oh wow i have 2 good news!

school for me started a week early because i have to work as SA this enrollment period. only selected SA's are called for this and i'm really lucky to be part of it because i'll be working for 4 days, FULL-TIME!!! that's like 47.something times 8 times 4. go figure. nothing big, but heeeey that's $$$$$ i smell. and on top of that, we have free food 3x times a day. morning and afternoon snack, plus lunch! yeheeey!!! hahaha ang babaw ba?

that's good news no.1

good news no. 2 is: I'M STILL A PARTIAL SCHOLAR!!! 3.58 average. i am sooo relieved. i was actually hitting the full scholarship but i was lacking two 4.0s
LOL sorry for the bragging rights.

thank you Lord, suppppeerrrr.
i can now smell the Samsung Corby S3563 Wifi. LOL

but honestly this time, i have to work extra hard because i have NO MINOR SUBJECTS this term. whew!

awww complete na mga remembrance ko from my bestfriend! LOL i got his jersey and ID. anubanamanyon kala mo kung sang galaxy ang dahlia e no.

PS: i am so over JM. bwahaha! he called me!! he called me awhile ago! he said, "ui!" at parang may sasabihin pa kaso nagmamadali ako HAHAHAHAHA at hindi ako kinilig. that's a good sign diba? DIBAAA?!?!?! WAHAHAHA

i love my hair! ang labo hahahahaha

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