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wuhoo, it's saturday! nothing great actually...
this morning i went to the rehab center again (yes, i'm drugs!) - that's how they call the theraphy place in the hospital, don't get me wrong please. i actually hate this day's session because i have my period and my lower abdomen (???) hurts... like hell, and i have to do this squatting and cycling exercises. torture mehn...

on my way there though, when the jeepney stopped at the mrt station, there was this little streetgirl (like 3 yrs old?) who crawled into the jeep to beg. oh pity, but i didn't really took pity on her that moment. i actually thought it's pathetic. good thing a good soul gave her a pack of strawberry pretzels. then she left...

i was 30 minutes early! that's a record, i was never early for anything even if it means life and death to me. i'd rather be on time than be minutes early. haha, last session i was 30 minutes late because i left my letter of authorization back home and there was a big big traffic in commonwealth. i didn't go back for it though, i just requested for a new one which took me more than 15 minutes. =
the trip home was the most torturous trip i've ever had in my whole commuter life. i was looking forward to an empty jeep so that i could sit at the front and spare myself a little hell from the worn out suspension systems of most jeepney's rear (reeeeeeer) tires. unfortunately, i caught a jeep with 2 passengers and they're both sitting at the front. sad. i was brutally taken aback everytime the jeep stops and accelerates at a sudden. my living hell was prolonged the moment i took the tricycle. the roof was too low and there were to many potholes in west fairview so my head was banging all over.

if it wasn't for my dysmenorreah (???) then i wouldn't really get to notice the lowness of the tryke's roof or the poor suspension systems (our investi's paying off!) of jeepneys... hehe

i complain a lot! i know but at least i'm observant enough to know what pisses me a lot.

i was so proud of my sister, she answered the 1 million jackpot question in game ka na ba?! haha, sayang she wasn't a studio contestant! sayang isang milyon terai!!! hehe...

wow, i'm organizing my palm! i'm going to reformat my sd card and re-add the tracks, in alphabetical order! haha, i just want things to be organized... hehe.

meh ni hope it doesn't rain on monday. =(

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