought i'm gonna be reunited with my old SA friends me-an and christy but no, they're all gone. no news whether they transferred to the basic ed. or quit working or whatever, i miss them. and i'm going to find out soon what happened. haaay.

so yeah, new people to work with. i only started february this year and now i'm like a senior employee already cos i'm the only one left to teach them. but they're a fun bunch i guess! BWAHAHA and JM said he's going to work at the library too but i'm not crossing my fingers on it cos mam michelle said she stopped accepting applicants already sayang tuloy. now that my feelings have faded away, to me he seems like a normal friend already, someone i can talk to casually na. actually level up nga e diba pero no special feelings. haha ganon talaga. di ko na sya crush gusto ko lang pagusapan hahaha

on the other hand, hindi ko parin nakikita si TL... well, i haven't started looking actually.

osya sige, my sister is sick! grabe, last week, terai was already sick but she got well naman, tapos daddy followed, then me, then mommy... then now it's back to terai! why is my entire family getting sick! we're out of flu shot maybe nakow this is baaaad. at dahil dyan, i'm doing 5 days worth of work for her. eto na, metrobank charge slips be kind at wag kayo magulo kasi magulo rin utak ko sa sobrang alinsangan ng panahon baka punitin ko kayo lahat!

oks time to work.


gone for a week cos i got sick and was confined. i knew it, may is not my month. i got a bad foot sprain at the start of the month and a gastrochorvaloo infection right when school just started which cost me a week of absence and 20hours worth of salary. grrr...

monday: woke up 3am to throw up.. from then on, i throw up at least every hour, then i shit. skipped school, rushed to the ER where they gave me this medicine that i didn't appreciate because it kept me from throwing up, but the nausea was always there so that sucked big time. =___=;

tuesday-thursday: high fever days. my throat swelled because of literally throwing up the entire monday. my head hurt like crazy and i felt like i did a thousand sit-ups also because of throwing up. no appetite. went back to the hospital and got admitted. the injectable antibiotic they gave me fucking hurts when it runs through my veins, nakakaiyak. haaaaaaay =__=;

ayon, tapos yesterday... got discharged AT LAST. dyusko sobrang boring sa ospital. =___=;

i was in a ward of 5 patients, tapos the cubicle in front of me has an old lady who died at around 2am last saturday morning. haaaay depressing. my mom woke up and cried, naalala namin pareho si mamay. >:( she came and prayed over tapos had a little chit chat... ayon. ok naman.

PS: my previous entry. haynako. that's what's you call a post-scheduler disaster. nahiya tuloy ako. kaya pala di ko maalala. tsk. kainis.

emo emohan

hala. ang sakit! bumabalik amp! @_@
ganon talaga diba. you can't love without looking like a fool. and even if the last thing you wanna do is to save your pride from all the hurt, hindi mo parin maiiwasan mag mukang tanga. i promised myself na last na talaga to! isang bagay na lang kelangan ko sa kanya then tapos na!!! teka, pano ba mag-move on e wala naman akong inamin? wala naman akong sinabi? wala rin akong pinaramdam? kung tutuusin, nag-iilusyon lang ako. feeling rejected pero technically hindi naman, pero sabi ng instinct ko, oo marereject ka rin kaya wag mo na sabihin. sa kanya na rin naman galing na hindi posible yun at hindi mangyayari yun. so parang ganun na rin yun diba? odiba, wala pa kong sinasabi tinuldukan na!

anyway, ako rin naman e. feeling ko ako yung unang nagpahiwatig na ayoko ng ganon. takot ako sa mga ganyan.  henako. i never realized i'll end up eating my own words by falling in love with the same person i shared my insecurities with.

nakakadiri ang ka-emohan nitong entry na to. haha

btw, i wrote this may 1, 2010. but i'm publishing it... tska na! hahaha

i believe that absence makes the heart grow fonder. and when it does, dun ko siguro malalaman kung love nga ba to or kaartehan lang dala ng super friendship at closeness natin. diba? e pano kung love nga? edi ok lang, at least naramdaman ko naman na magka-first love. LOL.

chaka wait. sabi nga nila...

first love never dies, but true love can bury it alive.

scary dream

just this afternoon, i dreamt of losing one teeth. it was scary cos the setting was right here in the room, i just woke up from my siesta and felt one of my front teeth aching. i checked it at the CR and it fell off!!! then i was nagging mommy to call dra. monette for a dental fix cos i have class tomorrow and i can't look this ugly hahahaha scary kaya! buti na lang i woke up and realized it was just a dream.

i immediately sat down and prayed for daddy's safety cos he's out. hahaha paranoid much.
it's the 2nd time i dreamt of losing a tooth. >:(

hahaha anyway, good night. >:)

the one i can't sleep without

i don't know why i can't leave my stuffed toys behind. i'm 19 and i still sleep with fake animals. i feel uneasy when i don't have anything to hug when sleeping. her name is Baks, i don't know why i give stupid names... i have a turtle named 30 and a dolphin called Pir, i call this laptop PA-Q (it's compaq kasi), and my other laptop PA-Q 2 (the one that got stolen) but that's besides the point haha sorina. Baks is short for Tibaks ... named in the spirit of being a UP student (before) if you get what i mean. i didn't know it could mean something... like her being a cow (or ox?), and me transferring to FEU... ang labo ba? but she's like a tamaraw! sige na nga. pagbigyan ang pinagpilitang koneksyon.

school starts tomorrow. i'm... nervous, because i don't have "easy" subjects, all of them seem so hard i wish i could pull them off with ease. whew!!

i realized that i'm one step behind being a full scholar! if only one of my grades were 0.25 units higher, i could've saved 13,000. haaaaaaaay sayang. sige next time!!!

woooooh! i love aircon. i hate the electric bill. @_@

Lord, you always surprise me. >:D

i'm excited tomorrow because i'm going to write another letter to Jesus and i'm going to slash off a looooooot of things on my wishlist! andame ng natupad, thank you so much Lord! bwahahahaha!

this day was soooo effing hot. got a hepa vaccine then came to antipolo with ate theresa. super adventure! best part was eating banana-q. yey fulfilling meeeehn. yun nga lang it was soooo freaking hot and my foot kept bitching around. may PE pa naman ako this tri. grrr..

oh wait, i'm technically the 5th smartest student in school now. wow i've never felt this smart before. yeheeeey.

daddy's really going to teach at school! he's talking physics 1 and 2, and mathmet LOOOL. it's the reason why i chose a different section at physics! anyway, i'm going to sit-in his classes HAHAHAHAHAH humanda ka daddy. bwaha!

i had a dream

pero di ko na maalala yung mga tao.

dream #1: i was chatting with someone who says he'll give me everything! tapos he listed down a lot of things, andame may twalya, tshirt, baller, bowling, tsinelas... blah blah blah (walang pera sayang). ang reply ko daw ay: baller!

ang weirdo, yan na yung everything nya?! pooooor! hahahaha!

dream #2: magnanakaw yata ako dito cos i was in an unfamiliar house na puti ang ma pader at maraming pinto. malaki yung bahay, naliligaw ako e tapos nagtatago ako dun sa mga dumarating na tao. ah yun lang. feeling ninja yesss!

tapos na!

enrollment week is finally over! mamimiss ko to! specially the free food LOL. tumaas respeto ko kay sir rey, ANG DAMING ALAM GRABE. nakakatuwa kausap, specially when he started talking about physics, and parallel universes. nakakawili makinig sa kanya, though hindi ko gets exactly, at least i know the concept LOL. alam nyo namang trip ko ang astrophysics eh, kapos lang sa utak. hanggang nat geo lang.

shempre, idol ko parin si sir lloyd kasi kung si sir rey ay scientific, si sir lloyd naman ay philosophical. ang dami ring alam whew! sige kayo na. marami pa kong babasahing libro para maging ganun kalawak ang isip ko! nakakaexcite maging matalino...

pero sabi nga sa bible, which sir rey reminded us one day... do not learn beyond what is written. ang hirap kaya. >:|

anyway. sana laging enrollment? HAHAHA because, seriously, mas gusto ko yung trabaho sa enrollment compared to normal library work. HAHAHAHA mas ano, mas alive. >:)))


i realized it won't do me any good if i buy a touch phone, so i'll just settle for a nokia6300 (or somethin cheaper). just something that stores more than 20msgs and plays an mp3 for alarm tone. i'm cool with that. also something with a metal case. hehehehehehehe

chard left early so i have no one to talk to, lazer took the day off too so yeah, i'm alone. haaay. buti na lang, may internet! bwahahaha

okaaay. back to work.

ay! before i forget!

one night nanaginip ako!!! at naaalala ko ang mga characters: ako, michi, jayjay, olyssa, brian, umpe, nadia. LOL akalain mo.

maiksi lang to HAHAHA
overnight dapat kami nina bri. edi pumunta silang dorm (ewan ko kung bat dorm! pero dorm yun e!). michi, jayjay and i were fixing the beds. tapos nagtext, adyan na daw. edi baba ako sinalubong ko sna bri + umpe. tapos nakasalubong si nadj, may binigay na pera kay bri, sukli daw (di ko maalala kung anong binili). tapos binigay sakin ni brian yung barya wew. tapos nakasalubong ko si olyssa, pinagbabantay ako ng lugaw sa canteen. it ended there! nagising ako knowing na papunta akong canteen... WAHAHAHA

bow. ang weird lang e. sorry, but i have to share this kasi i'm trying to keep a dream journal! see the Dreams label at the sidebar para mabasa mo pa yung iba kong mga panaginip na swerteng naalala ko! yey

weird people in the my dreams. iniisip ko nga kung bat sila andun e. hmmm...

wag ibibigay ang hindi hinihingi

ang saya saya ko pa naman kaninang umaga. imagine, he talked to me! as in he was in line, and he came to me and chatted. ang galing naman ang dami pala nyang kwento, ayos kasi tahimik akong tao! natatawa ko sa kwento nya! hahahaha

there weren't a lot of people in line for their grades this day, kaya mejo ang haba ng petiks mode ko, compared yesterday na sobrang box office kami ni mam. whew! haaaay, swerte nga nila ang bait bait ko eh, seryoso. hehehe

i also got my schedule na! o eto, shaaaare

blank boxes will be filled with work. it looks a bit haggard cos i have to attend classes 6 days a week at ang panget ng tues at fri ko. but that's okay. i neeeeeed to preoccupy myself badly.

naisip ko nga... hindi naman talaga ako napapagod. ano lang, inaantok lang. it has always been hard for me to stay awake for 8 hours straight. kahit wala akong ginagawa, basta gising ako ng matagal, hindi ko kaya. lalo na pag may araw pa. rrrr dapat sakin MAY SIESTA. i looooove sleeping in the afternoon. >:D

nagseselos ako. NAGSESELOS AKOOO!!! grrrrr
aba., at nameet ko na rin sya. he came to get his grades awhile ago, naisip ko.. sino tong pamilyar na taong to? and then i remembered, sya yung tinuro sakin ni $%^&* na kinawayan ako pero hindi ko kilala. si mr. mukang-masayahin NA NAKASALAMIN sa kanyang ID pic. uuuuuuuuuuiiii, mukang nerd! pero hindi e, nakita ko grades nya e. at least walang bagsak, he even asked me to congratulate him. lol

it's fun observing people's reactions when they see their grades. alam nyo yun, there's worry, excitement, relief and despair. halo halo. makikita mo naman e. >:) it's the most exciting part of the enrollment process.


oh wow i have 2 good news!

school for me started a week early because i have to work as SA this enrollment period. only selected SA's are called for this and i'm really lucky to be part of it because i'll be working for 4 days, FULL-TIME!!! that's like 47.something times 8 times 4. go figure. nothing big, but heeeey that's $$$$$ i smell. and on top of that, we have free food 3x times a day. morning and afternoon snack, plus lunch! yeheeey!!! hahaha ang babaw ba?

that's good news no.1

good news no. 2 is: I'M STILL A PARTIAL SCHOLAR!!! 3.58 average. i am sooo relieved. i was actually hitting the full scholarship but i was lacking two 4.0s
LOL sorry for the bragging rights.

thank you Lord, suppppeerrrr.
i can now smell the Samsung Corby S3563 Wifi. LOL

but honestly this time, i have to work extra hard because i have NO MINOR SUBJECTS this term. whew!

awww complete na mga remembrance ko from my bestfriend! LOL i got his jersey and ID. anubanamanyon kala mo kung sang galaxy ang dahlia e no.

PS: i am so over JM. bwahaha! he called me!! he called me awhile ago! he said, "ui!" at parang may sasabihin pa kaso nagmamadali ako HAHAHAHAHA at hindi ako kinilig. that's a good sign diba? DIBAAA?!?!?! WAHAHAHA

i love my hair! ang labo hahahahaha


this morning we came to a manghihilot (ate aileen) to have my foot treated. fck the torture meeeeehn! ate aileen rubbed the most painful parts! ay grabe talaga nagpapawis na kamay ko nakakapit lang ako sa tuhod ko mehn. nakakanginig ang sakit! i didn't know if that was helpful pero parang narelieve lang ng onti tapos ngayon after half a day, masakit parin! ano ba to Lord? papatherapy na ko?! huhuhuhu

kinakabahan ako shiiiiit.

here's a funny fact i read last night:

Males have nipples because as an embryo, everyone is female, until the Y chromosome kicks in.

bwahahaha, so technically you guys are all lesbians. and gay people are just being true to their original embryotic selves. LOL now it's right to say that there are only two types of people in the world, females and lesbians.

i'm losing all sense now sorryyyy

cool moon

photo taken by Mon Macutay

amaziiiiiing! that's a close up picture taken with a 255mm on a tripod (accdg to photographer). on a regular view, the moon is smiling! >:D


yo! i'm going to SMF later to finally terminate my gym membership hehehehe, then i'll head to ate theresa's then well go to the manghihilot para, duuuh, ipahilot ang aking pilaaaay. i'm scared cos it's painful daw and patutunugin ang paa ko sa sakit, pero sabi rin nila... isang malakas na aray kapalit ng matinong paglakad...

i'm not sure if it will work, hopefully naman diba? instead of going to the hospital to have an xray blah blah, e kasi for sure they're gonna recommend me for therapy e alam ko matagal na gamutan pa yun (i've been rehabilitated before) e magpapasukan na... haaaay.

Lord, please. >:)

me vs zombies

i never got addicted to Plants vs. Zombies so i was wondering why i dreamt of it last last night. in my dream, i was heading out of school with some friends i don't recognize, but i know they're friends hehehe.. i think inez was there... or was it terai? o basta yun. she left for a while, tapos when i realized i was alone... i walked home na.

hm. dun sa panaginip ko, gabi na.. and most of the students were heading to the CBE gate papuntang pingkian. i didn't know where to go, but i was getting scared. tapos parang mejo nakita ko inez, and she turned to the mapayapa gate so dapat susundan ko... so sinundan ko nga hehehe pero di ko na sya nakita... then, a schoolmate came to me and said, "ay ate, dyan ka na? good luck ah!" then she closed the gates! OMG

i was carrying my red backpack, na may laptop. tapos parang, ewan ko pero i have to fight off ZOMBIES sprouting from the ground... and my weapon? the optical mouse! the entire street was pitch black tapos i have to  point the red light from the mouse to zombies to kill them. ang scary sobraaaaa!!! then when they were getting hard to beat, lumelevel up kumbaga... my next weapon would be the laptop na! i have to like show them the bright screen to eliminate them. super scarrrry kala mo! nightmare ito!!! ang dilim dilim dilim!!!

e shempre my goal was to reach the end of the street, para makasakay ng tricycle pauwi... e well, i don't remember if i actually reached it.. pero i do remember thinking of it while dreaming... na kelangan makarating ako sa dulo. tapos navivisualize ko pa yung mga zombies na sasabit sa tryke! waaaaah ang scary meeeehn.

sige sige, good night hehe >:)


ever since i got stuck in the house for one week, straaaaight, i came to notice a lot of TV shows na ok na ok naman pala! hahaha! ayan kasi bored na kaya puro TV na lang. 

here's what i did everyday for the whole week i can't walk properly: 

usually when i wake up, Showtime na. so i eat brunch while watching... endeeeen, while waiting for 2pm, i'll do terai's charge slips na labis makabum! then when it's 2pm, i'll carry myself to the 3rd floor for ceragem therapy. i don't even want to but my mom forced me. so while sweating real hard on that therapeutic massager bed, i watch beethoven virus on qtv... tapos! sunod sunod na yon! lucky star, night after night, formidable rivals, card captor sakura tapos olympus guardians LOL. QTV shows are cool pala even in the afternoon. HAHAHA and i especially appreciated olympus guardians cos i learn a lot about greek mythology which is a favorite of mine hohoho

then i go down to eat. bwahahaha then watch TV agaaaain haaaay. 

when it's night time, the whole family watches agua bendita and kung tayo'y magkakalayo. HAHAHA then we pause for a group prayer while Habang May Buhay is on... cos we don't like it! e kasi naman dra. clarissa (gladys reyes) has a superduper ridiculous role. she kills everyone! and i don't like juday diba? so out with it! after prayer, TV ulit kasi uhmm PBB naman! haynako.

recently, PBB called angelo and devon's mothers to work as maids in the house in exchange for a scholarship for their children. ok lang naman sige, maging achay kayo sa bahay... i also understand that they have to hide their real identities by covering their entire bodies pero pagmukain ka ba namang astronaut na naka-daster? that's so fucking wrong. when i see these mothers, i feel sad for them cos they have to wear those super sized fencing head gears all the time, matched with super long dasters?

it's no wonder devon's mom tripped and was bought to the hospital for checking! tapos when devon was interviewed big brother said her mom didn't trip on her daster, instead, she got dizzy with her emotions when she saw her daughter. HAY EWAN BIG BROTHER. it's only normal that her BP escalated, kaw ba naman na matanda madapa habang magsasampay? it's easier for me to believe that she lost her balance cos she got tired carrying such a big helmet, all while doing the dishes and the laundry, and tripped over her absurdly long daster.

palitan kasi ang damit. dammmit. T_T

after watching PBB. ayan, RUBI na! hahahaha
hahaha yoko na magkwento. basta natutuwa ako sa rubi. haha

gooood night!


"based on a psychological study, a Crush only last for a minimum of 4 months and maximum of 6 months... if it exceeds, you're already in love."

yes, and i always find a new majorcrush every term. onga pero why is it that there's always one person i love?

// i'm not swimming tomorrow, WHUUUUT?!?!?! my mom doesn't want me to cos i can't soak my feet in the water. huhuhuhu

// badly wants to go to elbi this monday to meet with anne BUT is out of cash, and i'm afraid i'll strain my feet more with the travel and walking. huhuhuhu

// is excited over the thought of a TShirt business... but is out of designs, and a feasible business plan., chaka pala pera. hohoho

// aynako gusto ko na pumasok. T__T;


sabi nga nila, wag magreklamo ang hindi bumoto. but i believe that the same goes to those who voted as well. tama nga naman, ang daming reklamo. i was one of those who didn't have faith in the success of the automated elections. i was one of those who prayed for the election day to be suspended cos all i heard about it was bad. i was being nega, yeah, but i was concerned.

i forgot what the whole election campaign theme is all about, AKO ANG SIMULA NG PAGBABAGO. ok, sige, ako na. it's easy to wear the slogan, it's easy to flaunt how you're part of such a noble movement. pero narealize ko, oo nga it starts with me... with the voters, pero it doesnt start on may 10. dapat, it started on the first evident proof of CHANGE. ano yon? edi yung automated election! the PCOS machines! even though they created so much controversy, we have to accept  it because they will eventually bring change. and they're doing it now...

300++ damaged machines, in exchange of fast transmission of election returns, in exchange of lower incidences of pandaraya. wag naman natin silang maliitin. they catalyzed change. pinilahan mo man ng mahigit tatlong oras, at least alam mong mas may silbi ang boto mo sa loob ng makinang yon, kaysa sa kalawangin na ballot boxes.

everyone knows how hard it is to accept change. lahat tayo nireresist yon in our own ways may it be for the better. change is entwined with great uncertainties that's why people decide to go against it. pero this time, satin na rin nanggaling na kelangan natin ng pagbabago. sana mapanindigan, sana this time, let's not go against it.

it's unnerving lang na these nobrainers shout for change for the sake of following the mainstream, pero pag nagsimula na talaga ang pagbabago, puro angal!

kayo ang simula ng pagbabago, kayo ang simula

wow. i don't know what to say, news about this day's election fill every local channel, and look... it's not good. there were too many complaints and most of them and really grave and beyond repair that i could only wish for this event to be SUSPENDED.

+ didn't NAPOCOR (or whoever) promise there would be no blackouts this day? guess what, there were lots.

+ i pity those who decided not to vote because they've been waiting in line for so long. i mean, yeah it's a matter of resolve but i couldn't blame them. you don't make the voters wait, you just don't. news says this happened a lot, the people decide to just leave. not a waste of vote for me, ever since this day has started... everything has gone completely haywire. fucking conspiracy?!

+ i pity the senior citizens more! accdg to news, some sc's were designated on polling precincts situated at the 3rd floor (or 4th or 5th). some of them are disabled too and cannot climb the stairs. and so, some of them just left! haaaay

+ i wonder, is there a quorum being observed right now? i mean, with the pace of the election process and the considerable amount of disenfranchised voters, plus those who left their lines? will we be able to meet the necessary number of people required to make this day valid? haha ewan.

+ the PCOS aren't as reliable either. sooo many technical glitches. haaay grabe.

nakakahiyaaa talaga. nakakalungkot. >:(

flattering myself, yet again!

i received a private message from a ff.net user asking about some survey thingy, and that's when i remembered that i have an account there and it's mossing up already! so i opened my account to reply to the message and also to check my stats, LOL, which is something i do everytime i log in there... for the lack of other things to do.

and there...everytime i look at that table, i become proud! proud that i was once a writer whose stories were well appreciated by many. awwww... HAHA as if big time e no? when i was err... 5 years younger, whenever i upload a story at ff.net... i always set a standard to myself (as well as to the other fics i read)... for every chapter i upload, i must wait until i get at least 10 reviews before i upload the next chapter. 10 revs/ chap is my standard of a good fic. it's also how other authors gauge their work. hehehe

For Always, is malamang my proudest work since it's completed.. 10 chapters + a thank you chapter. 24,000+ words! 247 reviews (they're like comments)!!! almost 150K HITS. woooow. C2s are communities.. meaning there are 56 communities who added my story in their archives. 293 people added my story to their list of favorites too. awww...

and wait, For Always has been translated into FRENCH. sosyaaaaal. haha! and the stats are equally amazing.

the two other fics, however... are still having on a cliff... kinatamaran ko na e. sayang... 42 people are waiting for me to update Hate Me tapos 57 naman dun sa Interview with a Vampire... that's a lot for me, actually. pero wala... hindi ko na alam.

i've lost my writing mojo. @_@

sorry, not voting. ^^

Sorry to say, but I'M NOT VOTING. i didn't register. i was too lazy. i tried, but i got discouraged when i arrived at COMELEC at 5am and got a head count number of 1,300 (and i have a class to catch on that day). i know i deserve a slap on the face for wasting the numerous chances the government gave me to become a registered voter. EITHER WAY, i won't be able to vote since i sprained my foot and i can't walk, let alone stand straight for a minute... and i'm pretty sure it will hold til monday.

btw, i'm for either Gibo or Gordon. 

may 10, 2010 will be an epic day. i'm not even sure if the automated elections will push through since news says that not all of the reprogrammed CF cards have arrived on their designated locations. haynako, conspiracy??? honestly, i think it should be better to reschedule the elections on a later date, instead of insisting on pushing through with a greater assurance of failure. 

i smell too much politics on these delays, it's disgusting. grrrrr...


cherry red

cherry red is my favorite variant of red! it's the sweetest red for me bwahahaha.

// added a search bar and hid the blogger navbar hehehehe.

trying to make a decent income from NEOBUX. LOL

btw. i'm smiling like a psychotic AGAIN cos he's online. hohohoho i miss my onion emoticons. @_@

something new...?

new header! kinda... i'm too lazy to create a brand new header so i just recycled my old old header bwahaha. i'm pulling off formspring, twitter and the DA widget.

btw, i've deleted both of my formspring and twitter accounts so don't ask and follow me anymore hehehe. so right now, i only have multiply, friendster, facebook and deviantart available for public viewing... plus! this blog. hehe

there there. took me hours just to render simple changes hahaha. goooood mornight!


bwahaha sosyal ako. breakfast in bed for two consecutive days already cos i still can't walk. i'm looking forward to may 16, 18, 20 and 24. i need company. huhuhu where are you frieeeeends???? OTL hopefully i can walk na by then. i badly want to see my grades na! i've already told my parents not to expect a scholarship this coming term huhuhu all because of that blasted 4thglan, filitwo and eng3. 3 subjects?!!?! wtf. where is my effin brain?

usapang puso. dyusko bakit wala akong makausap tungkol dito? asan ka na chamel? saycee? i miss you so. @_@ it's not easy to fall out of love. lalo na kung love talaga at hindi echoserang crush lang. namaaaaan, bakit ba ang late bloomer ko. huli na ko sa lahat. T___T; i really really really want to go out with my friends this friday, IRON MAN 2 meeehn, BUT NOOO my frakking left foot won't allow me. lecheng ugat yan, may pa-maga maga pang nalalaman. echoserrraaaaa!!!

i have a pathetic friend. HAHA ang sama ko talaga. sige na nga nevermind.

I WANT A NEW LAYOUT. pengeng skeleton? jbhgfdsxafsgas i'm being really random here. soon i'm deleting my accounts on twitter and formspring. oyun lang naman. hehehe

awwww narealize ko, hindi na ko mahilig magbasa. T____T;


ito na siguro ang binaka-badtrip na linggo ng bakasyon ko.

we're supposed to go to san pablo laguna yesterday for an outing... pero right nung paalis na kami. leche, natapilok ako sa hadgan papuntang basement. ayan namaga tuloy ang paa ko. hindi ako makalakad. thank God kasi maga lang, hindi naman bali or kung ano bwahahahaha. pero my goooolly sobrang bored na ko dito! i've been hopping around the house the entire day, ang sakit na nga ng right leg ko dahil sya ang pumapasan ng lahat ng bigat ko meeeehn. ang dumi dumi ng shorts ko sa kakaslide galore sa sahig. ang hirap pala maging pilay.

anyway, pinahilot na namin kaya ok na pero ang sakit parin. haller mga ugats? gumaling na kayo please???

meeee >:P

Ten Favorite Places To Be:
(in no particular order)
10. my room
9. parent's room when the aircon's on. >:)
8. Blenz coffee shop
7. book stores
6. department store
5. cyberzone
4. swimming pool
3. basta there's good and cheap food, street food, burger... 
2. UPLB awww
1. word wide web >:)

Nine ‘Weird’ Things About You:
(i don't think i'm that weird though, and some of the things here aren't weird either)

9. i bite my nails
8. i can't sleep without my stuffed toy
7. i have no sense of balance
6. i can't ride a bike
5. some of my friends think it's weird that i don't have a boyfriend yet. aba ma!
4. and that no one has ever courted me yet hehe
3. i like yaoi! bwahaha google it up if you don't know
2. i write yaoi stuff as well... before 
1. uuuuuhhhh.... i like aliens?
Eight Bands / Musicians I Love:

8. Jason Mraz
7. The Bloomfields
6. Rico Blanco
5.  Bamboo
4. Coke Bolipata
3. Pianists
2. Violinists
1. Orchestra

Seven Things I Enjoy:

7. notebooks/journals/drawing pads
6. colored pens (looooots of them!)
5. swimming
4. blogging
3. drawing
2. reading
1. having a big crush on someone haha

Six Smells I Enjoy:
6. coffee
5. white musk (the body shop)
4. vanilla
3. adoboooo
2. pabango ng mga crush ko pwede? hehe
1. cinnamon

Five Things To Win My Heart:
5. spend time with me
4. be a close friend
3. do me favors i'm not asking of you
2. don't keep me guessing. tell me if you like me
1. be honest, punctual, loyal, sweet (pero sakin lang LOL i should know if you're doing it to everyone else)

Four Things On My Floor Right Now:
4. slippers
3. stool
2. nails lol
1. dust

Three Favorites:
Band: none
Book: the alchemist
Movie: none

Two Practical Things I Need:
1. money! duuuh
2. more money please!

One Person I’d Marry On The Spot:
1. as in on the spot? evan. cos i never doubted him. 


araaaaaay! muscle pain! see, i was alarmed when i realized i only have 2 months left before my gym membership terminates so i kinda want to go there everyday, cardio everyday, group exercise and sauna every other day... and and, definitely no coffee and NO PEPSI MAX PLS?!?! ang hirap hirap hirap hirap magpapayat. whew!

dear Lord. there's just one last thing i want from him then i'm ready to forget aaaaaaall the feelings i have accumulated for him during the x months we spent together. what now? lol i already sound rejected even though i haven't spilled a single bean to him. oyunayon. walang clue! sabi ko naman, i can only entertain questions about my so called first love, right when i already have a boyfriend. bwahaha!

mr +63926####### asked me if i was still interested in the job opening he posted at the internet. he was the one who wanted to meet at starbucks theatre mall, greenhills. i didn't go the last time cos my parents warned me that it could be dangerous blah blah since the recruiter didn't mention the company. i was supposed to come with my bestfriend but his parents also had the same opinion so we didn't go. yeaaah, it kinda wierded me out that he's asking if i'm still interested, saying there are only 3 slots remaining. i almost wanted to reply positively... but i gathered, school's coming soon and i've a got a job there.

i want another part time job! but i want something legit! =___=;

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