ano banaman to.

naboboringan na ko sa buhay ko. seriously, 'get a life!' is a stamement i would ponder for the whole day.

haaaayyynaaaakkkuuuuu... nakakainggit kayo. buti pa kayo my mga college stories eh ako, pansin nyo ba, and boring ng mga kwento ko.. tuwing lunes, expect me to brag about the laundry, tuwing martes find out where my internet gaming escapades brought me. tuwing miyerkules, same laundry story. tuwing huwebes, malamang naglalaro nanaman ako pag biyenes naman shempre kwentong labada ulit tapos sasabihin ko 'uuwi na si terai!' or something like it.

my life is online. i'm dead without the internet. kaya napakalaking parusa ang mawalan ng kuryente at phone line para sakin.

nagpalit nanaman ako ng layout. hehe.. ang panget pero ok lang... it's my first try with CSS, sana nagwowork sa ibang browsers. haha. at least kahit papano may nadedevelop akong skills habang walang pasok.

parang ayoko na tuloy magcollege! nyak... haha, ang scary kasi ng course ko eh.. pang brainy high. nakakaintimidate... ok na sana com arts e bakit humirap pa ng todo. diba baliktad? dapat yung madali na lang.

haynaku. siguro kung iipunin lahat ng hahaha, hehehe, ehehehe at ahahaha sa blog na to mapupuno nito ang isang buong webpage (or more) na puro text lang.

grabe, ayoko nito. ang boring. dibale, bibili naman ako ng libro bukas! bibili ako ng harry potter 1 at eleven minutes - paulo coehlo. yehey.

buti na lang my justin timberlake.

o sha maglalaro na ko ng tumblebugs at drag the dot. >>>>


the fabulous life of cameron diaz

she's not my favorite actress, mind you. but they featured justin in one of their segments. mehn, they hooked up. meeeeehhhhhnnnnnn!!!!


i was stalking justin in mtv, haha. i saw him in trl replay, i watched cry me a river in tata young's handpicked, saw a glimpse of sexy back, watched a pretty long and semi-infuriating segment of his love life with cameron and saw specks of his concert, Justified Stripped with Cristina Aguilera. he even mentioned her as the best singer in his generation.

and i'm not yet satisfied.

hehe, this will go away in a matter of weeks. but i'm not sueing it... at least even though my real love life is a big grayscale blur, i have someone to swoon over and stalk on the net. it's nice having something to do that triggers your fangirl hormones. hahahaha...

terai is here. good news, she's here! bad news, she brought all her laundry here because they have no electricity in LB and the laundry place is closed. and who does the laundry? i do! greaattttt!!!


tomorrow is yoshinoya day! yeheeeyy!!

what's with celebrities and their mansions? don't they think it's too costly to maintain a mansion they rarely visit? yeah yeah, like they'll settle for a cozy fontana type bungalow. i would even if i become a mega billionaire.

cry me a river

justin timberlake is driving me crazy. haha. it all started with the music video of sexy back. mehn. and yesterday he's in TRL. treaat! i was squealing all night! what a fangirl.

i'm using the computer! yeeey. he's ok now. LQ no more, or should i say buddy quarrel no more.

i watched speed in qtv last saturday. twas great. yeah, of course my favorite sandra bullock was there.

we have three promotional computer package deals from cyberzone. i had fun choosing. while i'm keying for the pentium D, dual core and core 2 duo, i guess pentium 4 will work just fine, xp pro is a whooping 9,500. that's tooooooo biiiiggg. ok, so pag may 30,000 na ko bibili na ako ng computer.

the mp3 player. hehe. in my private journal i have tabulated my expenses for my delayed salary this month. i'll buy a creative, that's for sure but i'm still, as usual unsure about which. muvo txfm or zan nano plus? haha. ang laki ng problema ko.
e kasi nga i don't want to sacrifice durability for functionality and an ipod costs too much. there's a promo in sm appliance in 'the block', buy a creative get free pc speakers! hehehe... e gusto ko ng bagong speaker.

pero meron akong isang sure. i'll buy harry potter 1 and digital fortress. haha.

haaay, justin timberlake.

uaap finals

i wasn't there but i watched it on tv. i'm for ateneo even though i don't study there. the fight was great! the greatest uaap match i've ever seen. i was too overwhelemed with how the game turned out. admu won by the way with a point difference to ust. the suspenseful part of it was when admu was 1 point ahead of ust and ust managed to score a point under 10 secs! now only 1 sec was left remaining and there was a break. during the inbound pass in favor of admu, the player outside the court fastbroke (?? whatever, basta he did a fastbreak) the ball to cramer who was beside the ring and with a great amount of whatever the commentators said, the ball went it. wuhooooo! yeheeeeeyyy!

there were a lot of amusing parts. it was my first time to see a goal tending violation for real, i mean with real people because the last one i saw is from Slam Dunk anime. and it was funny that the ball got caught on the headboard. hahahaha.

after taking terai to the terminal we went to sm north edsa to buy computer spare parts.. usb drive and extension. mom and i went to check 'the block' while dad does his thing in 'cyberzone'. hehe. the greatest thing about it, at least for me, is that they FINALLY have FULLY BOOOKED!!!! what a treaaatttt! books galore. i have no money with me, in fact we only have enough money to buy a buy 1 take 1 hapee toothpaste and pay the parking fee. we bought the toothpaste.

i promised myself to get a harry potter book on my birthday (probably the 1st one because i want to reread the whole thing bit by bit) plus the creative muvo txfm or the zen something mp3 player. they marked down the price again, the 512 mb was initially 5thou, months ago when i checked their catalogue it dropped to 4,500 then just now when i got a new catalogue, they're selling it for 4thou with free speakers. great deal, i'm just still having doubts on its durability because most user reviews i gathered from the net turned it down.

the sm appliance center in 'the block' is one of my favorites too. okok, when i get my sallary i will buy a book. make that 2. definitely.

vegan deficiencies

it's 1:30, we're supposed to leave at 1 but look where we are still. i'm being generous today, i offered everything in my wallet to the church awhile ago...which is only 10 pesos but at least i emptied my wallet. hehe and i could hear them clink in the offering bag.

another thing, i did my sister's homework because she still has to do a lot of things. yesterday too, i stayed with her while studying because she asked me too and she needs some moral support on her troublesome tax evasion analysis homework. she needs me for some references, meaning gossips about what's hot in the tv screen and we stayed until 2am. at least isp bonanza has free internet during offpeak hours 12mn -2am. ahahaha... i can now see how demanding college life is. she should have left 30 minutes ago but then again, she's still here at home.

wahehe. i'm so proud of myself. my website is fully functioning now and it's the first time, in my 3 whole futile webcreating attemps, that i completed a website project. another thing, my fic has 71 reviews already. hehe, but i'm on the 6th chapter. hehe, at least it got an average of 10 revs/chap and i'm glad. sooo glad.

while typing my sister's homework i realized some things. we, dark skinned people, may have a higher tolerance to the sun's UV rays preventing us from having skin cancer and such but having dark skin, or more melanin also makes our vitamin D (from the sun) absorption poor. and vitamin D is important for our bones because it's colleagues with calcium in strengthening them. poor bones. i'm too dark and i drink too much coffee and i already have a bone problem... awww.

drag the dot

mehn. i downloaded tumblebugs - 11mb and found out it's only a 60 min. free trial. sucks. i went to farmers market with my mom awhile ago, it's been years since i last went to the wet market with her. nothing has changed, still noisy and it's overwhelming... maybe because it's been a long time. and hmm... it's nice shopping (is there another term for this?) in the market because i get to see my favorite fishes and you don't need to carry your bag with you and dress up. just have big-pocketed shorts with money, of course, and you'll survive.. ahahahahaha... i wore white pants and damn what a wrong move. i carried everything we bought and swear, i could feel my arms ripping off. why Farmers anyway? ahhh.. because it's hell cheaper than Commonwealth and Fairview wetmarkets. Plus 2pm is their 'bagsakan' hour which means the fishes are freshly delivered from the pier. cheaper and fresher.

weeee... found another game site! so far so good, i'm playing a kiddie game called tumblebugs. haha cute. right now i'm updating the active x control, whatever that is, so that i can play drag racing. my gamesite hunting has gone a little farther now, i first went to orisinal but their games are too boring, then neopets... but then i'm having problems loading them... then clubpenguin but it's toooo kiddie, if you get what i mean.. i was amused by it because penguins are naturally cute but hey i found myself counting beans all the time, then i moved to adventure quest because it's a free RPG... haha i'm stuck at level 12 though.. went to minclip too but i have to download everything in our pc in order play.. blah.. ok and there goes addicting games.

terai will go home today. hehe... yehey. we'll be having a 1000 peso gift check from burgoos. yehey. eat eat eat.

tumblebugs is fun. hehe...

please check my website. // wahahahahaaa... just simply go there for hit's sake and sign the guestbook. i'm a sucker for traffic.

problem solved

not much for now. hehe. please sign the guestbook.

bwiset blogger

i'm almost done with my website. i have coded everthing, hosted every image and checked every detail. i created a new blog for it but blogger won't upload my template for some damn unreasonable errors. i even tried the template in this blog and it freakin worked. how come it won't work with the other blog? shit you blogger. i suppppeeerrr hate beta.blogger. i guess by the time the moderators have ironed out the bugs in beta, i'll be ready with my site.

for now,
i repeat

here's the layout i made:

took me 3 hours to finish that, including the header image. to me it's okay, simple and that's the way i want my website to be. not to many graphics and not to much sidebar contents. i'd love to consider it a professional looking layout but hey, my coding is pretty messy i guess it only works in IE. damn, notepad is killing me. someone give me a ms frontpage and spare me the backpain.

tell me if it's good. =)


my buddy is okay now. the power source was changed. i managed to backup our files even with a disfunctional mouse. yehey! kaso may problema parin, ung mouse nga. seems like the usb is fucked up.

i'm planning on creating another website, it's my 3rd attempt already and hopefully i will keep this one up running. it's a personal website, full of everything i fancy. vain, yeah. hehehe. and according to my brilliant mind, i won't be making multiple pages for it. yeah. awesome. i have my own secret ways of doing it, and no i won't be using scripts to compress the items in one page. hehehe. just stay tuned. it'll be ... hopefully.

I watched a bit of Ultimate Fighting Championship last last night on RPN9 while waiting for Desperate Housewives to end. I never really liked wrestling but I found last night’s UFC rather disturbing. It was Shamrock (if I heard it correctly) versus some guy. Simply put, they were caught in the most uncompromising position on the ring floor, if you get what I mean… and by ‘uncompromising’ I mean something that should be rated R18 for sexual themes. Of course wrestling has always been R18 but that’s for violence alone and I’d like to add, even on that single match. You see, it was… disturbing and according to the commentators it’s the longest fight yet in the whole UFC history. They were like stupefied on the ground in ‘that’ position they’re in and they held on to it for like 30 minutes and more, according to the timer on the screen. Mehn, it’s demoralizing my ‘innocent’ brain. Haha. Honestly, they looked like shagging blokes. LoL. I actually wrote that. Might be one thing in the gay kama sutra.

Yaoi is for anime and harryXdraco ONLY. Promise, I wouldn’t get out of that border.

my buddy is sick

the computer screwed off again. this time it's not because of a virus (that i unintentionally downloaded through scam) but because of the power source. it gave up. it won't turn on. haaay. sad. i was super excited panaman to write because i have the ideas flowing once more but mehn. meeeeeehhhhnnn!! it's still in the repair shop, i guess daddy will pick it up later. the repair guy called us yesterday telling that the operating system (win xp) is corrupted and they're asking for our permission to reformat it. hell no. we haven't backed-up our files yet. mehn. i hope nothing bad happens to the hard disk. i have a lot of files there. waaaaaaaahhh! including my crappy gay story. i can't afford to repeat ALL that. whew.

i'm giving up the digital camera (for now). instead of saving for it, i'll just save for a personal computer. yes, it's definitely a more sound decision. and yes again, i'm excited. i won't be maximizing the use of a digicam if i don't have a winner processor and a winner hard drive. computer first! hehe. besides i still have my phone, although it has its own problems. supposedly i will be finish saving for the digicam (12k) this november but since i will be saving for a computer instead, it'll have to wait until next year. wishing that by the time i have raised 30,000 already. sounds good.

and the mp3 player... hmm. i'm buying the 512 mb creative muvo txfm for my birthday (which is a good 2 months from now. great deal of time to save) . what's good with it is that it's a multifunctional piece of technology. mp3 player, usb thumbdrive, voice recorder and fm tuner/recorder. beat that. aaahh... whatever. i have a feeling it will be tremendously useful for college.

the marauders are back

i just finished reading an in-progress fic. it's M. yeah, i always read M. not all M's are graphically detailed to the point of you wanting to puke in horror. in fact, i categorize my fics under rating M to be safe. i tend to curse you know. and more likely, the M's in ffnet get more reviews.

mehn, i'm slowly getting quite accustomed to HPDM mpreg. i was highly opposed to it back then because most mpreg plots suck. but just recently, like a fresh 5 minutes ago, i was reading an mpreg. i realized it doesn't hurt all that much to see harry impregnated by draco of course. mehn.

i am a harry potter freak now. oh scratch that i am a harryXdraco freak. if only i could play cupid and give the two a shot, mehn they must be the hottest gay couple around.

the news yesterday broke my heart. it really did shatter me into pieces. ryan and judy ann are now inseparable (sp?) by the bonds of family and, sooner, marriage. i've never been involved with someone real. 95% of my love life is spent crushing and obsessing on celebrities. why does my ryans always get married to people i dislike. take ryan philippe and ryan agoncillo. hah. and don't question my taste. i really have high regards for spectacled guys. i started crushing over ryan p. in cruel intentions where he wears glasses. ryan a. wears glasses too... ahahahahahahaaa...

hehe. i'm flattered. i was vanity searching my username and i found two random bloggers using two of my layouts archived in blogskins. the linkin park and the retro divas. ehehehe... wala lang.

nakakatuwa naman

i was browsing my old old blog in blurty and i found an old old link to my old old forum board!

open pa pala sha!

heer ya gow!

ahahaha... akala ko na delete ko na hindi pa pala! di ko na lang idedelete! pero in fairness i have 35 members! ahahahaaaa...

no no, i won't be updating it. i'll just leave it like that. share lang.
pero kung type nyo magmember go ahead. maybe i can relive it of some sort.

binabasa ko rin pala ngayon ung mga old old topics sa old old forum board ko na yan. grabe, natatawa talaga ako. tsk. it's been 3 years. hanggaaaleeeeng. buhay pa ang forum board ko!

mabuhay kaaaa!

i-quo-quote ko lang yung isa kong post sa isang RPG thread:

"name: melodia
age: 15
species: witch of music
abilities: none at the time...the only thing she does is to ride on a broom stick that she uses also as a flute...
specialties: she's good in any instrument
description: she likes music and chocolate! she has long brown hair with amethyst eyes, fairly tall for her age and has a fair skin. she wears anything comfortable but trendy
characteristics: she is a joke-box, friendly, loud and funny, she has a very short temper and sometimes stupid enough to bump on a bear... she is smart...
brief background: she lives in the castle of Ferero in the town Rocher, in the state Tobler, in the continent Choco in the planet Eew... and in the glalaxy called Watta-Way. She has an older brother named Clef and a younger sister named Staff, she also has younger brother named Orch, and two more twin brothers namely Flat and Sharp... melodia has the most beautiful name...^.^ her parents died in an accident that pushed them all to relocate from the continent Musica to Choco... btw... all people in planet Eew are witches..."

ahahahaa... tawang tawa talaga ko. broom stick at flute in one?? imagine!
ahahahaaa... and galing naman pala ng imagination ko eh.

nakakatuwa talaga.

si tu n'etais pas la

oh yeah, i can sing french now although i'm not sure you'd recognize it. haha, now i can sing in a lot of languages! filipino, english, japanese, korean, mandarin, indian and french! ahahaha, acheivement.

i'm a bit exhausted and bloated at the same time. remember it's my cousin's birthday! i cooked a tray of baked macaroni for their family and another tray for ourselves. whew! chopping garlic(s?) was never an easy job for me especially that i have to chop like 6 cloves. i'm not complaining i'm actually happy because it turned out great. ooohh, i love cheese.

aaaaannnnndddd, mannie texted me! at last! she's been my bestfriend since grade two and i'm thrilled to regain our contact once more. wahooow!

i'm gonna paint later! hehe, i just feel like i need to update my deviantart account with another artwork. i guess i'll be painting those cute matreshka dolls from the encyclopedia.

need more reviews. if you are a harry potter fan and if you happen to like homosexual pairings like 'harry and draco sitting on (under?) the tree k-i-s-s-i-n-g' - yep, like that - please read my fic!! eheheheee... and leave a review.

heer ya gow!

isn't amelie poulain fabulous? :)

one red paperclip

it all takes one red paperclip to get a HOUSE.


dali dali! basahin nyo! matutuwa kayoooo!

it was an impressive market idea. i never thought it was possible to get a house with just one typical red paperclip. but now i believe!!!

if you find it rather troublesome to click on the link i provided you i'll be happy to explain it here. kyle macdonald's goal is to get a house through a series of trades starting from one red paperclip.

he traded his one red paperclip for a fish pen. then traded it for a door knob. then traded it for a coleman stove which he traded for a red generator. then he traded it for a party then a famous skidoo - a trip to yahk - a cube van - a recording contract - a year in phoenix - an afternoon with alice cooper - then a kiss snow globe - then a movie role which was FINALLY traded for a house at 503 main street at the town of kipling saskatchewan, canada.

all in one year. awesome.

hola amigos!

we're feasting on nachos and salsa right now. how could it get any better than this?

my sister and i had a petty fight last night which led to her wanting me chucked out of the dorm. ahahahaaa... she doesn't want me there!!! but we're ok now, she's just stressed and you know my sister is a monster when she's tired.

dorm dorm. if i go to their dorm in raymundo st, i'll be roommates with their landlady! which is quite a good thing for my parents. hah. they don't trust me. sometimes i don't want to be dormmates with my sister because we're not friends. mag-aaway lang kami. e anu ba naman yan.

ok na kami. in fact we're downloading songs from 'my name is kim sam soon' soundtrack and we're like singing idiots here. i wouldn't be surprised if a korean suddenly pops out of the monitor and spanks us for bastardizing their language.

i remember my korean friends when i was grade six. they gave me a sketchpad and an anime magazine for my birthday! tapos they lent me their korean comics pa which was as thick as the telephone directory!! shempre tingin tingin lang ako di ko mabasa eh. as if.

i'll be preparing another tray of baked mac today!! it's my cousin's birthday tomorrow! yeheeeeyy. ibig sabihin makakalabas ako ngayon para bumili ng regalo! eheheheee...

ahahahaa my sister is calling me duday!! e mas mabantot ung kanya, terai!

late night entry

duh. wala lang akong masabi.
i'm waiting for mommy and daddy to arrive from caltex because they fetched terai. e bat kelangan ko sila hintayin? inaantok nako. oh because i will open the gate for them, greet them then beso beso.

heh. why can't our maid do it? haha spoiled.

love story in harvard is getting boring. i thought they were gonna shoot the whole series in harvard, e sight seeing panaman yun. hah. loser.

i figured chinovelas and most telenovelas for that matter can be compared to a bubblegum. you chew it senseless until you extract all the sweetness in it. even after it has lost all its taste you still chew it because you just fancy chewing bubblegums then you will realize your jaw already hurts so you spit it out. yeah, just like that.

then you look for another bubblegum and do the same. you'll never end up chewing the same bubblegum forever, because duh, it's impossible unless you're trying to set a record.

night folks.

indistinguishable gibberish

i don't know if i should be happy or sad with the blogger beta. i thought it would make my blogging options easier but just awhile ago, it just won't lead me to the dashboard! i had to reconnect after an hour or so before it completely works right again. anyway that's why it's called BETA.

yeah, i beta get out of this.
sadly, i can't. it's an irrevocable action one can only embrace. pero ayos lang!!

hmmmm. sexy back by justin timberlake has this weird effect on me. whenever he shows up in the screen he always reminds me of tom felton. ahahahahaaa... oh yeah!

heyheyhey! terai will be home later!!!

waaaaaahhh... ate guia inspires me. i read, in her blog, that she's a college/university scholar in uplb. she's taking up chem.
damn, i hope i'll be able to pull some rabbits off my hat and tricks on my sleeve and aces on my deck and more tricks and rabbits and aces and more tricks and rabbits and aces.

sometimes i'm excited to go to school, to experience dorm life and to face dreadful profs but now i don't think i'm ready again. laura fired a bolt of lighting on me when she said chem 16 is pamatay. what the hell? now i don't know what to do. i was never good at chem, let alone science... i was just tooo shocked at the upcat results? how come it's like that????? how cooommmeeeeeee???!!!!

ayoko na, kinakabahan ako lalo.=\

and i don't wanna go home right now

but sooner or later it's over and i don't want to miss you tonight.
i don't want to miss you tonight. i don't want to miss you tonight.

haaay, but i do and it sucks. just because i dreamt of ___ last night i couldn't stop thinking about ___. i remember the times i acted like a complete stalker and damn you found out. i also remember the days where i even played a disguise to gain contact with you. shit. i was so pathetic back then, i don't want to remember those days but it's fun remembering them. i'm having a hard time looking for things to laugh about so i resorted to just laugh at my silly self. ahahahaaa...

yesterday was fun. i was reading my friendster bulletins and i had super laughtrip with the chain "song title" + during sex.
try it it's fun.
the last three songs i heard yesterday was smile - lily allen, iris - googoo dolls and upside down - jack johnson.
smile during sex, iris during sex and upside down during sex! ahahahahaaa...

i woke up pretty guilty this morning because i didn't visit our sanctuary last night. we had another bible session yesterday and i was soooo bad because i'm not listening. i'm reading the bible kasi and i realized how immoral life on earth was back then prior to the ten commandments.

lot's two daughters got him drunk and slept with him so that they'll get pregnant and sustain their lifeline. yeah that's bad... nowadays. but during those times there is no law yet, only covenants of God to man.

that's why the other day's episode of Love Story in Harvard was my favorite. Professor Keynes said that Law - 'is the effort of humanity to create principles' based on their own experiences which affects the majority. eh wala lang.

bat ganun yung chocnut? parang may lasang bubblegum. hehe...Hany parin kami!
haaayyy SHANE IS MISS YOU!!!!!

you're the closest to heaven that i'll ever be

shit. i wanna go to college. please please let me go to college. i have to sidetrack myself away from this. i don't want what i'm feeling right now. it's all coming back, i don't want to go back to highschool. maybe i do, but for the sole reason of apologizing to mrs. resterio. my conscience is bugging me like hell. sorry mrs. resterio, if you happen to read this. sorry sorry. i will never do it again. forgive me because i won't forgive myself if you don't. aaaaaaaaahhhhhh!!! i know this not for me to shoulder alone but mehn, i'm just so guilty.

on the cheesy side. how do you know if it's love?
mehn, i hate being reminded of it especially in dreams. ayan tuloy, i'm confused. first love never dies? is it true? e naman eh... you you go away come again another day.

i'm done with the fifth chapter. i'm losing the grammar. and yes, people are quesitoning it. i was too absorbed with literature in 4th yr. that i never cared about grammar anymore. ahahahaa... it sucks but i have no time to have it beta-read. the only person i know who can beta my fic is laura becuase, i don't know. because she promised not to laugh at it.

i'm listening to iris - goo goo dolls while writing and it just dawned on me that the lyrics is very much related to the fic. ayun, kaya ako natapos kaagad.

iris is now my favorite song.

i think i'm gonna cry when i finish writing. tsk.

half of me wants to forget ___ but half of me is also longing to see ___. i'm confused. but somehow i have to move on and focus on something else. like my freakin grammar. i think i failed all my english teachers.

meeehn, is having frequent server overloads. they have to fix it real soon if they don't want to have their reputation tarnished. or perhaps they have to expand their bandwidth and reformat everything without sacrificing an hour or so of being inaccessible. i hate it when that happens.

i'm tired of adventure quest. it's getting boring, especially that our processor is a very olats pentium 3. and our computer is a 2nd hand chop chop.

hello santa claus, if you happen to read this. please send me a new computer on christmas. pentium 4 or core 2. you have 3 months to save for it. thank you.


i feel productive today. i did the laundry, i exercised and finished re-making the events outline for my fic. remember, my dad unintentionally deleted it. golly, i nearly cried. masiyadong madrama!
i'm currently writing the fifth chapter. i hope i do get more reviews before i upload it. haha.. it's not normal that i get more than ten reviews per chapter since i mostly write crap. oh well, that's melodia04 for you, still desperate for reviews.

i haaatteee Adventure Quest. i can't login!!! grrr... i'm stuck at level 11 because there's always a 'server full' error i get whenever i try to login!! i am starting to curse the publicity its getting.
i first heard of it in Convergence, but now i see its ad everywhere. and you know how effective advertising it. i should've been thankful because it has grown quite popular but the fact that because of its traffic i'm not getting a slot to play, that's a different story.

weee, love story in harvard na!

another one bites the dust

ahahaha. it's been a while since i last sang that song with it's backtracked lyrics "it's fun to smoke marijuana... it's fun to smoke marijuana... marijuananana marijuananana...". i could only sing it with jami, i don't know why. everytime i sing that song, i feel possessed (at least others think i am). i look like a deranged drug addict.

hahahaha, yesterday was great! yahooo! 11 of us came! me, nez, carla, karlita, hannah, jami, ding, ka, kim, martha and laura! hahaha ang dami namin... saya! we played a little in timezone, ate dinner and split to watch click and the devil wears prada. haaaaaayyy. i feel so happy. i'll miss you all. =)

i had my first dairy queen there. ahaha, and of course my first gateway cinema ticket. hihi.

i am so alive

haaay. i feel goooooooooddddd!!! yeah!
hehe. i uploaded the 4th chapter of my fic at yesterday and i'm glad that it reached 10 reviews already on its first day. yay. that's why i feel so alive and inspired to write today. reviews = multivitamins.

unfortunately, dadddy accidentally deleted the events outline i made for the story. sad. now i don't know what will happen next, the only thing i remember is the ending which is sad but happy. figure that. haaay.

ayan, nahihiya na tuloy ako mag promote ng fic. nahihiya ako mabasa ng isang kaibigan. haha shempre kasi alam ko lahat sila magagaling sumulat. haha inferiority complex. =\ parang mas gusto ko pa mabasa ng strangers bwahaha. basta... review lang ng review! kahit pangit pa yan ayus lang!

after that fic i'll probably make another harryXdraco. based on the story of orpheus and eurydice! haha, traggic. tsk.

grrr. net is advertising Adventure quest! kaya pala laging flooded pag naglologin ako!! haynaku!

shane on me

i miss shane. haha as in shane mc-something in the L word. she plays a lesbian role there. yeah right. i'm over that, ever since i felt so dooooommmeeeeddd when i left my bond paper sized picture of her with a love poem in the chapel during our recollection. wahahaaa... memories. i remember how funny it was to think that the nuns found out that their student is crushing over a lesbian. or maybe, they didn't think she was a she when they saw the picture and besides, Shane is a unisex name.

we passed over milla jovovich's billboard for mango awhile ago in c5 and she was gorgeous. =)


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