sorry, not voting. ^^

Sorry to say, but I'M NOT VOTING. i didn't register. i was too lazy. i tried, but i got discouraged when i arrived at COMELEC at 5am and got a head count number of 1,300 (and i have a class to catch on that day). i know i deserve a slap on the face for wasting the numerous chances the government gave me to become a registered voter. EITHER WAY, i won't be able to vote since i sprained my foot and i can't walk, let alone stand straight for a minute... and i'm pretty sure it will hold til monday.

btw, i'm for either Gibo or Gordon. 

may 10, 2010 will be an epic day. i'm not even sure if the automated elections will push through since news says that not all of the reprogrammed CF cards have arrived on their designated locations. haynako, conspiracy??? honestly, i think it should be better to reschedule the elections on a later date, instead of insisting on pushing through with a greater assurance of failure. 

i smell too much politics on these delays, it's disgusting. grrrrr...


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