The Sunday Currently (vol. 6)

Still Harry Potter 4. ambagal lang haha. 

waley. oh, does this count?

to one of my favorite sounds lately: The Humming Fan

about a future with jeckie. we love each other so much but sometimes our differences would kick in and we'd go ask ourselves, are we really the best for each other? how are we ever going to settle the tons of things we don't agree on, like --- how we prefer to spend our weekends, what kind of food to eat, can i not join his family/friends/sports bonding things? i'm such an introvert and he's such an extrovert. i'm so awkward at getting along with other people. i mean, i'm generally sociable but given the choice i'd rather not involve myself in any social activity. haha. huhu.

thinking about a future with him excites me to no end but i always forget that getting married is not just about the two of us. there's his world and his lifestyle that i have to get used to as well and it makes me anxious. this relationship is trying to change me, and i know it's for the better BUT IT'S STILL TRYING TO CHANGE ME. change is good right? the process could be unpleasant at first but if it's for the better... hm.

lol did i just openly discuss my plans to get married. 


i had tons of money, and that the guy who promised to buy me a large pusheen would arrive this week!!! weeeeee!!!

the usual singlet and shorts!

the magic that is AI. here's a WIP of a cover for TRI Magazine, an imaginary sports mag dedicated to all things triathlon.

say hi to anne curtis, a speedo model, and a badass cyclist
haha this is photoshopped and i'm looking struggling at AI-ing it cos that's what i'm required to do malamang. nakaka-asar yung you can do almost the same things naman in photoshop but you have to unlearn them all while trying to learn AI because that's what you have to learn!

i love low-poly-ing stuff but it's so tedious. i'm looking at this tutorial, but i'm quite a spaz at geometrifying objects haha. i wish i had enough of that sense but i believe it can be developed naman! must. practice. hard.

to run some 5k today but my tummy is so frkn heavy, thank you Chili's! <3

a full body massage, and some decent hand and foot pampering from a nail salon who wouldn't judge me from my awfully bitten nails. or i'll just grow them enough so i wouldn't feel insecure haha.

a sense of urgency to cap off this project so i can charge na and get paid extra and pay my tuition in full and save the rest for good running shorts, a pair of quality insoles, this cool drawstring bag from Runnr, and hey... World Vision Run 2015!

How was your Sunday? :D

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