sabi nga nila, wag magreklamo ang hindi bumoto. but i believe that the same goes to those who voted as well. tama nga naman, ang daming reklamo. i was one of those who didn't have faith in the success of the automated elections. i was one of those who prayed for the election day to be suspended cos all i heard about it was bad. i was being nega, yeah, but i was concerned.

i forgot what the whole election campaign theme is all about, AKO ANG SIMULA NG PAGBABAGO. ok, sige, ako na. it's easy to wear the slogan, it's easy to flaunt how you're part of such a noble movement. pero narealize ko, oo nga it starts with me... with the voters, pero it doesnt start on may 10. dapat, it started on the first evident proof of CHANGE. ano yon? edi yung automated election! the PCOS machines! even though they created so much controversy, we have to accept  it because they will eventually bring change. and they're doing it now...

300++ damaged machines, in exchange of fast transmission of election returns, in exchange of lower incidences of pandaraya. wag naman natin silang maliitin. they catalyzed change. pinilahan mo man ng mahigit tatlong oras, at least alam mong mas may silbi ang boto mo sa loob ng makinang yon, kaysa sa kalawangin na ballot boxes.

everyone knows how hard it is to accept change. lahat tayo nireresist yon in our own ways may it be for the better. change is entwined with great uncertainties that's why people decide to go against it. pero this time, satin na rin nanggaling na kelangan natin ng pagbabago. sana mapanindigan, sana this time, let's not go against it.

it's unnerving lang na these nobrainers shout for change for the sake of following the mainstream, pero pag nagsimula na talaga ang pagbabago, puro angal!

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