this morning we came to a manghihilot (ate aileen) to have my foot treated. fck the torture meeeeehn! ate aileen rubbed the most painful parts! ay grabe talaga nagpapawis na kamay ko nakakapit lang ako sa tuhod ko mehn. nakakanginig ang sakit! i didn't know if that was helpful pero parang narelieve lang ng onti tapos ngayon after half a day, masakit parin! ano ba to Lord? papatherapy na ko?! huhuhuhu

kinakabahan ako shiiiiit.

here's a funny fact i read last night:

Males have nipples because as an embryo, everyone is female, until the Y chromosome kicks in.

bwahahaha, so technically you guys are all lesbians. and gay people are just being true to their original embryotic selves. LOL now it's right to say that there are only two types of people in the world, females and lesbians.

i'm losing all sense now sorryyyy

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