oh hatred, what joy!

currently listening to: footloose - kenny loggins

i've been working so hard
keep punchin' my card
8 hours, for what?

first the strain, and now the muscle pain
the only inspiration i'm enjoying now is shane
life has been terribly annoyed at me
now, there's nothing left good enough to see

i promised myself no starbucks till graduation
i think that'd help a bit in my condition
but seeing that i have no discipline
i don't think i can fast a week without a frappe with whipped cream

heh. whatever.
i'm 69% in accouting.
senior life can be so damn demanding
i don't care if it's not rhyming!!!!!!!

we have to stand up against karakuch!
ano, tusukin ko kaya sila ng kinakalawang na brooch?

ayoko na wala na ko maisip. =P

alam mo, nakakainis ka! sipain kita eh!

DIY ok?

one of things i learned about life is that it teaches you to become more and more tolerable to pain. life taught me not to cry for a long time because the more i cry the more i can't concentrate on the solution. crying is a way of bringing out your emotions but it is also hindering you from finding the solution.

i hate people who are so dependent to others. people who can't stand alone by herself, even with the smallest things like going to the bathroom or eating in the canteen.

i hate people who cry over little things. when you feel bad, do something that will make you feel better even if it means doing it on your own. just don't lurk and cry in the corner. it's irritating, it's guilt tripping. ~_-

i'm not saying i rarely cry, i do cry but the challenge is how to get over it quick. no one wants to live in misery forever.

oh sucky day. i was watching '100 days with mr. arrogant' and suddenly the laptop gave up. i was freakin in the middle of the movie! good Lord, help me. we don't have any DVD player around except for our beloved duct-taped laptop. =(

i hope mara gets to borrow 'the L word' from her sister's friend. i really WANT to watch it. i mean, i really want to watch SHANE. =D

yeah shane

i'm so into shane mccrutcheon right now.

we just had our last recollection yesterday. it was really fun, it's not mushy (just like how i want it to be) and both of my parents came. it made me feel extra blessed! i love them.
i love my classmates. i'm going to miss pamayanan. as i've told you before, we all get along well AND the people i hate are distributed within the other sections! hehe.

you know what, i printed a bond paper sized picture of shane. i wrote down a silly lesbian poem for her which includes my confusion and her being so androgynously HOT. i treasured that piece of paper, i stuck it in my pocket everytime and i look on it as often as i could because i want to relive the feeling of getting my giddy hormones worked up. you know what i mean, it's been a long time since i last felt infatuation and it really is a BIG MEGA HUGE COLOSSAL DISTRACTION. last time i was infatuated with tony sun, and prior to that... uh.. blue (quite lucky to be the only non-celebrity in the group). before going to sleep i gently put masking tape on my extra-crumpled and heavily-creased sheet of inspiration and stuck it on the wall beside me, for a hopefully shane-filled dream (i said shane, not katherine) but God refused to! probably trying to tell me that "hey, i have set a GUY for you in the future. don't get your hopes up on that lesbo" ... hehe. God would be so cool if he talked like a hippie.

i brought shane's picture with me during the morning prayer and accidentally left it. i went to check it back in the chapel but it's not there anymore. i panicked. the poem i wrote stupidly has my name on it and whatever message the reader gets in it will probably be between the lines of "what a rude girl! bringing this stuff on a recollection? and.. what is this? she's infatuating over a lesbian character in a lesbian tv series?"

you know what? whatever.

my heart leaped a thousand steps to hell when bro. bernard told me that he saw it, read it, and left it on the windowsill (but it got lost again). he even helped me find it! i was confused, maybe he didn't get the fishy stuff in it and maybe he doesn't know i'm arianne. i'm glad.

i'm tired of singing. i want to rest!

hey hey hey! i passed the USTET! com-pre-com.
now i could oppose to one of paulo coelho's quotes in 'the alchemist', if the same thing happened twice already, it is bound to repeat for the third time.

i have to print another picture. :D

le odio

you should know that.
you're getting a little too authorative now, y lo odio. i'm not bragging about it, you're changed now. whatever, just do it your way. oh, and don't do guilt trips on us, it will only work for those who can't work without you.

you're annoying.
maybe it looked obvious that i'm upset. you need not care, i have a bond-paper sized picture of shane mccrutcheon in my pocket if ever i need a mood stabilizer. again, don't mind me. as much as i don't care about you. and you don't need to credit my underdone talent like that as a consolation for being intimated. i hate it. anyway, thanks for being concerned.

and you, thank you. you've been a good friend. i know you know how i feel about you. but i'm not angry or anything. i actually admire you for that. love you. all for shane? oh, it hit me now. you don't have to like shane the way that i do if you want me to feel good about you. i don't hate you as much as i hate someone else.

okay. you are so wrong with spilling that thing to the class. who told you that anyway? i can falsify that right now.

you three. i know you know how i feel when you walk in threes and leave me behind. thank you for not playing dumb with me. i swear, i'll never butt myself in again. friends forever, okay?

-cantante duro que intenta
we had our last prosec fieldtrip awhile ago. i wasn't excited about anything but starbucks. i am not enthused with the calorie-burning activites we had, in fact i was tortured in fitness first. i am bearing all the pain in my knee as we do the body balancing exercises. well at least i wasn't in the cosmic cycling group because i swear, i could die.

i promised myself: no junk foods. and i was able to handle a field trip without it, it was my first to go on a field trip without junk foods. i just brought great tasting country style oatmeal raisin cookies to satisfy the need of my stomach. :D

glorietta was, okay. i'm out of words, not that it's too special but it's just a mall. whatever. at least i was able to satiate myself with coffee.

D - drugs
R - reduce
I - insanity
V - very
E - effectively

i don't know about people. they love bookstores too much. i love books, it's just that i can't afford them all. i'd rather stroll alone in the mall than spend my whole day longing for books i couldn't pay for. i just go there to check what's new and what's cheap. =)

i think i'm crazy, and the world is my mental hospital.

traduccion terrible

ugh. what a terrible translation. i was having fun with the google language toolbar awhile ago...

in case you're wondering where i got my pretty fluent (yet wrongly translated) spanish, it came from, yeah, the google language toolbar.

i was rejoicing about pacman's win against morales!

this language toolbar turned me off when i suddenly tried to convert the translated spanish text back to english. mehn, it's damn horrible... there are hell lot of mistakes. =_=

you know, i was thinking if i could just translate some of my evil posts (like when i hate someone) so that it'd be extra obscured, anyway you won't get the exact english translation of it with a lousy translator like that, and i don't even think it'll work well with other translators.

well, i'm enjoying reading latin texts... spanish and italian specifically because it sounded right and i (instinctively) know how to pronounce them right. maybe because it's in our blood. right, and i hate reading french and german. it's killing my tongue.
the only german i know how to read is Hagen Dahz (not even sure if it's german)

i'm craving for starbucks again. i need money... =_=;

el terible perdido

¡morales perdidas al pacquiao! ¡esto es realmente grande! ¡alrededor de 10 era magnífico, pacman podía golpear morales hacia fuera! ¡amo este día! no puedo explicar esta sensación abrumadora que me sentía cuando oí (mientras que lava los platos) a través de la radio que pacman ganado fui apresuradamente arriba a mirar el simulcast pero el infierno nosotros es así que retrasa, ellos era justo alrededor comenzar alrededor de uno que miden el tiempo. ¡pozo del oh! ¡van Filipinas!!!

antes de que me olvide...
¡feliz cumpleaños tardío a DADINE!

before you criticize someone else, walk a mile in their shoes first. that way, you are a mile away from them, and you have thier shoes.

such a lousy critic. i think i have to take back some of the things i said about the sisterhood of the travelling pants. somehow it amuses me that even though it's basically lacking the plot, most of the character encounters are not boring. if i were to rank the excitement of the friends' summer experiences according to my preference, it would be:

*uhh, major spoilers.
1. carmen - the big butted phat-y. i can almost feel the pain of spending summer with your dad and your step-family.
2. tibby - working at wallmans (somewhat wallmart) and wearing their oversized smocks won't be despisable enough if you get to be friends with a very rational 12-yr-old leukemia inflicted kid, who is just as sharp as you are.
3. bridget - entering a sports camp. lusting over your coach who is 3yrs older than you are. taking risks. it's all worth the excitement.
4. lena - the book has told me of her incomparable beauty but her story is just really boring. alright, she goes to greece. had a major mishap with this kostos guy (with a tragic background) and gets over it. boring.

if you happen to think like me you would notice that the magic pants is actually useless. it's something you'll soon forget as you delve deeper into the pages of the book. the story could go on without the pants being sent by airmail and they could go on without all those junk rules they made about it. without the pants the title could be as simple as, "A Summer Apart" (or something better) and i'm sure it will still be a NYT bestseller.

only, there'd be no plot at all if you exclude the pants.

one of the things i like about it are the quotes per chapter. some are really funny.

i'm in love!

not with a HE!
i'm inlove with the Finding Neverland soundtrack. mehn, the composer is a genius!
i also like the jack sparrow theme... very adventurous.

i have some comments with The Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants (book)

-some say it's a good read, well to me it's just OKAY. nothing great... i'm halfway already and i see no emphasis of the plot. i might not continue reading it afterall. i'm not understating it since it is a NYT bestseller, i just have a different taste for teen novels. i usually like it on the first person point of view since teen novels have a LOT of rants and raves (like this blog, i mean who would do a 3rd person pov of her blog?).

it's really funny how i love meg cabot and paulo coelho at the same time.

wee. i borrowed the valkyries by paulo coelho.

what a bum. we have pinoi test tomorrow. i haven't started reading yet!
we had our batch picture taking awhile ago. it's very suffocating! it's like there's no more oxygen left for us... and still we managed to smile like we have an air tank supply behind.

i need rest

this week is really exhausting. the practices, the backdrop plus the media project... and we have saturday classes. how could it get any better than that?

i'm just glad we're done shooting for the heroism commercial. we did it awhile ago in nica's house where some of my groupmates and other people brought kids and party needs.

heh. i want to sleep. i'm not at home, i'm in fcm, wasting my 15 bucks. after the project we (exclusing my sis) went to SMF to buy my sister's gift. she wants a pink knapsack. and she wrote it down in detail:

dos: illustrazio, hawk gear, adidas, nike, accel...
don'ts: cose, heartstrings...

ok. that's really demanding but whatever, it's her birthday anyway.
can't wait to go to college.

i'll share a sad story to you. mannie sent it to me through text last night and i couldn't stop crying.

there was a boy who was given a puppy as a birthday gift. time passed by and he now has a wife and a baby. the dog is still faithfully with him. one day when he left for work, his wife asked him why he left their baby alone. the husband said he left it under the dog's care. the wife was furious. she hurriedly went back to their house to check. on the doorway she saw the dog, mouth filled with blood. she freaked out and eventually killed the dog out of anger. when she came to check her baby, she saw it sleeping peacefully in the crib, a dead snake lying beside it.

ok, now... awwwww.
=( T_T

the flying spaghetti monster

if you have doubts with your belief, enlighten yourself with pasta and meatballs and get to know the flying spaghetti monster!

we had our cl day awhile ago. we did a praise and worship session which was really fun, except that i can't jump because my knee is still acting like a real bitch, no it's a beeyotch. no again, i insist on calling it a bumble bitch because it's hurting like a bee sting. not really, whatever i'll just call anyone i hate a bumble bitch.

after recess we had this facilitating thing where we're grouped with the other levels. what i found amusing was three of us in our group are non-catholics. hehe.

then came the event that i've been trying to think over and over if i can do it or not. i'm really more of a keyboardist, an inferior keyboardist, but not a guitarist, and most especially not an electric guitarist. it was my first time to actually play on an electric guitar. at first it seemed wrong, coz i'm not yet used to it but then i have to get used to it because, i don't know. hehe.

during our last run in the podium, i felt good (but still shy). i was thinking a lot of what the hypercritics. i am not good, seriously. i just know how to play, but i'm not good.

oo na.

there is someone in our batch whom i despise a lot. i'd like to call her the batch bitch.

she scowls at a good performance, destructively criticizes everything that she won't gain from and is a certified attention-seeker.

karma will surely get back on me for this.

no room for procastination

but look at what i'm doing. great.
i'm not yet in the mood to do my homeworks, i somehow believe that being driven is part of becoming focused, and i don't have a drive with my schoolworks... like, who has?

no room for procastination - no.1 in my new year's resolution. i keep on delaying things... the next thing i knew i'm alreeady sprawled on my bed dreaming of ghastly scenes (because i forgot to pray)...

quit nail biting - is no.2. it's a really nasty habit that i've been trying to avoid ever since i practically discovered that my nails look horrible in colored nail polish. go figure.

i keep on reminding myself that Henry Sy graduated from FEU. it sort of became a consolation thought to me who will recieve two rejection letters in the following month. if all else fails, try the failsafe.

tomorrow is the preliminary defense of our investigatory project. we met awhile ago to discuss certain matters. i was both nervous and excited... nervous that i will stutter and fidget and not finish any sensible sentence at all. excited because we're supposed to do a sales-talk... by which we are to convince the teacher that our product is not trash and that you are making the right descision of buying it.
you see, i like sales-talking... especially when you really get to convince the consumer to buy the product.

i am still thinking if i should write an appeal to ADMU. sounds like a desperada, i know... but i haven't passed anything yet. if UP is meant for me, they can just throw my appeal and move on... but if it is not in God's will for me to pass my dream university, i have my fingers crossed on my appeal.

but if the western stroke of luck didn't come my way, FEU will surely bring me the news that will make my day.

as i have been trying to embedd on my stubborn head, it doesn't matter where you graduated from. it's your ABILITY to survive life and make the right decisions that count.

anyway, not everything that counts can be counted.

i haven't done my comex 13 yet. about the difficulties and joys of being young.
i mean, you could be young and free but at the same time young and stupid.
you might have unlimited actions but that also means you are prone to make unlimited mistakes too.
being young is something we look back on when we're old. just like how we look forward to grow old and successful now that we're young.

life can get distractingly ironic.

on to the rough side of life

i failed twice.
i feel so depressed but i have to get over it quick before i acquire suicidal tendencies. LoL, i might even scratch myself to death with the blunt edge of my parlor hair clips. fortunately, i don't want to die yet. not with the reason of failing an entrance exam not once, but twice (and who knows if it repeats for the third time). that is just too shallow for me to end my freakin' life.

anyhow, who cares if i don't pass? like inez said (or tagged), it doesn't make me a lesser person. i know God has bigger plans for me (and my dearest karlita). we just have to wait.

for the meantime, i am consoling myself with the thoughts of going to FEU-fern and be successful like Henry Sy and Lucio Tan. They weren't the most oustanding students in their classes but they made a very big impact in our economy today. who knows what awaits me who has failed a lot? or rather, me who has experienced a generous amount of failures? have pity on me Lord.

mom treated me to starbucks anyway so i'm sort of relieved. i told you, coffee is VERY therapeutic in my case.

it's my fault i failed. i didn't study well, my grades sucked and i'm not focused on my goals. i've learned my lesson.

meet the new arianne.
still the internet junkie that she is but is promising to be a more focused student from now on. it's never too late for changes you know.
ang saklap naman nito. wala parin akong pinapasahan.

my palm pilot broke

who's to be blamed?
my freakin' sister! she dropped my bag! she didn't know one of my precious material pocessions was there. what a fitch!
i mean, this is what happened. i think she got mad at me for refusing to help her with her egyptian music research. before i knew she murdered my palm, i even told her that i'll let her borrow it for her project but when i came upstairs to check, the screen was cracked and it now looked like a blown up piece of technology. sad.
but i didn't cry! i didn't even think of getting back at her. maybe it was one of my priced posessions but i'm not attached onto it. maybe if she burned my 'dare to fail' book i'll burn her algebra book too.

anyway, ACET results are now out! i still don't know what's my status is. i guess i'll have to check the site again tomorrow.
awhile ago i was chatting with adri, i asked her to ask jami if i also passed. she replied, 'ewan ko'.

mehn, those two words blew my head off. all the while i was thinking i didn't pass! i thought she looked for my name and didn't find it. after that i cried.
i cried on my bed, i punched my turtle stuffed toy and i played the guitar... something which is not exactly a form of stress relief for me but a form of forgetting something... and i failed. i shouted random things to God (no swears! LoL) and thought of happy thoughts.

oh well, i settled things when i asked jami if she looked for my name. i was praying to God that her answer should be NO. and he answered it.

i'm very thankful because i reached my quota for today's AVON catalogue in just 3 days! i actually put a quota on myself so that i'll work extra hard in earning money. i said that i should reach at least P500 comission on every catalogue. as of now i currently have 594 on count and i'm wishing that everyone who ordered will pay no later than next week. :D
thank you God.

i don't feel bad anymore. thank you Lord.

'today is the tomorrow we worried about yesterday.'

i'm currently reading: the sisterhood of the traveling pants 1 - ann brashares

imagination is more important than knowledge

do you agree? well that's according to Einstein.
anyway, school didn't start as bad as i thought it would be.
sometimes during long weekends and breaks, i'm somewhat looking forward to going back to school already. i'm excited over all the funny moments in the classroom, it is definitely something to look forward to, everyday.
there's not a day that something funny didn't happen.

in school, there are LOADS of things you can laugh about!
and i guess that's what i go to school for, to get my daily dose of laughter.
...which reminds me of the few remaining weeks that we're going to consume before graduation. sad. it feels like i don't want to leave senior life anymore.

i was imagining a lot of things awhile ago. my mind is wandering off to dreamland... the pictures in my planner are just too scrumptiuous. maki, choco mousse, starbucks, chocolates... aaahh! heaven.

we had the outstanding award voting awhile ago. it was damn hard! i don't know a lot of my batchmates' talents (hell! like they know mine?!) that's why i kept on repeating the same names. my choices are insufficient... some of them don't even deserve the award but i don't care. i'm not the one counting the votes anyway.

tomorrow is our feast day! i'm excited! no classes! just the mass, a presumably boring talk about Mary's motherhood, food, and film viewing... joy.

yay! may planner na ko!

it's actually a company planner my dad purchased but instead of dreaming of a starbucks planner which generally isn't something i want to spend my whole wealth with, i just asked dad for and extra planner and since the look is plain black with silver letterings 2006... i kind of personalized it. :D

uhm.. well that's the front. :D

i'm not yet ready for school tomorrow.
i'm quite sad that this has been the last day i watched Cinderella and April Kisses =(

well. whatever...
uhm. hindi talaga ako makuntento... this is one of my previous layouts... :D
i just want something red that's all.

you know what i hate with evening news?
they'll greet you "MAGANDANG gabi" and proceed with the bad news after.

quoted from mike enriquez, "...dahil hindi natutulog ang balita limang tao- patay..."
what the?

i realized something. it's okay if people LAUGH at you, instead naman of having people CRY over you diba?
i mean, nakatulong ka pa pag may napatawa ka... it's healthy.
as i've read somewhere...
everything is funny as long as it is happening to somebody else. :D

happy new year!

new year's eve was great as usual! i'm starting to get accustomed in spending new year without any firecrackers... just the torotot. we didn't have our media noche like most houses would have but we prepared for it... oh well, there's something odd with us. i think we're just not being traditional.

so, from 12 midnight till 1am we just watched the amazing fireworks display on our rooftop! (one of the reasons why we wouldn't spend a cent on fireworks, it's all free)

i was thinking of how blessed we are to have a rooftop! everything seems like a new year treat for us. people around us spent for the fireworks and we just watch happily on our deck watching everything in the sky on a patron seat.

my mom, dad and sister slept at 9 and they asked me to just wake them up by 12. ~_-;
and they used the aircon so i can't open the windows (traditionally). in the end we didn't open any of our windows... too much smoke. we didn't even open all our lights... we're all lazy, LoL.

i wasn't able to text all my friends a happy new year because i have no enough load (just like xmas)

slept at 2am and woke up at 7 to prepare for the church. there were less people who attended today's service (expected) so we didn't have problems finding seats and this guy who looks like harry santos is present as always... :)

for 7 years already, i've been giving xmas gifts to this lola vendor outside our church. it feels so heartwarming to help other people especially the old. next time i think i'll just give her a gift plus extra items to sell. :D

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