araaaaaay! muscle pain! see, i was alarmed when i realized i only have 2 months left before my gym membership terminates so i kinda want to go there everyday, cardio everyday, group exercise and sauna every other day... and and, definitely no coffee and NO PEPSI MAX PLS?!?! ang hirap hirap hirap hirap magpapayat. whew!

dear Lord. there's just one last thing i want from him then i'm ready to forget aaaaaaall the feelings i have accumulated for him during the x months we spent together. what now? lol i already sound rejected even though i haven't spilled a single bean to him. oyunayon. walang clue! sabi ko naman, i can only entertain questions about my so called first love, right when i already have a boyfriend. bwahaha!

mr +63926####### asked me if i was still interested in the job opening he posted at the internet. he was the one who wanted to meet at starbucks theatre mall, greenhills. i didn't go the last time cos my parents warned me that it could be dangerous blah blah since the recruiter didn't mention the company. i was supposed to come with my bestfriend but his parents also had the same opinion so we didn't go. yeaaah, it kinda wierded me out that he's asking if i'm still interested, saying there are only 3 slots remaining. i almost wanted to reply positively... but i gathered, school's coming soon and i've a got a job there.

i want another part time job! but i want something legit! =___=;

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