hello endorphins

i don't remember why this day feels happy, but it does so thank you Lord! >:D BWAHAHAHAHA i must've eaten too much banana over the time i was sick, and wait, i ate banana for lunch too. that must've been the cause why i'm not snotty over the irritating humidity.

first day of school and work... for me, at least. school was fine, work was... err, fine, same old tedious typing job and a shocking amount of freshmen in the lib. it was the first time i saw the library that full. yeah, the school population most probably grew by more or less 40%. that's a lot man. and they all want aircon. that's a freaking loooot. oh yes, shocking news, i thought i'm gonna be reunited with my old SA friends me-an and christy but no, they're all gone. no news whether they transferred to the basic ed. or quit working or whatever, i miss them. and i'm going to find out soon what happened. haaay.

so yeah, new people to work with. i only started february this year and now i'm like a senior employee already cos i'm the only one left to teach them. but they're a fun bunch i guess! BWAHAHA and JM said he's going to work at the library too but i'm not crossing my fingers on it cos mam michelle said she stopped accepting applicants already sayang tuloy. now that my feelings have faded away, to me he seems like a normal friend already, someone i can talk to casually na. actually level up nga e diba pero no special feelings. haha ganon talaga. di ko na sya crush gusto ko lang pagusapan hahaha

on the other hand, hindi ko parin nakikita si TL... well, i haven't started looking actually.

osya sige, my sister is sick! grabe, last week, terai was already sick but she got well naman, tapos daddy followed, then me, then mommy... then now it's back to terai! why is my entire family getting sick! we're out of flu shot maybe nakow this is baaaad. at dahil dyan, i'm doing 5 days worth of work for her. eto na, metrobank charge slips be kind at wag kayo magulo kasi magulo rin utak ko sa sobrang alinsangan ng panahon baka punitin ko kayo lahat!

oks time to work.

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