ever since i got stuck in the house for one week, straaaaight, i came to notice a lot of TV shows na ok na ok naman pala! hahaha! ayan kasi bored na kaya puro TV na lang. 

here's what i did everyday for the whole week i can't walk properly: 

usually when i wake up, Showtime na. so i eat brunch while watching... endeeeen, while waiting for 2pm, i'll do terai's charge slips na labis makabum! then when it's 2pm, i'll carry myself to the 3rd floor for ceragem therapy. i don't even want to but my mom forced me. so while sweating real hard on that therapeutic massager bed, i watch beethoven virus on qtv... tapos! sunod sunod na yon! lucky star, night after night, formidable rivals, card captor sakura tapos olympus guardians LOL. QTV shows are cool pala even in the afternoon. HAHAHA and i especially appreciated olympus guardians cos i learn a lot about greek mythology which is a favorite of mine hohoho

then i go down to eat. bwahahaha then watch TV agaaaain haaaay. 

when it's night time, the whole family watches agua bendita and kung tayo'y magkakalayo. HAHAHA then we pause for a group prayer while Habang May Buhay is on... cos we don't like it! e kasi naman dra. clarissa (gladys reyes) has a superduper ridiculous role. she kills everyone! and i don't like juday diba? so out with it! after prayer, TV ulit kasi uhmm PBB naman! haynako.

recently, PBB called angelo and devon's mothers to work as maids in the house in exchange for a scholarship for their children. ok lang naman sige, maging achay kayo sa bahay... i also understand that they have to hide their real identities by covering their entire bodies pero pagmukain ka ba namang astronaut na naka-daster? that's so fucking wrong. when i see these mothers, i feel sad for them cos they have to wear those super sized fencing head gears all the time, matched with super long dasters?

it's no wonder devon's mom tripped and was bought to the hospital for checking! tapos when devon was interviewed big brother said her mom didn't trip on her daster, instead, she got dizzy with her emotions when she saw her daughter. HAY EWAN BIG BROTHER. it's only normal that her BP escalated, kaw ba naman na matanda madapa habang magsasampay? it's easier for me to believe that she lost her balance cos she got tired carrying such a big helmet, all while doing the dishes and the laundry, and tripped over her absurdly long daster.

palitan kasi ang damit. dammmit. T_T

after watching PBB. ayan, RUBI na! hahahaha
hahaha yoko na magkwento. basta natutuwa ako sa rubi. haha

gooood night!

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