Blog Design: Squarespace

i'm back to documenting design changes! i used to do this whenever i update my blog design (for keepsake) but kindof dropped it because i keep on forgetting to screenshot the page before i replace it hehe. also, it allows me to talk about web design!

i'm calling it Squarespace cos it's what pushed me to change the header. hehe was playing with it earlier and thought... ooooooh that will look good on my blog! you should check it out, it's a pretty neat logo maker. :D

Original theme: Ribbon from New Blogger Themes (i'm so proud at how different it is from the original now haha)
Header logo: mocked on squarespace/logo, recreated on photoshop; scribble icon from (aaah icons galore!); font used - monserrat (it's free!);

ooooh i'm loving flat mockup templates right now <3
if you notice the header background, it's a two-toned sharp gradient. i was wondering how to do something like it without resorting to an image so thank google there's actually a CSS for it! yeyy!

Why the scribble?

i really don't know, it's appealing to me. it's random and could pass as a signature too. ano raw.

How about the colors?

i have no preference whatsoever. i took the scribble's and blue text's hexes from the G+ and LinkedIn icons respectively.

What's next...

i fancied the tabber widget a lot because i used to have a really long sidebar and i wanted to compress them somehow. it provided a beautiful solution BUT an inefficient one as it gravely affected this blog's loading time. :( and look, i have four frkn tabber widgets pa and all the scripts are inline so that's pretty heavy for a blog. T__T it looks messy too, code-wise.

i'm going to clean it up one day, decide which sections i could remove... and and... yes. i should get back to work. >_<

Pusheen says hi!

Large Pusheen Plush GUND
how can i possibly finish my work?! >_<
i. i just can't. T___T it's too cute. too fat. too fury. many many thanks to the guy who agreed to purchase this for me (without downpayment and all! bless your soul, man), and his sister who met up with me to deliver the plushie (you are so pretty. i am so creepy).

in fairness, it saved me a ton of courier and customs fees. imagine having to purchase this directly from amazon! they don't ship to the philippines so i would have to sign up for Johnny Air or MyShoppingBox to get a US address so amazon could ship there, and the freight forwarder in turn could ship it to me here. but that would cost a freakin lot. this pusheen is large, heavy, and effin adorable. so i had to look for some friend in the US who's coming home soon and could grant me some baggage space for this cutie. i failed. haha. but THANK GOD FOR ATENEO TRADE! it's full of all the weird stuff and favors one could possibly buy, sell, or trade. there are actually people there who offer to buy items for you while they're overseas and bring them here when they get home! and that's how i got pusheen (should i rename it?)!

ah anyway. that's all. pusheen is now cutely watching over me blog about how cute it is. by the way, compared to the medium sized pusheen, this one has more fur than i would like it to have because it kindof blocks its round eyes so sometimes it looks old and sleepy. was thinking of trimming some of those fur but i'm most probably gonna screw up so nvm. even so, still super cute. argh.

on another note
i should learn how to budget more carefully... and avoid spending money i don't have yet (ie. borrowing an amount because i know i can pay it back this coming sweldo naman). last thing i know i've consumed my entire sweldo na. huhu. so poor. but at least i've registered for World Vision Run already and bought spanking new shorts! HAHAHA

i miss my regular weekdays
you know. no work after work. if you know what i mean. i'm just too busy for my own good lately. :( hay. but i love this work after work, i just have to manage my time better. hehe :D

alright, back to work!

[Review] OMI RV1 Robot Vacuum Cleaner (Black)

Here's a review of my very first Lazada purchase, a robotic vacuum cleaner. i consider this one a tita purchase because really, when did i ever care about cleaning the house (on top of eating out)? apparently, when our helper left us! haha

OMI RVI Robot Vacuum Cleaner Box

i paid for the item via paypal and waited around 2-3 days for the item to arrive at home. i was out when the delivery guy came so our neighbor received the item for me. when i got back i was so excited to try this piece of genius and maaaaan was it so easy to figure out (sarcasm aside)!

after charging the battery for a good 4 hours (as prescribed), i attached the microfiber sheet, plugged in the scrubbers, laid it on the floor, took a deep breath and pressed the friggin' ON button.


i tested it in my room, which has wood parquet flooring, there's also a bed, a table and a few chairs as obstacles. chos. it roamed smoothly for a awhile, until i got puzzled by how it's going around on the floor. i was trying to figure out if the thing has any direction at all, but it has none. it was sooo random. it'll sweep a few feet to the left, then turn right, then go back, then... whatever!


when it bumps on something it will turn clockwise until its sensor confirms a passable area, which is btw A LIGHT SENSOR. so this thing is really bad in DARK places, especially DARK flooring, which i realized only when i read the manual. why was that frkn information held from the product page at Lazada! aaaaaaargh. and my floor is dark brown you know. hi wood. -_-


i was hoping that its random roaming will eventually cover the entire floor area of my room but then i can't help watching how sad the thing looked, sweeping in all directions, lost, confused, and in need of a frkn remote control. i had to literally guide it with my feet just so i could get it to sweep the places i want cleaned.

it also came to a point where i'm the one picking up the dust already and throwing it in front of the thing so it could suck in all the dirt that's been ignored in a shy corner. talk about SPOON FEEDING! i literally felt like i just left a hyperactive toddler to play by himself.


what's worse is that as it wandered under the bed, the poor thing got scared and decided to stop moving and disturb me with its mad whirring. again, NOT FOR DARK PLACES. i had to scoop it out with a mop (which is probably laughing at me already in a || universe), and reposition it to a brighter place.


look at all that dust!
and all that filtered stuff!
it actually cleans! look at this all the dust it has vacuumed (with my help grr), and all the dirt it has swept. for its price i still think it's worth it but WORD OF CAUTION if you have a semi-dark flooring, use it under a lot of light. or just don't buy it at all haha.


but i'm thinking if i just don't know how to control it. like maybe there's actually a function that decides its sweeping pattern. haha OR maybe i was given a defective product? lol. i don't know. it's past replacement period already. T___T i'll probably have it checked at the service center haha

oh wait it says i can choose a cleaning pattern. so, how?


now that i learned that i can actually choose how i want it to clean. haha. will ask the people from the service center lol.


Not until i've learned how i can get it to stick to a specific cleaning pattern. haha but for its price i definitely think it's good buy. oh it's listed at Php 3,299.00 at Lazada, it was only Php 2,999.00 before and i used a Php200 welcome-voucher so i paid Php 2,799.00 lang. i think it's a good sign na nagmahal sya? makes me believe it actually works and i'm just having trouble with this particular unit. haha

The Sunday Currently (vol. 6)

Still Harry Potter 4. ambagal lang haha. 

waley. oh, does this count?

to one of my favorite sounds lately: The Humming Fan

about a future with jeckie. we love each other so much but sometimes our differences would kick in and we'd go ask ourselves, are we really the best for each other? how are we ever going to settle the tons of things we don't agree on, like --- how we prefer to spend our weekends, what kind of food to eat, can i not join his family/friends/sports bonding things? i'm such an introvert and he's such an extrovert. i'm so awkward at getting along with other people. i mean, i'm generally sociable but given the choice i'd rather not involve myself in any social activity. haha. huhu.

thinking about a future with him excites me to no end but i always forget that getting married is not just about the two of us. there's his world and his lifestyle that i have to get used to as well and it makes me anxious. this relationship is trying to change me, and i know it's for the better BUT IT'S STILL TRYING TO CHANGE ME. change is good right? the process could be unpleasant at first but if it's for the better... hm.

lol did i just openly discuss my plans to get married. 


i had tons of money, and that the guy who promised to buy me a large pusheen would arrive this week!!! weeeeee!!!

the usual singlet and shorts!

the magic that is AI. here's a WIP of a cover for TRI Magazine, an imaginary sports mag dedicated to all things triathlon.

say hi to anne curtis, a speedo model, and a badass cyclist
haha this is photoshopped and i'm looking struggling at AI-ing it cos that's what i'm required to do malamang. nakaka-asar yung you can do almost the same things naman in photoshop but you have to unlearn them all while trying to learn AI because that's what you have to learn!

i love low-poly-ing stuff but it's so tedious. i'm looking at this tutorial, but i'm quite a spaz at geometrifying objects haha. i wish i had enough of that sense but i believe it can be developed naman! must. practice. hard.

to run some 5k today but my tummy is so frkn heavy, thank you Chili's! <3

a full body massage, and some decent hand and foot pampering from a nail salon who wouldn't judge me from my awfully bitten nails. or i'll just grow them enough so i wouldn't feel insecure haha.

a sense of urgency to cap off this project so i can charge na and get paid extra and pay my tuition in full and save the rest for good running shorts, a pair of quality insoles, this cool drawstring bag from Runnr, and hey... World Vision Run 2015!

How was your Sunday? :D

Unilab Celebrates 70 Years, Honors Unsung Heroes

Previously, I shared about how Unilab is constantly thrusting out their Husay and Malasakit campaign by manufacturing products of excellent quality while ensuring the Filipinos' best interests in mind. Now on their 70th year, let's celebrate with them as they launch their new corporate campaign, "Alam Namin".
Unilab, the makers of household brands Biogesic, Ceelin, Neozep and Enervon, is celebrating its 70th year in the industry. The Filipino pharmaceutical and healthcare company also marks this milestone with the launch of its corporate campaign, "Alam Namin", through the digital film found in

Through this campaign, Unilab wishes to recognize and give thanks to the unsung heroes of everyday who constantly embody Husay at Malasakit to their loved ones and the communities they serve, without expecting anything in return.  These are members of the family, who work silently and unnoticed to make sure their loved ones get the best of everything. These are the parents, who persevere to give a better life to their children. These are physicians and healthcare professionals, who work patiently to give quality service to their patients. These are drugstore partners, who go to great lengths to make sure that vital medicines reach far-flung places.

Unilab knows how these unsung heroes embody husay at malasakit to give their best care to people they serve and love. Their expression of these intrinsic Filipino values inspires Unilab to consistently give its best effort in developing products and services that are affordable and accessible to all so that every Filipino is cared for the way he should be.

From research to quality compliance, marketing to distribution, from products to people—everything that Unilab invests in is to ensure each customer’s well-being throughout his health journey. Husay at malasakit is an expression of what Unilab stands for, of who it is at its very core.

From a small corner drugstore, Unilab has grown to become the leading pharmaceutical and healthcare company in the country.

Today, many of Unilab’s products continue to be trusted by Filipino families. Some of Unilab's popular over-the-counter brands are Ceelin, Enervon, Biogesic, Alaxan, Solmux, Neozep, Bioflu,Revicon Forte,Dolfenal and Myra E. Some of Unilab's top prescription brands are Vidastat (simvastatin), Lifezar (Losartan K), Combizar (Losartan K + HCTZ), Zegen (Cefuroxime), Levox (Levofloxacin).

For more information on Unilab, please visit

Good job Unilab, happy 70th anniversary! i pray that you continue to serve as inspiration to other companies to put the consumers' best interest at the forefront. :)

The Sunday Currently (vol. 5)


This week was hm. okay. i'm drowning in work. mostly freelance. stayed up all night last thursday and was up for some 30 hours just to complete the pages so i'm thankful for that. right now i'm working on the tons of revisions though. HAHA. despite the crazy amount of work, i'm actually learning a lot with this project! thank you Lord! 
Harry Potter 4 (again!) i read a page last night! haha!

Nothing! :D

to Pitch Perfect 2 OST. it's out in torrents now goys if you wanna download hehe! i honestly love the previous OST though cos it's more acapella-ish and has lots of voices jamming together, this collection (and the movie of course) is more modern acapella. mashups here and there and lots of solos. i'm not a fan of solos. haha i super love Das Sound Machine though. if they're gonna push modern, that's how it should be! more acapella techno and sound effects.

how much i should charge extra for this project i'm working on. XD

hm. nothing

i had lots and lots of money. i suddenly want this new Kia Rio. grabe when did i start ogling over cars. this. is. bad.

very hyundai accent hatch. aren't they pals or someting
but with better interiors and oooh. control buttons on the steering wheel. i like that.
dibale wala naman akong pera. lol.

jersey and skorts.

Chili's. <3 it's kindof becoming a regular thing. e kasi naman their receipts entitle you to free classic nachos for every 750 gastos on your next visit. so mejo nakaka 3 free nachos na kami this year HAHA. and grabe they're not just simple nachos ah. you know chili's. I FRKN LOVE CHILIS!

the free Classic Nachos
 jeckie and i had this last night:

Chicken Club Tacos 
Monterey Chicken
Apple Berry Cobler
everything is so frkn heavenly, i'm blown away at every bite. ay seryoso. haha relate na relate ako to the Cooking Master Boy judges who seem to be making all sorts of drugged expressions whenever they sample out Lui Mao Xing's food. wooooah naalala ko pa. haha #anime

remind me to rave about Chili's on a separate blog post!

a car - like a hyundai accent sedan (red) or the new kia rio hatch (white).
a new laptop - like the Dell XPS 13 2015


worried about the task i left at work last friday. haha. sana matapos ko na bukas. lol.

Taste Test: Hollywood Diet Brownie

weight loss fads are really becoming stranger and stranger by the day. from lemonades, to grass-fed butter, and now brownies? yep. for the sweet tooths out there fearing they have to cut off on sugar to get to their desired bodies, fear not and take refuge in Hollywood Diet Brownie's claim of a delicious way to lose weight!

let's see... according to the packaging:
Hollywood Diet -- The first delicious way to loose weight! (is it?). Each Hollywood Diet brownie is individually wrapped for eating on-the-go. Take a tasty meal with you to the office, on the plane, on the road, to the gym, or anywhere else you go.
Directions for use: Enjoy a combination of up to four brownies or cookies per day in place of breakfast and lunch. Alternatively, enjoy as a satisfying snack. 
Suggested schedule: One brownie for breakfast, midmorning snack, lunch, and midafternoon snack. Eat a sensible dinner (see suggested recipes on our website). Exercise regularly -- it's good for your heart and good for your figure. 
All right, off to the experience!

Taste Test

it's kindof dry, with a tangy fruitcake taste to it albeit without alcohol. but it does taste like your regular brownie. it's yummy!

Serving Size
is normal for a brownie but for a breakfast or lunch meal? NOPE. well i had my doubts, how could this small treat serve as an entire meal? turns out it curbs your appetite. i ate it slowly, drinking water in between some 2 or 3 small bites.

The Feels
did i feel hungry after eating it? did it really curb my appetite for hours? to be honest, not really. i ate it for breakfast at around 10am in the morning, and still got hungry during lunch at around 12nn. it's not the type of hunger that a brownie could satiate though, so i went on to eat a real lunch (i.e. my baon). i ate another brownie during snacktime around 4pm, and come dinner time (7-ish), i was hungry again so i ate what i would.

my feeling is that if i had followed the directions specifically, brownies only for breakfast, lunch, and snacks, i would've felt a considerable difference in my appetite. but i didn't, because seriously i don't feel comfortable eating brownies for lunch.

Would I recommend it?
i would recommend this if what's stalling your weight loss journey is your sugar intake. this could make a really good substitute for all the sweets you want to devour. it's sweet enough and tastes good!

Where to buy?
Hollywood Diet Brownies is available in all S&R Supermarkets (Alabang, The Fort, Congressional Ave. QC), Unimart Greenills, and Makati Supermart in Alabang.

For more information, call: 4100844 or 09228282267

[Review] Maybelline Clear Smooth Shine Free BB Stick

because i didn't want to keep powdering myself throughout the day, i decided to get a BB cream! kasi daw it works like a powder that you don't need to retouch often, true enough!

Here's a review of Maybelline Clear Smooth Shine Free BB Stick (SPF 21 PA+++) in Radiance (the 03 shade) because it's the cheapest i could get with a nice brand to it. lol

Php 280.00
How it looks:

looks like a concealer
ang saya sayaaaa
What I like:
  • it spreads easily on the face. if you're always on the go and want something you can easily apply, go for this!
  • the stick form is very economical. you can see exactly how much product you have. unlike tubes where you have to trust that 20ml means 20ml haha. plus you can't scrape the insides when it has puffed out of contents. i find this kind of packaging very sulit. haha
  • it's pretty affordable at Php 280.00. most BB creams range from 500-1000++
  • available almost everywhere: department stores, supermarkets, drugstores, etc.
  • lightweight - doesn't look like you have too much on the face
  • good coverage. my skin looks smooth and clear with this on! haha
  • it doesn't really stay put for like 8 hours straight but it's enough to keep me from powdering myself ever so often. in fact, i only put it during the day and leave it be without any retouches. :D
What i didn't like:
  • it smells horribly like dangerous plastic. i want to stress this out because it's really bothersome, and while it doesn't linger on the face, it makes me paranoid that i'm putting on some toxic smelling thing on my skin. >XS
  • it only comes in 2 shades (at least here in the Philippines), Fresh and Radiance. the Radiance one is the darker shade but upon application, it comes off a shade lighter parin than my face. eventually though it starts to even out. thank the oils!
  • i don't think my skin agrees with this makeup. it looks good on the face, but sometimes my cheeks would itch! pero not always. nyay. i have combination to normal skin btw. joke! i don't know but i'm not the oily type. 
  • it's hard to wash off. parang if you splash water on your face, waterproof yung effect nya. naaaks. so make sure to use a good facial cleanser or an exfoliating facial wash to rid your face of this stuff especially when you're about to sleep. :)
Will i buy it again?
  • NOPE. unless they reformulate it to remove the ugly scent, release a darker shade, and make it more hypoallergenic. until then, i'll finish the stick and will probably look for other BB creams and convince myself to increase my budget for it cos the truly good ones have overkill prices. T__T i really love the stick form tho. :(
  • YES. i thought i wouldn't but there's really no better alternative yet. it does look oily, but once i put powder on top, it looks better! :D so much for using a BB stick no, but yeah, i can live with powdering it. :D
Have you tried this one? Any BB cream suggestions? :D


Qik or It Didn’t Happen!

Remember when everyone just used to take your word for it, but now they roll their eyes over your Sahara trip simply because it was undocumented and you never raved about it on facebook?

Pics or didn't happen, that's what they say. well pictures are kindof easy to edit nowadays so let's move to a more credible proof, Qik or it didn't happen!

Meet Skype Qik
The new mobile messenger for swapping videos with groups of friends.

Capture the moment. Share the laughs.
Send something that’s sure to make your friends laugh. All with one-touch record and sharing. Simply shoot it on your mobile and send a message to your friends.

Great for groups
Create groups easily from the contacts on your phone, and send messages to them privately.
Enjoy watching your chat movie grow as more people respond.

Qik Fliks
Pre-record up to 12 short videos for when you want to respond, fast. Just drop your Qik Fliks into the chat any time for a more personal smiley.

Create better conversations
Keep your chats in shape by deleting messages whenever you want – they’ll be removed from everyone else’s phone too.

(lifted from Skype)

So far it has enabled me and my sister to exchange funny faces and short greetings while in the house (cos it's our common wifi place haha). i would even qik her some utos like 'paki akyat yung hard disk ni daddy' while she's in the basement. sobrang tamad lang lol. so fun trying it out! i imagined the days our barkada was obsessed with WeChat! now this could be our next hangout place!

Download Skype Qik here and check it out for yourself! :D

Skype Qik is a quick video messaging/communication app that allows you to exchange instant and quick video messages for free. It enables you to capture videos that are up to 40 seconds long, and and send them to group of friends. Skype Qik is available on iPhone, Android, and Windows phones. More about Skype Qik here:

The Sunday Currently (vol. 4)

Happy Mothers' day everyone! :D

nothing. i'll stop saying HP4 cos i haven't really read much since last month, i'm on page 339 of 407 though! haha

this and a Skype Qik post!

to some faint retro loving from the radio and being comforted by the fan's humming. ang init!

about apologizing to someone.

Kusidong Isda

i'll get part of my referral fee this coming payday so i could pay off a ton of liabilities!

sando and shorts

this pusheen stuffed toy i bought from some guy from Ateneo Trade. i gifted it to my boyfriend who's supposed to fly to india tomorrow, but it got moved to next week... so yey? haha

genuine pusheen merch by Gund! IT'S THE CUTEST!!! i only bought the medium one cos the large one (which i prefer) is gonna cost some baggage daw but it's okay, i just have to look for a friend who's in the US who can buy it for me and deliver it here when he/she gets home. HAHA Amazon offers free shipping to a US address, aaargh.

i was thinking of getting a account to have the large pusheen delivered, but good thing i researched their charging details first cos i realized i'm gonna be paying a fortune for shipping because of the item's volume. according to their site, if item's volume weight (length x width x height / 166) is greater than the actual weight (in pounds), you will be charged by it's volume weight instead.

so... for that 1.4 pound stuffed toy (actual weight), i'll be charged 10 pounds (because 19 x 7.5 x 11.5 / 166)! holy mole. XS

anyway, still looking for that kind friend from the US. haha

to get over this project soon so i could play with this baby!

hello piano! jeckie and i picked it up yesterday at makati and i'm excited to learn again. anyway, i'm so lost with the tons of buttons. HAHA i always thought manuals are for the weak but heck i just succumbed to downloading a pdf version of the manual because crap i'm getting old. i'm not used to tinkering around foreign buttons anymore. specially if they're not touchscreen. HAHA

it's 2 years old and is lacking a pedal and a music sheet holder but who cares? i was supposed to buy a sustain pedal earlier but held back. i decided that it has to be my reward for finishing the project... so, see you next week pedal! <3

grabe lang how i forgot everything i know already. so far i was only able to extract some 1/4 of the second movement from Bach's Minuet, and i had to piece it bit by bit. it was fascinating though, how some scores slipped by completely and that one stayed. haha

some vindication for hating on a lot of people lately. haha

super full.

How was your week?

good listeners are hard to find

friends who will listen to you whine about work and your lovelife. people who will condone your incessant ramblings about seemingly un-adult things. honestly, i'm still looking for people like that. or better yet, I MISS THOSE PEOPLE. friends who genuinely listen. i've had it with friends who only listen to gossips, but dismiss you when you start talking about your boring struggles in picking up your trampled self-worth on the ground. saying, here she goes again sabay irap. i'm also very annoyed with people who constantly diss my drama and keep veering the subject to their lives like i have no right to complain because look at you, aren't you having it worse?

i'd like to believe we all deserve sympathy, sadly not everyone is wired to address that minute need. and when it comes to relating with my peers, i've had it with boys. they're totally on a different psychological track. it's true what they say that women whine not to extract a solution, but just to let it all out. yeah, i'm that simpleton who only wants to be heard and not preached to.

for now, i'm content that i have at least one person whom i can totally be open to about anything, and he's a guy on top of that HAHA i love my boyfriend <3 <3 <3 but he's flying to india next week and will be gone for a month and a half so i'm dreading the totally-friendless feeling. oh wait, my sister loves me and i could coerce her to listen to me whine about stuff!

or maybe my hormones are just kicking in. my bloody calendar says it's almost time.

seriously. i'm feeling so effing emotional right now, i could break down with just a 'kamusta?' and blab about how much life sucks as of. but i've learned enough not to wear the woman in me on my sleeves. lol. i'm not gonna bawl my eyes off an undeserving twerp who never really intend to listen.

this was supposed to be the 4th item in my forever-draft '5 hard truths we should learn to accept and live by' but oh well, i found it too harsh of me drop them all at the same time. haha

off to pack napkins.

The Sunday Currently (vol. 3)

new found love for wooden textures <3
Been eating a lot the past few days idk why.
Still Harry Potter, but not regularly cos i'm tamad.

beauty reviews. anoraw. i'm trying to round up a few products to recommend.

to the even louder humming of the fan because i just promoted it from the floor to my desk because ang inet!!!!

of buying jeckie's officemate's piano before he leaves for india cos i don't want to wait a month and a half. plus i'm thinking of dedicating a few hours of my relatively free-er saturdays to learning scores just like the old times! <3


i had more VLs to spare! i just want to layout all day. lol

singlet and shorts :)

the kids at church more than ever. i don't remember when i started teaching but awhile ago i realized how sad it would be once these kids graduate and move on to the youth service. i've grown so fond of them argh. haha teacher problems? now i know how it feels! mega advanced sepanx seeing that they won't be off to a new ground in 2 years pa haha! haaay life!

to change this layout. AGAIN. see? that's why i don't believe in buying themes. i tend to change my layout a lot. :(

to buy a bike. srsly.

excited for the saturdays to come. and also kindof indifferent to the recently concluded MayPac fight. ewan ko ba. the 9 and 11am church services were halved (as expected) haha! and as usual, the malls are unusually less crowded for a sunday XD

yesterday was the first day of this digital illustration class i enrolled in at CIIT (tomas morato). i was raving about the opportunity to study multimedia arts so i started with 1 module muna, just to see how it goes and to see if it's any good studying at CIIT haha.

i was so excited to attend class that i woke up 9am, 30 minutes past the start of lecture! i was so frkn panicking that i skipped taking a bath and a breakfast altogether. i brushed my teeth, washed my face, grabbed a shirt and leggings, put some make up (anything to look like i just woke up), tied my hair, put on my headband, and wore shades. i was at school at around 9:45am. it was kindof embarrassing. on the way i was hoping someone would arrive later than i will but haha, 1 hour late. oh yes.

it was fun! i learned a lot already! adobe illustrator is like magic! everything is so easy peasy if you know what to click. also, i figured i have to struggle unlearning a lot of techniques i use in photoshop cos they now seem manual as hell. and i thought i was already working smart?! uhm nope.

i made this on our first lecture! paki-bati yung watermelon please. i was looking for easy fruits to trace but that cute thing appeared on google images even when i specifically searched for grapes. you sweet ball. 

we're on to tracing objects using shapes and the pen tool so far and i'm frkn excited. sir says he's gonna teach us manual low-poly techniques. i was crying inside. i want to learn so bad. looking forward to next week!

How was your week? :D

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