poor little buffy ran away, better to forever roam the streets that stay with me to play...

just came here to rant about how lame pinoy big brother has become in just 3 seasons. there isn't anything SPECIAL with the teen housemates. they don't have something in them that will set them aside from the others. sure, the teenage mom caught most of our attention but it's not a good enough thing to make her win. most of them, i can tell are born under polished roofs. doesn't know how to cook, and doesn't even know how to peel pineapple skin, i'm not saying it's a must but i just felt sad after seeing their pineapple like that. and someone even suggested using the peeler? she's nuts.

maybe this negative asessment is a little too early since they just started. the judges who took over the auditions are probably just looking for potential matinee teen idols. they say they'll do whatever they can to show the people who they really are. hah, like we care about you? come on, teenagers nowadays are smart. they know firsthand that there will be cameras watching them inside the house. can't they get anymore real than that?

i logged in to my cubpenguin account this day and the first thing that showed up in my face was a note saying my pet puffle "buffy" ran away because i don't feed him and i don't play with him anymore. funny it's only now that i recalled that i gave my pet a name! i really expected him to run away. it's no good use giving your virtual pet a pet. get it? i bought him for 800 coins and i fed him pet food which costs me more than 10 coins.it's bothersome... that's why i intentionaly quit feeding him everytime i log in. pity he ran away...

oh, i remember i still have a pet in neopets... when did i last feed her? everytime i check her her status has always been "dying" when in fact she doesn't die. it'll stay like that until i feed her 5 free omelettes from the tyrranian plateau which will also take 5 days for me to acquire. when she's full her status will be "bloated" or something like that and she still has the guts to demand for a large smoothie which costs around 500 neopoints... pets are annoying aren't they? especially when they consume your points for virtual food and give you a nice fake burp afterwards...

luckily, my penguin in clubpenguin doesn't need to be taken care of. all i have to do is play and hunt for free stuff so that i could at least dress her up decently. =)

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