me vs zombies

i never got addicted to Plants vs. Zombies so i was wondering why i dreamt of it last last night. in my dream, i was heading out of school with some friends i don't recognize, but i know they're friends hehehe.. i think inez was there... or was it terai? o basta yun. she left for a while, tapos when i realized i was alone... i walked home na.

hm. dun sa panaginip ko, gabi na.. and most of the students were heading to the CBE gate papuntang pingkian. i didn't know where to go, but i was getting scared. tapos parang mejo nakita ko inez, and she turned to the mapayapa gate so dapat susundan ko... so sinundan ko nga hehehe pero di ko na sya nakita... then, a schoolmate came to me and said, "ay ate, dyan ka na? good luck ah!" then she closed the gates! OMG

i was carrying my red backpack, na may laptop. tapos parang, ewan ko pero i have to fight off ZOMBIES sprouting from the ground... and my weapon? the optical mouse! the entire street was pitch black tapos i have to  point the red light from the mouse to zombies to kill them. ang scary sobraaaaa!!! then when they were getting hard to beat, lumelevel up kumbaga... my next weapon would be the laptop na! i have to like show them the bright screen to eliminate them. super scarrrry kala mo! nightmare ito!!! ang dilim dilim dilim!!!

e shempre my goal was to reach the end of the street, para makasakay ng tricycle pauwi... e well, i don't remember if i actually reached it.. pero i do remember thinking of it while dreaming... na kelangan makarating ako sa dulo. tapos navivisualize ko pa yung mga zombies na sasabit sa tryke! waaaaah ang scary meeeehn.

sige sige, good night hehe >:)

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