The Sunday Currently (vol. 5)


This week was hm. okay. i'm drowning in work. mostly freelance. stayed up all night last thursday and was up for some 30 hours just to complete the pages so i'm thankful for that. right now i'm working on the tons of revisions though. HAHA. despite the crazy amount of work, i'm actually learning a lot with this project! thank you Lord! 
Harry Potter 4 (again!) i read a page last night! haha!

Nothing! :D

to Pitch Perfect 2 OST. it's out in torrents now goys if you wanna download hehe! i honestly love the previous OST though cos it's more acapella-ish and has lots of voices jamming together, this collection (and the movie of course) is more modern acapella. mashups here and there and lots of solos. i'm not a fan of solos. haha i super love Das Sound Machine though. if they're gonna push modern, that's how it should be! more acapella techno and sound effects.

how much i should charge extra for this project i'm working on. XD

hm. nothing

i had lots and lots of money. i suddenly want this new Kia Rio. grabe when did i start ogling over cars. this. is. bad.

very hyundai accent hatch. aren't they pals or someting
but with better interiors and oooh. control buttons on the steering wheel. i like that.
dibale wala naman akong pera. lol.

jersey and skorts.

Chili's. <3 it's kindof becoming a regular thing. e kasi naman their receipts entitle you to free classic nachos for every 750 gastos on your next visit. so mejo nakaka 3 free nachos na kami this year HAHA. and grabe they're not just simple nachos ah. you know chili's. I FRKN LOVE CHILIS!

the free Classic Nachos
 jeckie and i had this last night:

Chicken Club Tacos 
Monterey Chicken
Apple Berry Cobler
everything is so frkn heavenly, i'm blown away at every bite. ay seryoso. haha relate na relate ako to the Cooking Master Boy judges who seem to be making all sorts of drugged expressions whenever they sample out Lui Mao Xing's food. wooooah naalala ko pa. haha #anime

remind me to rave about Chili's on a separate blog post!

a car - like a hyundai accent sedan (red) or the new kia rio hatch (white).
a new laptop - like the Dell XPS 13 2015


worried about the task i left at work last friday. haha. sana matapos ko na bukas. lol.

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