gone for a week cos i got sick and was confined. i knew it, may is not my month. i got a bad foot sprain at the start of the month and a gastrochorvaloo infection right when school just started which cost me a week of absence and 20hours worth of salary. grrr...

monday: woke up 3am to throw up.. from then on, i throw up at least every hour, then i shit. skipped school, rushed to the ER where they gave me this medicine that i didn't appreciate because it kept me from throwing up, but the nausea was always there so that sucked big time. =___=;

tuesday-thursday: high fever days. my throat swelled because of literally throwing up the entire monday. my head hurt like crazy and i felt like i did a thousand sit-ups also because of throwing up. no appetite. went back to the hospital and got admitted. the injectable antibiotic they gave me fucking hurts when it runs through my veins, nakakaiyak. haaaaaaay =__=;

ayon, tapos yesterday... got discharged AT LAST. dyusko sobrang boring sa ospital. =___=;

i was in a ward of 5 patients, tapos the cubicle in front of me has an old lady who died at around 2am last saturday morning. haaaay depressing. my mom woke up and cried, naalala namin pareho si mamay. >:( she came and prayed over tapos had a little chit chat... ayon. ok naman.

PS: my previous entry. haynako. that's what's you call a post-scheduler disaster. nahiya tuloy ako. kaya pala di ko maalala. tsk. kainis.

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