one red paperclip

it all takes one red paperclip to get a HOUSE.


dali dali! basahin nyo! matutuwa kayoooo!

it was an impressive market idea. i never thought it was possible to get a house with just one typical red paperclip. but now i believe!!!

if you find it rather troublesome to click on the link i provided you i'll be happy to explain it here. kyle macdonald's goal is to get a house through a series of trades starting from one red paperclip.

he traded his one red paperclip for a fish pen. then traded it for a door knob. then traded it for a coleman stove which he traded for a red generator. then he traded it for a party then a famous skidoo - a trip to yahk - a cube van - a recording contract - a year in phoenix - an afternoon with alice cooper - then a kiss snow globe - then a movie role which was FINALLY traded for a house at 503 main street at the town of kipling saskatchewan, canada.

all in one year. awesome.

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