fully vaxxed at last

Before I begin drowning in work, again, quick update:

We just got fully vaccinated over the weekend. Thank you Lord! We got our 2nd jab of Moderna on Saturday, which we prepared for by taking a leave the day before to do errands. Good call though cos Jeckie and I were both knocked down the whole weekend right after the shot. Fever, headaches, body pain, and the usual heaviness on the arm. I had 38deg fevers. My husband had chills, which he kinda enjoyed cos his rattling jaws feels funny daw haha. We had very little strength to do anything productive, we ordered from GrabFood the whole time and watched the days go by, mostly confused at why I'm rolling up the blinds at night and eating breakfast at 3am. It was crazy. My body clock was kinda lost.

But now I'm feeling better. Definitely better. Except for work. Argh.

Backtrack. We got our first dose Aug 12 at Robison's Forum after seeking help from a neighbor to submit our Mandavax registration to the Brgy Hall.

It was very very frustrating having to get a schedule. As early as March we were already preregistered online, but now that it's our turn to get inoculated, we were told we have to submit our papers again and personally pa at the city hall! The fudge was ONLINE preregistration for? I'm so mad at the system but I know it's a waste of energy to dwell on it.

So we sought help from one of our neighbors to submit our registration confirmation on our behalf. We paid for printing and delivery tapos a few days later biglang our condo admin also offered the same service. Lol sayang. Anyway.

This country sucks. So much red tape, glaring corruption, ineffient processes, and a hell lot more. How do I leave.

K back to work. Urgh I hate this.


What's up in bullets

✱ Work. Hay. I'm feeling super duper tired from work. There's just too many things to do and they're piling up uncontrollably on my lap! I can't seem to be able to finish a project lately and it feels bad. Well, I haven't been feeling so good about work lately and it's already feedback season haaay. :(

✱ Three weeks ago my dad and sister tested positive for covid so they had to quarantine themselves. My parents are both fully vaccinated already but my sister hasn't had a single shot yet. Thank God it's only mild. My dad experienced fever, cough, colds, loss of taste and smell. My sister had the same symptoms plus rashes which made everyone panic. The doctor said the rashes are possibly an immune response and should go away as they go on with the treatment. And it sure did. Now they're doing okay. My sister is back to work (wfh) but they're still not listed as fully recovered. 

A bunch of things that made me happy lately

✱ This black silicon Kindle case I got form Lazada. It took 10 days to get delivered but it's worth it cos it's so cute specially with my latte popsocket on!

✱ Our airfryer! My husband gifted me an airfryer and I'm loving it! Thought it would be helpful for eating healthy but as it turns I'm cooking a lot more now cos it's more convenient, plus I can bake now too so there goes the mandatory muffin and cakes being added to our "healthy" diet haha. 

I'll probably do a Youtube review someday, when I've gotten the hang of it. I already have a bunch of cons to discuss but ultimately it's been great cooking with this! 

✱ Milk Lab. I've been seeing this a lot on socmed and CHB. They say it's the best milk for your coffee. You know I only take my coffee black so I never really considered this. Until I bought a kilo of coffee that didn't taste good in plain black. I thought adding milk could save it so at least I gotta get the best out there haha. Actually I just needed an excuse to try it. So yun.

Well, the hype is real! It really tastes good. It froths well, unlike other milk brands that are too bubbly and not foamy. This one tastes divine. It's really good for coffee. But as a plain cold full cream milk? There are better options (ie. Pure & Best!) hehe.

It's pricey though and you can only order online. It's ₱234 in 3's plus shipping so it comes out at around ₱90/L. Grand Nourriture is the official distributor and they ship really fast. 

Anyway. This is a very happy discovery for me but the phase didn't last, hindi sustainable for me haha. Ang gastos maadik sa Milk Lab no eh automatic drip coffee maker lang meron ako. Hassle pa magprepare I have to warm the milk then froth. If I want another cup, same procedure. It's time consuming haha. But the drink is super good so it's kindof worth it. Specially with drizzled caramel sauce from Torani! Aaaaahh

I was afraid that I wouldn't be able to go back to enjoying black coffee after being blown away by such good homemade latte, but I when I made myself a cup of black this morning... aaaahh, iba parin yung feeling, yung aroma, hindi indulgent, lasang lasa mo yung kape. It's all in the grounds talaga. So I'll most probably give away whatever's left of the bad batch I got and go back to drinking plain black coffee, specifically Basilio's Muni-muni blend hehe.

✱ Yeah I guess that's it. Ah! I got dual monitors now at home thanks to our local IT who sent in my docking station. Just in time for this testing project I have that requires multiple monitors haha yeyy?

✱ Haaay Lord. Hope everything will be okay. I want to take a good long break, it's already our anniversary month and with MECQ persisting, we can't go to Baguio na huhu.

Anyways! Stay safe everyone! :D


Life Lately

Heya. Thought I'd write something before my mind gets scrambled even more today. I have so much going on at work and I'm feeling very very overwhelmed. Sometimes I wanna blame myself for procrastinating too much, but at this point I have no other choice but to hammer on. If only I could put a stopper on any new tasks until I've finished everything that's on my plate right now. That would be awesome. But oh well. 

✱ Reading
I'm around 30% with The Invisible Life of Addie LaRue and finally, finally, it's starting to pick up.

✱ Watching
Naruto with my husband and The Circle on my downtime.

✱ Listening
To nothing.

✱ Thinking
About how saddening it is that we now celebrate our selves more than we celebrate God's goodness in our lives. I'm appalled at the rate at which our society is turning more and more individualistic, putting one's self above everything else. It's a sneaky way to slowly remove God in our society.

It all sounds so good... loving yourself, taking care of your body, accepting your flaws, prioritizing your mental health, etc. etc. and they're all valid. But without the intention of honoring God, it's all self-serving and the happiness it brings can only be fleeting. You become tied in an endless pursuit of self-gratificaton, until you realize that it's useless pursuing things in this world. Material posessions, validation from others, nothing matters when you die. Things get lost, memories are forgotten. I always remind myself not to get too caught up in this world, and it's a daily struggle. And that's why we pray.

✱ Smelling

✱ Wishing

To get vaccinated already. Whatever brand. Even though I prefer Pfizer or Moderna, I can't be choosy now when the virus is mutating faster than the rate at which we're being inoculated.

I've re-registered at MandaVax...
Also registered at Makati under A4 category...
I'm also waiting for a schedule with my husband's company... 
And patiently awaiting for our own company as well.. if they even have plans on jabbing us.

So much for going back to the new office. I really wanna start working there because this girl needs her dual monitor setup so so badly. Like hell I'm about to embark on a project that requires multiple screens. I'm bad at multitasking but multiple monitors make me seem like one hahaha please Lord pleeeaase

✱ Wearing
My regular wfh garb which is v-neck shirt and relaco shorts from Uniqlo. 

✱ Loving

My new office chair. I got the one in the middle - in black. It's ErgoHome's Ventus Midback chair. My wish is really my command haha. Thank you Lord at least now I can sit at the proper height without the armrests hitting the table hehe.

✱ Wanting

For everything to be back to normal na but that's a reach no? At least bring back restaurant dine-in haha. Jeckie was upset we couldn't eat outside during the weekend so we cooked steak at home na lang. Ang gastos namin sa food lol.

✱ Needing

To manage my projects and time more efficiently. It seems like I'm always drowning in work. Gusto ko na sumuko argh. Tapos may sisingit na mandatories on how to communicate with impact, manage your priorities, and be a good leader in general blah blah blah. Ironic how it's exactly what I need to learn right now but hindi ko sya priority cos I'm hella swamped. Hahahuhu #PaanoNa

✱ Feeling
So freaking tired from work. Please pray for my sanity.


Hala sya

What the heck, I forgot I was supposed to attend this Communicating with Impact workshop my boss signed me up for. To be honest, I really forgot about it. It didn't help that I may have accidentally ignored the calendar reminder because uhm, force of habit. Anyway, it's a frkn 4-hour class with lots of succeeding sessions and tons of pre-work. Sa totoo lang it's too much work for me right now cos I'm already drowning in work tapos may mga "extra-curricular" pa lol. Nahiya naman ako sa boss ko. I even uploaded a new profile pic on facebook and he frigging 👍 it tapos biglang hindi ako umattend sa meeting. Busy ba talaga ko.

Hay Lord, when the hell is this gonna end. Pwede bang magpa-demote na lang lol unless this is really how it's gonna be for the rest of the year so might as well get paid more for it lol. #ThisTooShallPass

Earlier this afternoon I went to LTO to have my driver's license updated to my current address. I've been postponing this for the longest time but I need a valid ID with my correct address asap so I could get vaccinated in my LGU. In fairness to LTO Pasig, it's my second time transacting with them this year and I really love how quick and easy it is to do my business there. Siguro kasi it was mostly online, from scheduling, to uploading of revelant docs, and to payment. I only had to go there to have my license reprinted. They were even expecting me while I was lost looking for the right window. Galing hehe.

After that errand, I went to get some new specs at Owndays. My current glasses are already 2 years old, not sure if it's already due for an update but it's become quite uncomfortable to wear recently. So yun. In fairness to Owndays, 20 mins and I'm out. I got a new frame with blue light filter, and it looks great.

Here's a selfie! It fits better and doesn't fall down, considering I got one without adjustable nose pads. It's cool. My eye grade increased a bit I think. And I'm having a really bad headache right now. Baka naga-adjust pa. Everything's clearer and mejo nakakahilo panning around. Hope I get used to it soon. I just worry cos I don't remember getting a headache with my first glasses but ganon huhu.

In other news, kuya Rey from TSP asked me if I'm still okay working for Super Labandera cos they're planning to reprint it next year under a different publisher. I'm all for it! Buti na lang the timeline isn't too tight so I still have time to improve my skills. Sana gumaling ako kasi nahihiya ako dun sa una kong gawa hehe. I'm pretty excited!

Also, I got my first sale from Redbubble. I already forgot I had some merch up in there haha. I got 10 cents from a sticker sale hahaha yeyy?

Hay Lord I want to rest. I don't know how to deal with my workload. It's too much. Kanina lang I got a call for two new projects, right when I haven't cleared up my to do list. Nakakalula na andaming kelangan gawin tapos ang sakit pa ng ulo ko huhu. Here's what's on my plate:

Robot for documents exclusion
Robot for CRM cleanup
Robot for proforma generation
Robot for new matters

And just now, a new task came along. I'm gonna be doing another Desktop Regression test using Eggplant na sobrang limot ko na juskopo tapos kelangan ko pa isetup yung license aaaarrgghh.

I'm so so so so tired. 

When will it get better.

Please pray for my sanity. 🙏


Life lately

✱ Reading

The Invisible Life of Addie LaRue 
I'm 17% in and loving it so far. The writing is very captivating, poetic almost, and has an otherworldly charm to it. I'm excited it to know how Addie's life unfolds with everything she's been through in the first few chapters of the book.

✱ Watching

Jeckie and I are rewatching Naruto on Netflix and my is it such a good anime! I remember watching this when I was younger but I couldn't remember the story (as usual). Now that I'm older, mas na-enjoy ko sya in fairness. Maybe because I'm more engaged with the story now than I was when I was a kid who was more hooked on its entertainment value.

✱ Listening 

To some Rainy Jazz playlist on Spotify :)

✱ Thinking

About highschool and how much I hated it hahaha.

Once in a while I get reminded of how much I hated highschool. This is one of those times. A group chat was created, I don't know, maybe out of nostalgia, and slowly people started getting added to the room. Some went to say hi, some went to say where in the world they are (which is not the Philippines), some went to share what they do for a living, some uploaded their kid's photos, some left immediately (respect), some went to apologize (I'm curious if it matters to those they actually bullied), and some stayed in silence just to lurk, waiting for drama lol (me). Well it didn't come, not a week later and the group chat is already silent. Guess people really didn't have much to say beyond ~hi hello sorry if I've hurt anyone before blah blah blah~, at least to the whole batch. I mean for sure we continued gossiping within our own circle of friends. I'm sure some of us are still waiting for an apology. And I'm also sure there's no need to remember highschool. 

Wow this bitch is so angry, who hurt you? Hahaha

I never liked highschool for the most part. My best take away from that bloody phase would be knowing who my real friends are, other than that, there's really nothing to look back to. I know who to keep as friends and who to avoid forever, and I intend to keep it that way.

I don't even care much about reunions cos honestly, what the hell do you do there anyway? You're just gonna end up talking to your own friends. So why bother. We already have a group chat for that haha. It's not like we're up for some kind of rekindling. It's not like we're in need of reconciliation. I didn't think we're a tight-knit batch anyway.

It's not all bad though. And I know it feels unfair to pass judgment to the whole batch when it's really just just one person, and her group of friends, who made an entire year miserable for me. I have not forgiven her, and I doubt she even remembers terrorizing me, and many others for that matter. Half the girls in my batch are mean, and to have the meanest bunch on your back for a whole year is traumatizing. Urgh. 

Anyway. I'll forget about it. Til someone gets nostalgic again haha.  

✱ Smelling

Nothing much.

✱ Wishing

For a better office chair wow hahaha. I'm just learning to enjoy sitting properly while working and in my case it involves setting the seat height to the highest level (short people problems). And because my chair doesn't have adjustable armrests they keep bumping on the edge of the table huhu hassle. I'm looking at this chair from ErgoHome hehe but I would need to sell my O2 Midback first to give space for this haha

✱ Wearing

Sando and shorts hehe

✱ Loving

My time off from Twitter. I left Twitter a week ago to uhm detox cos it's become a very toxic place to lurk in haha. Everyone is too performative and I feel like it's a whole world filled with pseudo-intellectuals you can't argue with. I actually just logged out and hid the app from my home screen, but thankfully I haven't given in to the urge of launching the app every now and then, specially when I want to air out some micro thoughts once in a while. I've gotten better at suppressing my thoughts, specially when I know I can introspect some more and validate it further. Cos I know I'm not always right, and I'd rather have a few informed opinions than have an opinion on everything. Twitter has made it too easy to share stupid thoughts, I'm guilty of it too. So I wanna hold back. It's a good exercise. Thinking before posting, then eventually forgetting hehe.

✱ Wanting

A sleeping mask. Can't decide if I'll get Tempur again or try other weighted ones. I'm curious about weighted sleep masks but I also want to be able to open my eyes fully. I think right now I just want something blackout and comfy.

✱ Needing

To stop stress twirling my hair but I just can't? My mind is too weak for this. My scalp hurts, my arm hurts, and araw-araw para akong bagong gupit with all the bits of my hair getting cut off. Hay.

✱ Feeling

Hopeful about the things to come. We have a lot of new team members, coming from another department that's been merged with ours. Can't wait to get to know them, but somehow I also feel uneasy about the change lol. But whatever, I'm sure it can only be good.

Our country director has announced that they'll be allowing people to come to the office starting September but no definite guidelines have been rolled out yet. I think the firm is hesitant to put out a rule not allowing unvaccinated people in the office because it could come off as discriminatory (well, it is) but I think it's perfectly fair to do so, specially in these times. It's for the good of everyone. I wouldn't want to report to work unvaccinated. And if not everyone in the office gets vaccinated, what's the point in risking exposure. I'm much safer at home. Hay.

Well, best case scenario for me is to be allowed remote work forever haha but that's reaching for the stars so nevermind.

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