sometimes i don't get myself

or girls for that matter...

// signed 2 contracts today! the first one was for REX, it's for the yearbook. the committee just signed for 120 copies so yeah. i really hope this pushes through. just a few more numbers to reach. hay Lord, help.

// the other contract was for smart. yey finally i'm an official employee of smart! will start this friday! the entire week is pretty much orientation and blah then june 11 is the deployment date. Lord help me. >:D

// i don't know. no matter how much i try to convince myself that it's gone, i don't think it'll ever be. my insecurities are deeply rooted i doubt anyone could ever pull them out without scathing me. plus the fact that i'm probably subconsciously holding on to it. who cares.

// bought a few clothes and (finally) a pair of walking shoes! i'm super pleased with my new shoes! found em at trinoma, so freakin comfortable to wear! but of course, hush puppies are still the best in terms of comfort. how i wish i could afford those. >:'(

// irok2 sucks big time. won't let me create a username, says melodia04 is taken, suggests melodia04111 but it's already freaking taken. i mean, it's probably a bug. ariannegracecredobirog is taken daw. really now.

// i want a full body massage. my entire body is exhausted. >:'( and i'm like soundtrippin on audrey assad's restless during my makati escapades hahahaha. big help? when i hear it i just want to kneel and let God carry me to a sofa. then again, not enough faith... or craziness.

another tiring daaaayy

Thursday, May 24
// i did say i was supposed to get my NBI clearance then go to makati and blah. and i did! i woke up soooo early that day, like 4am! haha i arrived at ever around 5 and i'm already the 25th in the line. it was a freaking looong wait. from 5am till 8am i waited, along with a lot of hopefuls, for the opening of the office. the process was pretty quick if you don't include the long queue per station... but the line was just really horrible. NBI only accommodates 500 people per day and i couldn't image how unfortunate it will be if you're the 500th person. yer gonna have to wait inside that cave-like and burned up cinema pretty much the entire day! whew >XO i finished around 9:30 so that's a total of 4hours 30mins for someone who lined up 5am and was the 25th head count. >:D

// ate breakfast after while waiting for jeckie hehe >XD and theeen, we went to makati together! yeyyy!!! lunch lunch, then walked to the clinic to check my results, then walked to smart tower to deliver my NBI clearance blah blah blah the long walks were so freaking exhausting. we even walked to the atrium to check if my RDO has already been transferred. and to my dismay, it's still not there. haaay sayang lakad! it was super duper draining! grabe grabe grabe sobrang nakakapagod! >XO but i thank God jeckie's with me, it made the torture worthwhile hihi >X3

Friday, May 25
// someone bought my laptop bag from ebay and has paid already so i had to ship the item that same day. it's a 16" lenovo laptop bag by dicota. i thought shipping would be cheap, after all it's not even a kilo but when i came to 2GO they said they have to put it in a box (which costs 700 something! even more than the selling price of the thing! what the fridge) cos it won't fit in the largest pouch they have (which costs 190 freaking pesos, and i thought 2GO was cheap!) unless i fold it but i can't freakin fold it cos it might be damaged >X(

// i left 2GO feeling heavily disappointed and worried that the money the buyer paid will just all go to shipping. huhu why didn't i think that larger objects require bigger cases and bigger cases are more expensive? it's the biggest item i've shipped so far. i just usually send books off. huhu so i tried to research for other couriers nearby and i found AIR21 on the net (many thanks to my membership at fitness first, it has catered to a lot of emergency situations), it has a branch on fairview which (after a long while) i figured was just at FCM (and i travelled all the way to SM hayyy), and it also has a branch at SMF according to the site. though i didn't trust it cos i don't see any AIR21 at SMF, i thought it might be unupdated. hehe

// anyway, i listed the numbers down and (many thanks again to fitness first) called them on landline. some numbers were busy. luckily the one at FCM answered and asked me to call another number. badtrip yun eh and sungit ng boses! lechugas grrrr blah blah blah. in the end i gave up all hopes of contacting AIR21 FCM and just headed back home.

// but before that, i wanted to make sure if there was really an AIR21 at SMF so i asked the information lady and wew, there really was one! it's located at the far end of the main building, lower ground floor. dulong dulo talaga and it shares a stall with FEDEX. grabe thank you Lord! and when i came there, they suggested the same thing, to fold the bag so it would fit their pouch (which only costs 101 pesos yeyy). buti na lang, the guy there was very accommodating, he helped me fold the bag where it won't be damaged so it fit perfectly! yeheyyy

// oyan ang haba ng kwento ko nagpa-ship lang naman ako! hahaha

// it was around 5 when i headed home. i was supposed to go to school to fetch edlaine and charissa and pass their endorsement letter but it was too late so i just asked them to go ahead. hehe

// tentenenen! ICON TURNOVER! the whole gang (sans 3) came to the house for some sort of meeting and turnover of course. it's the part where i advise them on what to do with ICON and blah. it was crazy fun. i believe in these kids, i truly do and the way i see their bond (yak ang drama e no), i know they're gonna turn ICON into a better ICON. >:D yeyy go goys! >:D

// skip skip!

Today, May 29
// went to the atrium earlier to have my BIR FORM 2305 stamped. and wtfudge the BIR guy won't sign my paper because it's the wrong form! so i had to get another form, fill it and have my employer sign it so i could complete my requirements. hay. so from atrium, i walked aaaaaall the freaking way to smart tower to explain that the BIR guy said i got the wrong form. but HR insists that's it's the right form so whatever! i just had her sign the new form irregardless if it was the right one cos i don't wanna walk in vain yaknow. and so, i went back again to atrium to confirm about the freaking forms. BIR guy explained it naman to me, that the previous TIN i registered was not for local employment rather for self-employed so i had to fill another form so they'd tag my TIN with "for local employment". i believed the guy naman, HR didn't know i was self-employed in my previous job anyway. hehe so he stamped my forms yehesss huhu

// and you know what's next, i walked the mile to smart tower again. my feet were so freaking sore already i swear. there was a time i was looking for somewhere to sit but the couches at greenbelt were full so i just went to the CR and locked myself in a cubicle and frakking sat down for like 10 seconds hehe before i embark on yet another journey. haayyy grabe and when i came there, i had to wait for some stupid 30 minutes but after that it was okay na! haaaay super duper kaduper rewarding! i mean that's like, atrium to smart then atrium to smart again and when i boarded the bus, there were no more seats. typical monday rush hour so i forgave the circumstance. i just wanted to go home. in peace. haha

// thank you Lord. will be going to school early tomorrow to pay for the yearbook downpayment with REX, then contract signing with Smart at 2pm.

// hay Lord, give me strength. >XD i'll be starting on June 1! >XD

// and no, i don't wanna learn that there's an easier way from atrium to smart tower and vice versa without having to cross the bridge way that crosses glorieta, landmark and greenbelt. no. don't tell me. >:|

what day is it?

it's our 8th monthsary yeyyy!!! i would have preferred it that we just stayed here at home the entire day watching TV and cuddling (after all, we're both broke) but this morning smart called and asked me to pass my requirements already if i wanted to be on board on the 1st, so i had to rush there and pass all the papers even though i'm still lacking my NBI clearance and BIR chuva form. hahaha

onga pala, ever since monday, i kindof lost track of time na grabe. i feel like aaaaall the things i've attended to are crammed in a day. makati every now and then, mrt mrt, bus bus, walk walk. i can't tell which day i went where, it all seems like kanina lang sila lahat nangyari hahaha i feel restless already and i'm not even working yet. anyway, i know it's part of the requirements completion process. haha haggard sobra.

anyway, i'll try to remember what i did since monday:

//MONDAY - i believe this was the day i went to BIR to file my RDO transfer request. i was confused with the form smart gave me because it had a different employer and a different destination RDO (for awhile i thought they put me in an agency as a contractual employee! the horror!!!). i thought about confirming it with them but they freaking won't answer my calls, the numbers they gave just kept on ringing so i just corrected the RDO myself then left for makati becaaaaause... i'm scheduled to get my X-ray. after that i walked to smart tower to inquire about the BIR forms they gave and also to clarify a few questions about the requirements. turns out they gave me the wrong form >XD so i had to go back to BIR to update my request lol but it was getting late already so bukas na lang...


//TUESDAY - i was informed by a friend that accenture just raised its basic pay for ASE's from 18k to 24k, and from that i gathered some of my friends (namely mark and jay) to walk in at accenture and try our lucks. the trip to their recruitment office was every bit exhausting, err actually just the part where we're trying to find the applicants' "entrance" because the mall is still closed, blah blah shempre nahanap naman namin diba haha. the exam was hard, specially the part aside from english (kalimutan ko na ung tawag). wala hirap eh. haha after lunch around 1pm, we went back for the results, mark and jay didn't make it hehe. i was told to wait for mine because it's still not there but it was already 2:30pm (i told mark and jay to leave na lang and not wait) so i just left and was told that they'll inform me na lang.

from boni i rushed to BIR to update my request. it's a good thing i didn't have to fall in line. it was around 3:30pm na, and i still have to reach SSS fairview before 5pm. buti na lang! i got there around 4 and waited until 5 to get my SSS number yeyyy. HAHAHA

after that, i went home to change clothes because i still have to make papicture as part of the requirements. hahaha nagmakeup makeup pa ko ah! tas di pa pantay eyeliner ko obvious tuloy sa picture. and you know what, i was disappointed with the kind of editing PICTURE PERFECT SM FAIRVIEW did. my hair was wrongly cut and i don't quite appreciate the way they even out the skin HAHAHA ang arte ko ba? siguro nga kasi when i got home i repaired each and every one of my photos! as in! i drew on them to "balance" my hair, and tried to add eyeliner too. haha sorry na. >:P

//WEDNESDAY - today today! aside from what's written on the top most part, i failed accenture din pala! they just emailed now hehe >:D better luck next time (or not). it's probably God's way of telling me i should go all the way to smart. thank you Lord! >:D then again, i rechecked the accenture site and found that the position ASE is not listed anymore on their job search page. it was also already taken down at jobstreet. i guess they're not hiring ASE's for now? hehe

//TOMORROW - what i'm sure of is that I'M SUPPOSED TO line up at NBI at 5am then go to makati to pass the clearance, then follow up my Xray results! hehe sana maganap lahat yan haha

so far i'm tired! >XD
loading bleach! yeyyy

May 18, 2012

was one of the busiest, most exhausting, and productive days of my life. haha

// early morning i rushed to ready myself for the VUL exam at insurance commission at UN ave (komisyon ng seguro hahaha) because daddy says i have to get the license already before the end of the month. the VUL exam is a qualifying exam for people who want be licensed fund managers and sell investment policies. i was afraid i'd fail cos the mock exam was so 'wtf i didn't finish computer science for this, this is more like for financial management majors?'. anyway. i was required by my "manager" aka daddy so i had to pass it no matter what happens. thank you Lord because i passed. i can now sell investment units! anyone interested? >:)

// after the exam, went straight to makati to have my medical examination at PLDT - MGO bldg. went pretty late for the morning cutoff so we waited until 1pm. can i just say that i underwent hydrotherapy to prepare for this? i mean, i ate lots of snyders jalapeno so i could drink lots of water so my urine sample won't be too uhm, concentrated. the whole unfit for employment because of too much uric acid, cavity and damaged red blood cells scares me so. hahaha and while waiting for my turn, i was becoming too anxious kasi sobrang naiihi na ko!!! but i wouldn't  wanna waste my possibly less concentrated urine sample because my water bottle is already empty hahaha.

the rectal exam was really awkward. i dunno what the doctor pushed into my anus i think it was her finger or something. sooo freaking awkward, and that was the time i was trying to hold my super pee. grabe. sobrang parang nakakawala ng dangal. chos! ang arte arte talaga. tapos eto pa, HAHAHAHA sa sobrang paranoid ko na magkaroon ng "unfit for employment" remark, kinareer ko pati yung vision test. while waiting at the back i was already reading the eye sight test for visual accuracy. ewan ko ba. ayoko magsalamin eh. lol nakakahilo tuloy hahaha

blah blah blah, fortunately the dentist didn't find anything wrong with my teeth! i thought he was gonna comment on my cavities HAHAHA yun lang, fingers crossed on the blood test. grabe no? paranoid sa medical exam?!

the xray machine isn't functioning so i was told to go back on monday (tomorrow) haaayyy

// after the medical exam, went back to smart tower to get my pre-employment kit. it was supposed to be a mtg with a certain person at 4pm. i was there at 3, waited until 5 before i went to check if the person i'm meeting is already available... know what they said? ABSENT PALA. wtf. like what the hell is the receptionist doing with our names at the log sheet? stare at it? isn't she supposed to call the person we're meeting and tell her we're waiting? grabe lang. nakakainis. ayokong maginarte kasi hamak na aplikante lang ako pero, systema naman dyan! >:|

// in the end, we were accomodated at 6pm grabe grabe i have a meeting at 6 pa naman. good thing there was a fellow applicant who waited long hours like me, new friend alert! jeanne! yeyy. hehe we were able to get our pre-emp kit, which includes lots of forms to be filled up and a list of requirements to submit. NBI, Philhealth Metrobank, etc etc etc whew!

// after makati. gotta rush to mcdo ever for a mtg with the yearbook committee! whew buti we were able to finish the paging because it's important that we should settle the payment within this week! hehe >XD thank you Lord, thank you Lord! i arrived home at around 11pm na. haayy

// superthanks to ever loving body guard jeckidoo for being with me the entiiiiiire day since 6am! i superduperloooove you! roooolls obarrrr! nyarrgkkkughhharjk!!!! >XD yeyyy u flaaat! <3 <3 <3

// gotta love this day!


hindi pa pala ako nagpapasalamat

sa lahat ng mga nakilala ko sa tatlong taong pamamalagi ko sa FEU Diliman. whether natuwa o nabanas ako sayo basta nakilala kita, thank you! >:D


Finally after 6 years!

every time i try to blog, i always don't know where to start. i told myself i should blog regularly, like daaaaily so i'd become more aware of my activities because i have a bad case of forgetfulness... but then again, i always forget. >:\

anyway, i graduated yesterday yeyyyy! whew! after 6 freaking loooong years of struggle, i was able to graduate from college, and with bonus honors! >XD honestly, i wasn't excited when i learned about it, i was more, "lecheng uplb grades! dragged me to the fourth when i should be first!!!" oo, sobrang bitter ko. super duper because i really want that spot on the stage, that part of the ceremony where i take 10 minutes of everyone's time delivering silly whatnots and of course ADVERTISING THE YEARBOOK. that was the plan mehn! that was the ultimate purpose of wanting to be on top. being first gives you a 10 minute chance to impress the audience more with your achievements, acknowledge important people in your life and blaahhh, but to me, it's a chance to reach out to the parents of more or less 200 students who, i am sure, have at least 1,500 in their pockets (i am sooo sure because i know they will all be eating lunch at cozy restos after) and wouldn't want their child to miss the chance to be immortalized in a lifelong legacy. i have even projected a presentation to go along with it, payment and write-up submission statistics, sample layout, etc etc etc. it's gonna be an epic speech.

but i know the plans God has for me, and he wants me to shut up with my plans of turning a supposedly solemn acknowledgement into a 10 minutes advertising stint. okay, Lord you win. i shut up. i just hope this uhm, enthusiasm that i feel wanting to push through with the yearbook with all my freakin dormant might will last until we actually produce something. hay.

haynako alam nyo ba!! kahapon pa tong post na to lechugas nakalimutan ko nanaman tapusin! nyarkkkk
katamad! gusto ko na kumita ng pera at mag layout ng yearbooks! tagal ng pictures! kainerpssss >XD

still job hunting

hmm. reading forums have become sooo unhelpful in my quest for looking a job. the problem is that, i get to read bad stuff about some companies i'm applying to making them look less stellar in my eyes. i know i'm in no right position to be choosy, my goal for this summer is to just collect and select job offers but some forum posts are hindering me from journeying to makati to pursue some applications LOL.

crappy day! i didn't go on duty today because i supposedly have 2 interviews. morning at MISYS, afternoon at Azeus, and some decision making to do about Emerson.

i woke up pretty late this day so i slashed off going to the misys interview, after all the weather was so gloomy. i was so happy pa naman because they texted me yesterday and said i passed their parity exam. the one worth 4 hours, with 500 points total, 400 passing score, and has only 5 problems. i felt so proud of myself yeyyy! then i looked back at the posts at PEX and got discouraged. i know i'm not supposed to but... hay.

someone from Azeus also texted me yesterday for an exam this afternoon. i came in 15 minutes late cos i got so lost at ortigas hahaha plus it's super traffic and the weather is freaking bad. when i got there they had to reschedule my exam because their rooms are full already for some reason. haaaayy sayang get-up, pamasahe at sakit ng ulo ko haha

yesterday, emerson finally called back. and i knew it was already late because she offered me a different position already. an irrelevant sounding position considering my course. plus, it's still midshift. i dunno. hay.

hay. sakit ng ulo kooooo rarrrr

ayoko na magpadala sa mga forum posts! next week i'll be back at Misys, BPI and Azeus. also at Smart for a "possible job offer discussion" (well that's their term eh) haha. Lord, help me. >XO


a pause from counting sheep

God loves me! >XD

// cum laude! yey i'm graduating with honors this year! >XD i guess my computations were right, they included my uplb grades that's why i was only able to hit 4th. i swearrrrr i have a magna worth of GPA if not for my elbi grades. onasigenafoine. seriously! i want that valedictory speech, i've been dreaming of it since i hit #1 the first time. HAHA bat ba? i thought i could use it to reach out to the parents/guardians of the 190+ graduates and convince them that nothing could ever bind this batch better than a YEARBOOK. hahaha unfortunately, it's not my time to shine. aw k. nevermind.

// have i told you (sino? haha) about my job offer at pointwest technologies? i think i'll take it though i'm still waiting for better opportunities (i.e. calls). i'm not saying it's bad there, in fact i see it as a very strong job option because of the reasons below, however i'm in the process of exploring my "other" options hehehe

1. i will be most likely assigned at technohub which is only 30 minutes away by jeep, and 15 minutes away by Rainbow Express haha. sir HR says they're kinda crowded already at Makati so I can request to be deployed there. >XD
2. compensation is definitely not bad for entry level.
3. backreading on forums i read it's a good company who provides good training! good market value as an IT professional guaranteed. >:)
4. i won't be programming like hell! which is a good thing cos i never really liked programming. i'll be part of their sortof testing team. it's like if the software developers build the program, we on the other hand destroy it. yknow, find bugs and loopholes and blah. sounds fun really >XD

// before learning about the JO at pointwest, i walked-in at MISYS cos they have an opening for programmer trainees according to jobstreet. so there, i took their parity exam. a dreadful 500 points exam with only 5 freaking problems. more? passing score is 400. WOW. i've never been intimidated with an exam  for this long. as the HR was explaining the exam to us, i was like... whoa this company better offer a whopping salary if they're gonna torture their applicants like that.

on the exam though, it wasn't that hard. maybe the instructions were just intimidating cos they're too long. but it's manageable naman if you take time to really read it and understand the instructions. feeling ko naman i got the instructions, i just don't know if my score agrees haha.

// i got scheduled for a 2nd interview from Smart (3rd, if you count the phone interview), it was held yesterday and i totally screwed up so that's probably the last leg of my application there. i screwed mainly because of the programming test they gave, 7 problems, pick only 3 to solve, answer in JAVA. my freakin kryptonite. in the end i was only able to answer 1 problem, and i did it in flowchart cos i didn't prepare for java. i thought i was applying as Web Developer cos that's what the phone interviewer said they have an opening on. then suddenly, they ask you if you could also work in java/c so of course, you have to say yes just so you won't lose the chance to get in.

anyway. based on that 2nd interview, i got an impression that they give 20k salary. some of the benefits mentioned were... 1500 monthly load, 1500 rice subsidy, 3000 (or 5000? i forgot) clothing allowance, reimbursable taxi allowance for on-call assignments, also on-call assignments are counted as working hours.

even with all that, roles and responsibilities are a dragger when you hear about it. i guess Smart is looking for people who have maximum workload tolerance... or infinite i might say. hahaha

// goodbye Emerson for real. they never called back since the day i missed their first call. plus i forgot the name of the person who interviewed me. hehe

// my wallet, my big red wallet got stolen at Philcoa. all my valid IDs are there! including important (unliquidated) receipts!!!! >XO in that wallet are, 3 BPI atms, 1 union bank eon card, philamlife ID, philcare card, fitness first ID, NGCP trainee ID, Sm advantage card, laking national loyalty card, rustan's fresh card, lots of 1x1 pics of me and some friends huhu, my only copy of my TIN number, jeckie's 7th monthsary gift huhu.


// still no kwento about the 3-day summit. haha katamad. >X)


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