The Sunday Currently (vol. 4)

Happy Mothers' day everyone! :D

nothing. i'll stop saying HP4 cos i haven't really read much since last month, i'm on page 339 of 407 though! haha

this and a Skype Qik post!

to some faint retro loving from the radio and being comforted by the fan's humming. ang init!

about apologizing to someone.

Kusidong Isda

i'll get part of my referral fee this coming payday so i could pay off a ton of liabilities!

sando and shorts

this pusheen stuffed toy i bought from some guy from Ateneo Trade. i gifted it to my boyfriend who's supposed to fly to india tomorrow, but it got moved to next week... so yey? haha

genuine pusheen merch by Gund! IT'S THE CUTEST!!! i only bought the medium one cos the large one (which i prefer) is gonna cost some baggage daw but it's okay, i just have to look for a friend who's in the US who can buy it for me and deliver it here when he/she gets home. HAHA Amazon offers free shipping to a US address, aaargh.

i was thinking of getting a account to have the large pusheen delivered, but good thing i researched their charging details first cos i realized i'm gonna be paying a fortune for shipping because of the item's volume. according to their site, if item's volume weight (length x width x height / 166) is greater than the actual weight (in pounds), you will be charged by it's volume weight instead.

so... for that 1.4 pound stuffed toy (actual weight), i'll be charged 10 pounds (because 19 x 7.5 x 11.5 / 166)! holy mole. XS

anyway, still looking for that kind friend from the US. haha

to get over this project soon so i could play with this baby!

hello piano! jeckie and i picked it up yesterday at makati and i'm excited to learn again. anyway, i'm so lost with the tons of buttons. HAHA i always thought manuals are for the weak but heck i just succumbed to downloading a pdf version of the manual because crap i'm getting old. i'm not used to tinkering around foreign buttons anymore. specially if they're not touchscreen. HAHA

it's 2 years old and is lacking a pedal and a music sheet holder but who cares? i was supposed to buy a sustain pedal earlier but held back. i decided that it has to be my reward for finishing the project... so, see you next week pedal! <3

grabe lang how i forgot everything i know already. so far i was only able to extract some 1/4 of the second movement from Bach's Minuet, and i had to piece it bit by bit. it was fascinating though, how some scores slipped by completely and that one stayed. haha

some vindication for hating on a lot of people lately. haha

super full.

How was your week?

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