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wuhoo, it's saturday! nothing great actually...
this morning i went to the rehab center again (yes, i'm drugs!) - that's how they call the theraphy place in the hospital, don't get me wrong please. i actually hate this day's session because i have my period and my lower abdomen (???) hurts... like hell, and i have to do this squatting and cycling exercises. torture mehn...

on my way there though, when the jeepney stopped at the mrt station, there was this little streetgirl (like 3 yrs old?) who crawled into the jeep to beg. oh pity, but i didn't really took pity on her that moment. i actually thought it's pathetic. good thing a good soul gave her a pack of strawberry pretzels. then she left...

i was 30 minutes early! that's a record, i was never early for anything even if it means life and death to me. i'd rather be on time than be minutes early. haha, last session i was 30 minutes late because i left my letter of authorization back home and there was a big big traffic in commonwealth. i didn't go back for it though, i just requested for a new one which took me more than 15 minutes. =
the trip home was the most torturous trip i've ever had in my whole commuter life. i was looking forward to an empty jeep so that i could sit at the front and spare myself a little hell from the worn out suspension systems of most jeepney's rear (reeeeeeer) tires. unfortunately, i caught a jeep with 2 passengers and they're both sitting at the front. sad. i was brutally taken aback everytime the jeep stops and accelerates at a sudden. my living hell was prolonged the moment i took the tricycle. the roof was too low and there were to many potholes in west fairview so my head was banging all over.

if it wasn't for my dysmenorreah (???) then i wouldn't really get to notice the lowness of the tryke's roof or the poor suspension systems (our investi's paying off!) of jeepneys... hehe

i complain a lot! i know but at least i'm observant enough to know what pisses me a lot.

i was so proud of my sister, she answered the 1 million jackpot question in game ka na ba?! haha, sayang she wasn't a studio contestant! sayang isang milyon terai!!! hehe...

wow, i'm organizing my palm! i'm going to reformat my sd card and re-add the tracks, in alphabetical order! haha, i just want things to be organized... hehe.

meh ni hope it doesn't rain on monday. =(

cookies and cream overload

major ice cream indulgence! i'm having my 2nd cup right now. haaay, such bliss enters my mouth as a chunk of this frozen delight melts in my tongue. no words can explain how ice cream quenches my craves. mehn, this is too good to be true.

on the other side, you cannot blame me if i gain a thousand or so calories in just one sitting. nevermind i'll just burn them later... =D

oh yeah, belated HAPPY BIRTHDAY HANNAH! you're now entering a stage in teenage life we call 'sweet 16'! ayooosss!

roses are red
violets are blue
i'm so GLAD!
that i'm younger than you! =D

poor little buffy ran away, better to forever roam the streets that stay with me to play...

just came here to rant about how lame pinoy big brother has become in just 3 seasons. there isn't anything SPECIAL with the teen housemates. they don't have something in them that will set them aside from the others. sure, the teenage mom caught most of our attention but it's not a good enough thing to make her win. most of them, i can tell are born under polished roofs. doesn't know how to cook, and doesn't even know how to peel pineapple skin, i'm not saying it's a must but i just felt sad after seeing their pineapple like that. and someone even suggested using the peeler? she's nuts.

maybe this negative asessment is a little too early since they just started. the judges who took over the auditions are probably just looking for potential matinee teen idols. they say they'll do whatever they can to show the people who they really are. hah, like we care about you? come on, teenagers nowadays are smart. they know firsthand that there will be cameras watching them inside the house. can't they get anymore real than that?

i logged in to my cubpenguin account this day and the first thing that showed up in my face was a note saying my pet puffle "buffy" ran away because i don't feed him and i don't play with him anymore. funny it's only now that i recalled that i gave my pet a name! i really expected him to run away. it's no good use giving your virtual pet a pet. get it? i bought him for 800 coins and i fed him pet food which costs me more than 10's bothersome... that's why i intentionaly quit feeding him everytime i log in. pity he ran away...

oh, i remember i still have a pet in neopets... when did i last feed her? everytime i check her her status has always been "dying" when in fact she doesn't die. it'll stay like that until i feed her 5 free omelettes from the tyrranian plateau which will also take 5 days for me to acquire. when she's full her status will be "bloated" or something like that and she still has the guts to demand for a large smoothie which costs around 500 neopoints... pets are annoying aren't they? especially when they consume your points for virtual food and give you a nice fake burp afterwards...

luckily, my penguin in clubpenguin doesn't need to be taken care of. all i have to do is play and hunt for free stuff so that i could at least dress her up decently. =)


awhile ago was the first day of my therapy. nothing quite peculiar happened. the therapist assigned to me, ate shy, talks like ms. aureada... hehe. she first stuck 2 gel smeared pads (or whatever you call them) on the sides of my right knee and kind of electrecuted me for 20 minutes, it wasn't that bad you know, in a way it tickles. how do you call that, shock therapy? i just sat there still, and mehn i wasn't shaking like someone who's being killed by an electric chair.

then she asked me to do this exercise wherein i should lean on the wall, then squat for 7 secs., lean again... blah... with a pillow stuck between my legs.
and theeen, she ultra-sound(ed) me.
and lastly, she asked me to cycle with the stationary bike for 15 minutes where i burned only 25 calories. is that a lot already? i don't think so...

oh yeah, there's a therapist there who reminds me of shane. what a freakin day. and before you react, here's how i felt: mehn, i wasn't at all pleased to be reminded of her! i was like, "i'm working hard this summer to correct the hormone imbalance i got from staying four years in holy. meeehhhn, COLLEGE is the only cure."

yuck me.

there ends my first day. i commuted on my way home and bought a 15 peso (!!!) white thread (like you care) so that my sister can sew my pants for me. i suck in sewing.

EK with barkada on monday! yaaayyy!


i woke up 30 minutes past my favorite morning show meaning i just missed it! meehn, i was looking forward to watching lufee (one piece) panaman... tsk.

this afternoon, i went to fcm to chill. then it came to me that i don't have enough money left for the tricycle fare so i just walked. it doesn't matter to me walking from fcm to home because i've done it before. good thing i have my palm with me for some music. then i bought 4 isaws along the way so that i'd have something to eat while walking. then i reached the clubhouse, i waited for my sister to finish her tennis lessons then we walked home.

it was a tiring walk, majorly because my feet hurts. i also found out that the tall slippers i'm wearing now, which i bought for 150, has marked down to a hundred. too bad... but at least i still got it on a discounted price.

by the way, while in fcm i visited the "intensify" youth fellowship program in one of their cinemas. there aren't a lot of people there but i met this kid who invited me to join them tomorrow. such grace... i felt really blessed after i went out of the cinema. it's pretty much like the youth alive ministry in our church, full of friendly people. i can't commit to them but i do hope they get more members soon.

i have great news! my nails have gone longer now! yehey to me!

reminder: this webpage doesn't work with mozilla firefox. uhm and this works best in IE. haven't tried other browsers though... i'm not going to change this to work with other browsers because i'm dealing with codes and you know how hard it is to work with notepad... it took me an hour to just edit this premade layout. oh well. :D and if you have a script that works just like how the nav bar does to your left and is compatible to different browsers, please give me the link.


plug ----> sundays 3pm on qtv: lois and clark: the new adventures of superman

hehe, what can i say, superman is so hot, i mean dean cain who is also the host of ripley's believe it or not. you can still catch the episodes anyway it just started last week.

i'm becoming a major sasunaru freak. everyday i check for new interesting fics about them. i'm turning into a big devotee, i don't mind if the story is 30 chapters long as long as it gets an average of 10 reviews per chapter. yes, pretty high i guess but that's how i look for good stories...

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The Burn Blog

hey! i have an ideeeeaaaaaaaa!!!

i was rummaging through my archives awhile ago, i was trying to evaluate how evil this blog has been over the ages. i am surprised on how much hatred this blog contains. every now and then i find myself hating someone and end up blind-item(ing) him/her in this blog.

i am considering making another blog and i'll name it the 'Burn Blog' - based on Mean Girls' burn book. how evil is that? but anyway, the chances are high that i'm not going to push through with it, i might have a horn sticking out of my head but there's a halo hanging onto it. if i happened to inspire the inner devil in you, go ahead i'm giving you all the rights to that too-good-to-be-bad idea. it would be my pleasure to conceptualize the whole thing for you.


this trip has been postponed for 3 weeks already, i'm just glad we pushed through yesterday. can't believe my tears worked.

mehn, i love it there. the hotel room isn't as glamorous as i thought it would be but the pool's great.

there's something funny with the bed though... we were trying to pull the beds together so that we'll all have a nice view of the tv. when we were done, i was like "wait, we left the headboard!" apparently the beds are detached to the headboards so i was watching with my back leaned on the cold hard wall and my headboard is just as indifferent as the rest of them in the other rooms.

we went home with big satisfied smiles on our faces, that is until we all got nauseated with the smell of mom's cologne. i puked a lot, that was a total of 3 bathrooms trips in three different gas stations. oh, i suggest you not to use the bench paradise cologne... it stinks big time.

hey, i'll be having my first therapy session this tuesday at 10am. can't say i'm excited... you see the first time i saw the rehab station i felt like a hundred years old already! there're a lot of grannies throwing big aero balls to their therapists and i couldn't imagine myself like that. oh, during that time too most of the nurses there are laughing at the cries of a 12 yr old boy being circumsized. mehn, how GAAAY is that?


we went to the ortho yesterday for a follow-up check-up regarding the results of my MRI test. he recommends therapy so we're going back to the hospital today for the scheduling.

during the consulting, he explained a lot of things to me like where is the lateral meniscus, what is intrasubstance degenaration, and what exactly happened to my good ol' knee.

he says that the meniscus is the space beetween the joints of my knee and in my case, the lateral meniscus is torn. that's why it hurts. everytime it hurts, it produces water thus swelling my joint.

he also adds that there is a part of the meniscus that heals itself, and there's also a part that doesn't heal. right now we do not know yet if the damaged part of my knee can heal itself or not. that's why he advices therapy, if it heals then i'm going to have another MRI test to confirm my recovery. but it if it doesn't heal, he's going to look into it through some some sort of device (i forgot) and well... recommend surgery.

aw mehn. =\ i do hope it heals with therapy!!!

and i know therapy alone will do the job!!!!!!


i'm in love with prince! the prince brand i mean, prince tennis racquets, prince caps, prince duffel bags ... neither of which i own.
now i envy my sister, today is the first day of her milo tennis clinic. and wait... they have new rackets! PRINCE RAQUETS! what the hell? why don't i get to have one? stupid leeeegggggg!!!
i'm stuck at home, i just finished doing the laundry... and i'm glad i did despite the water shortage.

yesterday we went to buy my sister's racket grips. mom says we're not gonna buy anything aside from those and a pack of bread. but while in the sports house i can see her pulling out her credit card. it seems like she's buying the bicycle type gym equipment... and she did.
later that night was quite amusing, all four of us in the family are excersizing together. mom playing with her new equipment, dad jogging on the threadmill while reading 'dangerous prayers 3', my sister practicing a couple of her tennis skills and i playing tennis with the wall.

it was fun, our roofdeck was turned into a mini gym with 4 exclusive members.

professional help needed - if unavailable - a fairy godmother will do

mehn! i've wasted a lot of my internet time downloading programs that will help me with my video converting problems... grr
luckily i found one that works just well but it converts only the first 30 seconds and my files are what? 5 mins. long! pangeeeettttt

yay! terai will buy me new earphones!

about this day,
nothing quite memorable happened aside from my misadventures with trying a couple of producer programs that will make all my files handheld compatible... if you know what i mean.
i'm dying to get the perfect program! but they're not free, sad to say. i have to shell out a minimum of 20 dollars for that thing. oh well, that only means i have to leave it there and get sore listening to the songs in my handheld.

er, just to let you know my problem. i want to transfer my video files from the the computer to the handheld so that not only i have an mp3 player but a video one as well. that beats the crap out of an ipod video which costs almost 20K you know.

and there you go.

this time i temporarily give up for i might consume the remaining gigabyte left on our hard disk. i shall wait for the new computer. (yep! we'll be having a new computer! hurraaayy)

by the way, i'm using a new (2nd hand) monitor since the last one, with the freaky static effect, broke and we might spend more than the price of a 2nd hand monitor for the labor so we decided to just get a new one.

whew, i hope things are going to be smooth tomorrow. i don't want to disappoint myself with last minute decisions.

occupation: labandera

i want to do a lot of things today! the insanity bell rings only when i'm idle and i can't bear to be insane for the whole summer.
you see, right now my college life is a big blur. first of all, i don't know which university to go to. it's not because i have a lot of choices, it's because i don't have any choice!! as in WALA! mom doesn't want me to be in UST and it hurts because it's the only school i passed.
and i won't have a school to enter until late May.

that's why i'm putting that in the least of my worries because it will spoil my summer.

last last afternoon i had a dream, and it really freaked me out.
i was in school, studying and it's music pd. you know how i hate that subject right? then i said to myself, "sana buhay pa si ms. pineda". then suddenly i felt something heavy pressing down on me. i can feel myself sinking in my bed, i tried hard to open my eyes and wake but my eyelids were too heavy. i decided to submit. i went back to my dream and saw myself heading down the stairs, then i stood in front of the organ and began to remove the cover. next thing i knew i was playing already. that's where i felt really scared. i struggled to wake up, i can't continue playing, i don't even know what i'm playing. you know the feeling of struggling to get out of your dream? it's like in your dream you suddenly realized you were just dreaming and you wanted to get out it but you can't? mehn, that's too freaky... i thought i was being possessed in my dream. but anyway, it's nice to think that i can play that well even though i was just a dream.

by the way, it's the second time i experienced a similar thing. last time what i said was, "sana mapanaginipan ko si blue"... then i felt heavy, i was sinking in my own bed... fortunately (or unfortunately) i woke up.

you see, maybe that thing only happens when you wish for something while you're dreaming.


magnetic resonance ____?

i forgot what MRI means... maybe the I is for imaging... i'm not sure.
you may have not forgotten about my knee pain yet since i always, always mention it like it's already part of this blog...

we went to an ortho last last week and he had me MRI-ed. it's like an x-ray but it focuses more on the flesh surrounding the bones. and it's freakin' expensive... >=\ but anyway, that's where you can use the power of a health care card.

impressions: intrasubstance degeneration, lateral meniscus.
minimal joint effusion

oh well, my mom and i were clueless on their findings. i don't question their assesment but how can they tell me it's minimal when i feel so tortured with my kneeeeeeee???????!!!???

research: so.. joint effusion means swelling inside the joint. and intrasubstance degeneration, LM means... i don't know! i have no idea, sometimes it's accompanied by a meniscal (i don't know this term) tear but i guess i'm negative for that.

e ano gamot don? opera? therapy?

mehn, the moment i saw the MRI machine i think of myself as a hopeless cancer patient. LoL
during the process i felt so scared! after some while the doctor left me in the room and i hear nothing. then suddenly i heard a knocking sound. what the hell is that? i don't remember METAL doors to sound like that when knocked on. i'm so paranoid, it's too cold and i am not allowed to move my legs. then the knocking sound stopped. silence fell between the room and i. i frantically looked around, hoping the doctor didn't really leave me and that he's just there waiting, tapping his fingers on the table, making that knocking sound. but hell, i should know when a person is around me or not. i was alone there, or maybe not. then followed a loud buzzing sound.
the knocking sound sure scared me but the buzzing sound gave me the answer that it's the machine making all those things.
when you hear the buzz, you'll certainly feel sort of relieved because you know it's the machine and not some imaginary scary audio source. but to me, hearing the buzz sounds like danger. i thought the machine is malfunctioning i had the desire to actually push the stop button which is within my reach and scramble my way out there and prove myself insane.

he.. wala na ko masulat. =D
lalalallalaaa.... maglalaba nanaman ako bukaaaaasss.... heheheee =D

good news!

good news! my handheld is now working! yay! after months of looking for an electronics repair shop that will accept my palm (which has hard-to-find spare parts), we finally found one which is just 5 minutes away from home. =\ i know it'll give them (and me too) a hard time to look for tungsten parts so i just let them switch the lcd parts from my dad's palm (which has a wrecked switch) to mine. hehe... mehn and they charged us 500! good thing a good haggler (???) was there with me... so in the end we paid 350. which is still too big considering we only have to pay for the labor... and they just made up that price because they weren't really specializing on handhelds. grr... XP

there's something wrong with this monitor... i can't explain but it's pretty sick (and scary) to see it turning into a static often. seconds ago the screen shrank into a thin line then it went black. i closed the monitor and reopened it again and i'm glad the screen is ok but it's still acting weird.

yey. i have new slippers, (mehn, this monitor is really sick) a taller one. and that's where my first wage was used.
LoL, i have an unofficial summer job. unofficial because...
well, you wouldn't condsider getting paid to do your home laundry a summer job, right?
i'm enjoying it anyway.

maybe i'll write again later, i have nothing more to say. :D

note: money spent is money lost

i think i'm done with pampering myself... i've roamed the mall a lot of times already and i'm tired. i never went shopping, really. i just want to look around, watch a movie perhaps and of course.. eat.

ate theresa and i went to ust awhile ago to confirm my slot and pay 5 thou since i have to hold my report card until the uplb wait-list results are released. it was very tiring i kept moving floor to floor, up and down, dragging my knees up trying get past the pain my right knee is giving me, meeehn. it was too late when i realised there was an elevator. sometimes i really get stupid but to cover that up i have to admit that the elevator, which was just in front of the commerce bldg. entryway, was somewhat camouflaging with the walls. ~_-;;

then we went home...
a couple of times before, i was trying to argue with my mom that i could manage from home to ust... but after this trip i can no longer say that. more or less it would take me 2 hours of travel to and from the campus. on those trips i slept, and i mean really slept that i could recall myself dreaming while my head is leaning on the bus window with my mouth slightly opened. if ate theresa wasn't there to wake me up then i would probably be on the outskirts of divisoria looking for the right jeep or if was heading home i would definitely be in front of SM fairview, that's good, i guess.

if all else fails or if i'll be caught in the 'worst scenario' as my mom put it... i'll be studying in FEU-fern. i could only appease myself with one thing, it's near. but anyway, as i was frequently telling myself in school right after i knew i failed 3/4 of all the cet's i took, success cannot be measured with the university you graduated from, look at Henry Sy and Lucio Tan. wala lang tingnan nyo lang... hehe.


during one of our grad practices jami and i (perhaps mika was there too =) ) were intrigued with the materpieces the gradeschool art teacher was posting at the podium stage. everything was nice i was almost shocked on how the gradeschool pupils did it!

eventually we found out they used felt paper as the canvass and oil pastel as the medium. i never thought that was possible until they have tried it.

last night i bought a white felt paper to experiment on that kind of art. i drew a mother carrying her child. it was nice, seriously.. i thought it was hard to do something on felt paper but it's a lot easier than rendering it on paper.

you should try it, you'll never be disappointed.

next i drew Jesus with the crown of thorns, i always get emotional when i draw that... and i've been drawing it frequently...

gusto ko sana i-scan kaso masiyadong malaki... ^^:;

the simpler the better

there is one important thing separating a superhero from a hero.

a superhero cannot be with the woman he loves without risking her life. he cannot mingle with the townspeople without hiding his identity. he is present everytime there is trouble but he doesn't celebrate with them through their victory. a superhero is very limited with his actions. he doesn't take "saving my countrymen from danger" as his primary mission, instead it's "preventing marsians from conquering the world". a superhero exists only when there is a villain.

i don't really know why i'm writing this. my head has gone bonkers this summer, too many things are crowding in my head. some logical enough to share and some just pathetically silly, i don't know what interests people...

on with it... i'm just wondering to myself why i don't have a superhero role model. should i blame my parents for not intorducing Darna to me when i was smart enough to read comic books? then it must be their fault too that i fell to idolizing a japanese poltergeist hunter which sounds rather worse than being a groupie of a superhero who flies in a skimpy red bikini.

anyway, i just want to convince myself that i don't need superheroes, just as i can live without this certain japanese poltergeist detective.. however you call them.

it sounds funny that most superheroes aquire animal and non-human strength... like spiderman and batman. they made me believe that superhuman strength can be aquired by genetically breeding yourself to an animal or an object that behaves strongly. or if not, you have to be involved in a traggic accident and survive, then you'll discover something in you has changed. you're a superhero now, or a supervillain perhaps.

more or less that's what i see with superheroes...

meanwhile there is a more noble term for those who are not ambitious enough to save the whole world from a comet that is about to hit the planet, they simply roam around doing whatever their jobs may be and when something happens that they think their help is needed, they go to the rescue breaking their daily routine then suffer the consequences later..

haha.. labo.

ehehe... wala lang. superheroes are, in the first place, fictional characters made to impress us while heroes are real. they get the recognition after doing a heroic deed while superheroes get a bunch of thankyou's with their mere presence even when they haven't done a single thing yet. don't you think that's unfair?

oh well, might as well end this already. =)

freedom! forever!

i hate system interruptions! i know you hate them too! i'm in the middle of writing a blog post then suddenly this computer shuts down! worse is, i'm downloading a 5 mb file and i'm freakin 89% done. they say the worst is yet to come and indeed... the moment i open the pc the antivirus warns us that there is a sneaky little bug bloating itself with the remaining sanity present in this pc. well, they all suck.

my sister and i watched v for vendetta awhile ago in smf. i can barely remember the last time i watched a highly laudable movie like that. natalie portman was great as usual. hugo weaving's voice was manly handsome, every word he says is elegantly delivered. if there's someone i would credit the most among the offscreen staff, it would be the scriptwriter. it was simply great.

after watching terai treated me to starbucks as my grad gift... hehe.
then i went to tokyo tokyo to fulfill my maki cravings. i must say their cali maki looks a bit bigger than before and that's good.
saw karin and reiko... talked for awhile, majorly about summer job hunting... sana makahanap din kayo. =)

then we went to fcm... had my picture taken for some university requirements. while waiting i played in the arcade. i wish i have those car racing things they have there... =)

oh well. there ends my day... i'm looking forward to college life and it's thrills.

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