Pusheen says hi!

Large Pusheen Plush GUND
how can i possibly finish my work?! >_<
i. i just can't. T___T it's too cute. too fat. too fury. many many thanks to the guy who agreed to purchase this for me (without downpayment and all! bless your soul, man), and his sister who met up with me to deliver the plushie (you are so pretty. i am so creepy).

in fairness, it saved me a ton of courier and customs fees. imagine having to purchase this directly from amazon! they don't ship to the philippines so i would have to sign up for Johnny Air or MyShoppingBox to get a US address so amazon could ship there, and the freight forwarder in turn could ship it to me here. but that would cost a freakin lot. this pusheen is large, heavy, and effin adorable. so i had to look for some friend in the US who's coming home soon and could grant me some baggage space for this cutie. i failed. haha. but THANK GOD FOR ATENEO TRADE! it's full of all the weird stuff and favors one could possibly buy, sell, or trade. there are actually people there who offer to buy items for you while they're overseas and bring them here when they get home! and that's how i got pusheen (should i rename it?)!

ah anyway. that's all. pusheen is now cutely watching over me blog about how cute it is. by the way, compared to the medium sized pusheen, this one has more fur than i would like it to have because it kindof blocks its round eyes so sometimes it looks old and sleepy. was thinking of trimming some of those fur but i'm most probably gonna screw up so nvm. even so, still super cute. argh.

on another note
i should learn how to budget more carefully... and avoid spending money i don't have yet (ie. borrowing an amount because i know i can pay it back this coming sweldo naman). last thing i know i've consumed my entire sweldo na. huhu. so poor. but at least i've registered for World Vision Run already and bought spanking new shorts! HAHAHA

i miss my regular weekdays
you know. no work after work. if you know what i mean. i'm just too busy for my own good lately. :( hay. but i love this work after work, i just have to manage my time better. hehe :D

alright, back to work!

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