The Sunday Currently (vol. 3)

new found love for wooden textures <3
Been eating a lot the past few days idk why.
Still Harry Potter, but not regularly cos i'm tamad.

beauty reviews. anoraw. i'm trying to round up a few products to recommend.

to the even louder humming of the fan because i just promoted it from the floor to my desk because ang inet!!!!

of buying jeckie's officemate's piano before he leaves for india cos i don't want to wait a month and a half. plus i'm thinking of dedicating a few hours of my relatively free-er saturdays to learning scores just like the old times! <3


i had more VLs to spare! i just want to layout all day. lol

singlet and shorts :)

the kids at church more than ever. i don't remember when i started teaching but awhile ago i realized how sad it would be once these kids graduate and move on to the youth service. i've grown so fond of them argh. haha teacher problems? now i know how it feels! mega advanced sepanx seeing that they won't be off to a new ground in 2 years pa haha! haaay life!

to change this layout. AGAIN. see? that's why i don't believe in buying themes. i tend to change my layout a lot. :(

to buy a bike. srsly.

excited for the saturdays to come. and also kindof indifferent to the recently concluded MayPac fight. ewan ko ba. the 9 and 11am church services were halved (as expected) haha! and as usual, the malls are unusually less crowded for a sunday XD

yesterday was the first day of this digital illustration class i enrolled in at CIIT (tomas morato). i was raving about the opportunity to study multimedia arts so i started with 1 module muna, just to see how it goes and to see if it's any good studying at CIIT haha.

i was so excited to attend class that i woke up 9am, 30 minutes past the start of lecture! i was so frkn panicking that i skipped taking a bath and a breakfast altogether. i brushed my teeth, washed my face, grabbed a shirt and leggings, put some make up (anything to look like i just woke up), tied my hair, put on my headband, and wore shades. i was at school at around 9:45am. it was kindof embarrassing. on the way i was hoping someone would arrive later than i will but haha, 1 hour late. oh yes.

it was fun! i learned a lot already! adobe illustrator is like magic! everything is so easy peasy if you know what to click. also, i figured i have to struggle unlearning a lot of techniques i use in photoshop cos they now seem manual as hell. and i thought i was already working smart?! uhm nope.

i made this on our first lecture! paki-bati yung watermelon please. i was looking for easy fruits to trace but that cute thing appeared on google images even when i specifically searched for grapes. you sweet ball. 

we're on to tracing objects using shapes and the pen tool so far and i'm frkn excited. sir says he's gonna teach us manual low-poly techniques. i was crying inside. i want to learn so bad. looking forward to next week!

How was your week? :D

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