last last night i dreamt that i was part of a santa cruzan and my escort was my gradeschool classmate. e wala lang, naalala ko lang cos i woke up laughing so hard at that dream kasi.. bat nga ba... ah kasi when were walking na, he held my hand and it felt awkward so i just hooked my arm on his and we started walking blah blah blah, then we noticed the people we're following were gone na, so we ran, and we were laughing along the way. the place reminded me of BF homes and... o yun lang naman. i wonder why i dream of people i hardly care about right now. luis is a cool guy, we used to hang out at the library and read encyclopedias. LOL i also think he's in the states now. hehehe

btw, i dreamt of JM bwahahaha. i don't remember the dream all i remember is him wearing an orange shirt and making funny faces. my bestfriend was also there. hey, that's the first time i dreamt of JM hohoho bongga. >:)

TAG you're IT

TAG is probably the coolest MLM company i've ever encountered.
MLM stands for multi-level marketing, in other terms, networking. LOL ok, i did kinda get tricked again, but i knew it was coming. i knew first hand i was coming to yet another networking orientation that guarantees income. but i was curious, and i was planning to go to the mall after so i didn't mind. hehehe

then i found out about the privileges and it was fucking exciting! well, you can check out their website, for more info. anyway, the privileges include access to many different bars across metro manila (or wherever you are) for FREE. yes meeehn, that includes encore, guilly's, manor, dolce... and many many more. it also offers discounts to hundreds of establishments aaaaall over! it's a lifestyle privilege membership i wouldn't wanna miss, even though i'm not a gimikera and i'm not a fan of night life. what got me really excited was their so called BOB or Birthday Open Bar, wherein you can celebrate your birthday for FREE and invite 15 people for FREE, at a BAR OF YOUR CHOICE. whew. that's a freakin hot offer, really. >8D hahaha but there's a 8,990 pesos membership fee. roight. there's the glitch.

if i had the money right now, i'd probably join. i want to join but for a student like me, it's impractical. maybe when i'm already working. hehehe but i really want iiiiit!!!! >:D >:D


lol i thought i already quit summer job hunting but i just responded to a job offer. brian, tara ulit. baka sakaling dizizit na talaga hahahaha.

this day, i did the laundry, ironed the clothes, and DID TERAI'S CHARGE SLIPS. you see, it's a very simple task that she does everyday at home, she lists down charge slip details of metrobank users who participated in their promo blah blah blah. it's easy but it's A HELL LOOOOOOOOT. i was like,

"terai, you're doing all those??" pointing to the stack of charge slips beside her...
"ok, lemme help."

and that's how i ended up having such a sore back and pasmado hands. grabe and dami dami daming sinusulat mehn. i'm grateful though, cos she buys me ice cream and treats me to oi! sisig. hehehehe BUT STILL, i want something that actually pays. hahaha

i don't mind having a lot to do as long as i'm being compensated for it.

i really really wanna go to LB asap cos july needs me daw. aaaaw, i wanna be there for her and i also wanna see batch equilibria. haaaaynako. problem is, kacheeeeeng $$$$$$$$. where are yoooouuu???

k, back to worrrrk.

yeah right

i used to believe that love is a major friendship breaker and that if you don't want to lose the closeness you once had with someone, never ever fall in love with him/her. that's what it says in tumblr lol. i believed that, for quite a while... err ever since i stepped into a situation where i fell in love with a really close friend. i was never the risky type of girl, specially when it comes to love. i tend to save too much of my pride so i end up veering away from situations that would eventually humiliate me and my feelings. but that was before. now, i couldn't imagine myself falling in love with just someone who isn't a close friend. that's where it starts anyway duuuuh.

and i also believe that people share the same sentiments towards this, they wouldn't settle with someone who isn't a close friend at least. i mean, it's just that sometimes, couples are brewing the closeness on the bf/gf stage so it may seem like they're barely friends when they got into a relationship. there isn't true love in there. but when it progresses, they learn to become friends, then close friends, then eventually learn to love each other.

the same thing goes for those who want to become friends first before catering to their raging hormones. they become close friends then get into a relationship and yada yada yada. what's cool with this type is that we're pretty sure they're both in love with each other when they decide to be bf/gf. roight.

i used to (well, until now) worry a lot when someone says he likes me... specially if it's a friend. yes, i need psychiatric help to explain this but i know it's commonplace. anyway, it becomes really awkward and kinda avoid being with em until i'm sure they don't like me anymore hahaha. and yes, even if i do like the person back i still act strange. and i think i know why. it's because any hint of getting into a relationship scares me. big time bro. biiiig time. not ready, obviously.

here's what i really really really wanna do now, i've given up on summer job hunting now that it's May. i want to just bum around but we're maidless so i have to attend to the whole house while our helper is gone. my back hurts from doing all the laundry and i'm just one heck of a loser when it comes to ironing clothes. i hate ironing grrr. i enjoy cooking but i don't like the part where i have to wake up so early for it. =___=;

yes, back to what i wanna do:

DVDs!!! yeah that's all. and coffee crumble ice cream to match. >:)
One Tree Hill
Gossip Girl
One Piece
The L World (i think i can handle the semi-porn now lol)


bakit ba may mga babae na talagang sadyang nakakainis? kahit walang ginagawa sayo. tawag dyan, BV! bad vibes mehn. bad vibes. yung sobrang pacute at masyadong overbearing, not to mention malandi. fuuuuck those girls. ay mali, edi natuwa pa sila kung ganun nga. ano na lang, DIIIIEEEE!!!!! okay. nailabas ko na. tapos na ko sa babae.

sa lalaki naman. actually, i don't usually get bad vibes with guys at first sight e kasi malay ko ba hindi naman ako marunong magbasa ng lalake. pero meron talagang nakakainis rin! lalo na yung feelingero amp talaga aaaamp! lamo yuuuuunn??? pag di mo matitigan, feeling nya crush mo na. pag tingin ka naman ng tingin, aba crush mo parin?!?! ang haba lang naman ng hair mo pre! eto pa nakakainis, bakit may mga lalaking hindi mapakali pag may babaeng (feeling nila) maganda sa paligid? e wala lang. can't trust those guys, reaaaaalllly. -_-;

weirdo talaga tong si B kahit kelan. kung sino sino tinuturo sakin. wth. pero sige sige, pagbigyan. what's wrong with new friends. nakow.

dear chamel, i hope you're not hurt with jejemaster's joke. i swear to God it's not true. joke lang yun talaga. alam kong nasaktan ka, sorry talaga (and i also know you won't be able to read this). pero hindi talaga ako. walang kaming kung-ano. at hindi nya yun gagawin sa pasukan. promise. sorry. -___-;

no regrets!

this morning, brian and i came to convergys for our initial interview. hehe i just came to experience the application process, i wasn't really planning on working there because my parents are both against it. anyway, when i heard that there were no part time slots available and that a shifting schedule would be observed thoroughly, i already knew it wasn't for me. but i continued the process just to know how far i could go.

i passed the initial interview and the series of tests afterwards, and then i was scheduled for a final interview. BUT right before i was called in, i quit already LOL. i talked to the test administrator that i can't show up for the final interview because i can't work with a shifting schedule and a full time job right when i'm also a full time student. yon. so, yuuuuun. i didn't get the job. they put my application under active files in case i want to continue the application process, it'll stay there for a month. hehehe they say the final interview is the second to the last step, before the contract signing. ewan. no regrets. it was nice to know that i am capable of getting a call center job. feels goooood. >:)

but i also know i deserve something better HAHAHA yabang meeeehn.
so for now, i'll focus on studies! and being a SA parin hehehehe.

i'll most probably reapply after two years lOl. TSR sounds coooool.


finally got an interview schedule at convergys. hello call center... O_O whew. quite scary really. first real job interview. !_! anyway, i was wondering if they'll allow part time contractual employees. SA pay is too small, and i wanna get serious with helping with the household bills. (yeah, and like buy a new cellphone, a digicam and laptop LOL)

i fucking hate meralco right now cos our usual 4k monthly bill jumped to 8k!!!! and the consumption graph didn't even double in height. grrrr...

right, back to work issues. it's actually win-win. if i get a job at the call center, i'll try it out for the next 3 to 6 months, if i can handle it without losing my scholarship... i'll push through. otherwise, i'll continue working as a SA. sounds cool.

pero you know what, i kinda don't want to leave being an SA because of JM. LOOOOOOL!!! attached much? AS IIIIIFFFF!!!!

brian tatawagan ka rin nyan promiiiiiseee!!!!!

the horrrorrrrrr! T___T;

what i want to do now is watch dvd and eat ice cream. my hair fucking sucks.

you see, i had it cut short and it was so coooool right when i stepped out of bench fix. i washed it at home and when it dried, it was all messy and wavy and i just don't like it, the stylist was right. so i went to a cheap salon at the center mall and had it relaxed for 600. it came out straight, not to mention too stiff, and the ends of my hair look kinky burned. i fucking haaaate it. terai says i look like monkey girl from meteor garden. grrr.

my hair is so stiff i could look like a super saiyan effortlessly. T___T;
so now, my freakin hair cost 1,000. =____=;


got my hair done at bench fix trinoma. i like it... yeaaaah but i know it's only cool now cos it's blow-dried. i'm naturally wavy daw kasi so my hair has every tendency to fly away when cut short like... now. hehehehehehe

ok. webdev3 mode. theeeeeen... relaaaaax. >:D
right. what's the point in declaring a hiatus? just get lost, and come back whenever you like. people hardly notice.

// btw. i still feel bad. everytime i think of it. i feel betrayed. hahaha serious much? i realized it's no good sharing to people friends how happy you are. next time you know, your feelings are being played at and every time you speak, morons are laughing at your back. what sucks most is that i trusted these people. hala na. and they fucking broke it with a joke gone bad. i swear, it's not gonna be the same anymore. you're not getting me back the way i was. to you, what a parting gift!!! and i thought we'll stay cool even when you're gone. i was trying to build good memories pa naman kasi alam kong mamimiss kita. hindi na pala. sadya ba to? to the rest of you, i still hate you. so maybe i lied when i said it's ok na, hindi parin pala.

// leche ka, wag ka ngang makapag-comment comment na parang wala lang.

PS: sorry for forgiving half-heartedly. e kasi i was half happy and half pissed off. pissed off senyo. pero happy because of something else. so mejo i was in a good mood last night that it felt right to just let it pass. pero hindi talaga. hindi pala talaga. nakakaburat.


nakakainis naman. bakit ako lang ang mukang tanga?!
pasalamat kayo nakakangiti pa ko ngayon dahil sa kanya, kundi badtrip na ko senyo habang buhay.

coffeeeee crumbleeee!!!!

came to class looking drugged because i haven't slept since last night! just came to pass the project then i went home na agad to sleeeeeep! yey! i was supposed to get a haircut today kaso ayoko pa pala bwahaha. 

bonded with saycee and chamel this afternoon till night! mega foodtrip! chicken, ice cream, spag, siomai, c2, minute maid!!! yeeeey! and waaait, parang nadagdagan pera ko sa atm by 1k? i dunno, lumaki e. anyway. o badtrip lang, minimum withdrawal is 1k na rin. nyeeeeek. 

exam on sunday. sunday na talaga. magpapagupit na ko!


grabe. how could you fucking do that to me?!

school started fine, i topped the data structures finals and had a good dose of JM at the library, ang bango nya in fairness ♥. he was asking about their research paper blah blah blah.

i got 100% on the webdev3 final exam. edi ayos. tapos. tapos. !@#$%^&*()
nakakabadtrip ka. hindi nakakatawa. napagbintangan ko pa si blandy. pahiya pa ko. ayan badtrip din sakin yung tao. napaamin pa ko.

grrrrr !@#$%^&*()

complexity science, major mindfuck!

currently listening to brew rats at 92.30 fm

you know how i love listening to people talking about science, physics, or chemistry, most especially if i'm not in a classroom and is not forced to listen hehehe. i've always been interested in science, reaaaaally. but i've recently figured that science is the most accessible thing that you cannot easily grasp. but the cool thing is that you don't need a lot of brains to appreciate it, like me. >:D (not fishing here)

ok. so Dr. Chris Monterola is still on air so i have to listen first bwahaha

anyway. he talked about the same things that got me glued to the TV the last time i watched nat geo. ASTROPHYSICS. actually, he discussed a lot of things, centering on einstein's theories and experimentations. he mentioned about time and space as two inseparable identities. he talked about how the speed of light is constant in a vacuum. he talked about the megapressure that produces sonic booms in aircrafts. how it is most likely impossible to go back in time. he says you could go to the future, after all, time is designed that way and is unidirectional, but you can't go back (theoretically, at least). he talked about sooooo many mindfucking things about physics that are sooooooo fucking interesting, minus the proving part of course.

i'm a theoretical person. i love theories. ♥ listening to super smart people like that, and actually getting them makes me feel like one heck of a genuis (that i'm not). just don't make me solve things hahaha. Dr. Chris Monterola, i give you my highest respect for being soooo smart and for making a study on how a chalk's teeth pattern can be traced back to the person who used it on the board via artifical intelligence. grabe lang e! grabeeee! magna nung college (UP diliman physics i guess?), most outstanding nung masters! @_@ bow ako sayo serrr.

depressing thing this week. i'm a major fail at data structures now. i didn't nail the recitation. i didn't top the quiz bee. all because sir's quiz now includes NUMERAL LOGIC. and i didn't nail it. i could memorize the entire chapter, but i couldn't solve that fast. [i'm only 2nd on the reci, and 3rd on the quiz (although i got perfect,2 people got 3 points past the perfect score, and i only got 1).] asar yun sobra. if you're in my shoes you'll feel depressed.

alam mo yun? parang nasira yung winning streak ko? hindi ko matanggap. i was always on top (back then).

hindi ko naman pinagmamayabang na matalino ako e. in fact, i know of people in school who are way smarter than i am. nagkakatalo lang sa sipag at effort.


after class brian and i went to pldt eVentus to apply! my golly the quiapo bus was sooo fuuuuull we had to stand.   nakakangalay ng sobra! then when we came there, BUKAS NA LANG DAW. kasi madami ng iinterviewhin. T___T; dahil dyan, sa thursday morning na lang ako babalik.

when i came home, i was excited to sleep! after 2++ months, i finally got all my vacant afternoons back! power siesta mode na dapat ako but nooooooo, i had to do the laundry pa pala =___=; hahahahahahahaha

dear Lord, please give me a job. >:D


LOL we only got 87 from the panelist during our project defense awhile ago. i wasn't expecting anything high, but it's depressing nonetheless. i had to talk to my prof for any chances of increasing my final grade to 90 or above, and he told me to talk to him about it next week. >:| fucking worried.

anyway, it's almost 2am. i'm not sleeping because i have to finish a research proposal for english tomorrow. it's a biggie, my friends... but i'm enjoying doing it, because i'm interested! RH Bill ftw! >:D

btw, i'm applying for a summer job this tuesday. sana matanggap, like hell i need the cash. i might actually drop out of the scholarship. Lord, waaaaaag naman sanaaaaa  >:(((((((((((((

kkk, back to english. >:D


i stayed true to my word. i didn't sleep unless i was able to accomplish at least 50%. and i did, i'm confident to say we're 50% with our project (and i still have to do the remaining 50% in, lemme check, 6 hours). i know i have no right to say i'm confident with that fucking 50% because tomorrow is already the defense.... but still! it's one thing to learn such a troublesome, boring, unfair topic all by myself... err, also with the help of the ever supportive google. so tonight, i'm going to make yet another silly sticky-note cos i think it's working. lol

## DO NOT SLEEP until you have finished what you think is your 100% for this project. meaning: add/edit/delete student records and subject offerings.

really, it's the best i can do. given the timeframe (right. i'm sorry i procastinated so much on this one), that's the furthest and most relevant progress i can chart for tonight.

and i feel a bit proud because i now understand how adodc and the whole datagrid junk work.

so, what i want to do is to cover up the lack of functionality of our project with.... the user interface. hahaha

i think i've found a new crush. goodbye JM na ba ito? bwahahaha welcome, more heartaches!


what the heeeeell. can anybody tell me what to do with my vb project?
so far, i was able to add records from the form into the ms access database using datagrid control and adodc.

ok, i'll quit talking technically.

here is my fucking sticky note-to-self that should not be screwed or else i'll perish this sunday... along with my hopes of retaining the scholarship.

## DO NOT SLEEP until you were able to pass those field data onto a bunch of textboxes
## DO NOT TRY NOT TO open facebook fcol, or you'll be one fucking OTL this sunday.


my mind has been lagging and i'm lacking a lot of sense lately. i couldn't even get simple jokes. which suuuucks so much, you don't know it feels when everyone's laughing and you go, haaaaaa? di ko gets. OTL uhhhh it doesn't really bother me when people say i'm slow, cos i admit to being one. i'm kinda deaf too i know, that's quite a bad combo. hehe

i thought this was going to be a productive night for me, but i'm sleepy.

burger with brian awhile ago my gooooolly. @_@ if i knew he was there, i could've lowered down my voice and acted cool. i have no idea what he heard, but i'm 100% sure i didn't mention his name. bwaha!


30 minutes to go before i time in for duty. this is going to be a very boring day! pearl milk tea later yeheeeey!

ay grabe gusto ko ulit ma-inlove. ♥ ♥ ♥

sleepless night ahead!

haha i feel so awake! pearl milk teaaaaa ♥ ♥ ♥
i'm finishing our term paper in filipino. after that, i'll do english (hopefully). so that tomorrow and the entire week will be dedicated to that frakking VB6 project.

i wanna get over this term already and get my hair done like the one i posted previously! yeah, that was a joke. that was my take on april fools' day, and it was a real success having people to believe that i actually cut my hair that short. lol anyway, it was a good chance to know if that kind of hair would suit me bwahaha. i'm excited!

whew! ok! term paper mode! >8D

hey hey short heyurr

i remember how we used to talk about random stuff when sir gupa isn't around for speechcom1. thank you for being such a good and supportive friend. thank you for bearing with me when we review chemistry together. you're a big big part of my LB life. tagay on your 21st! >:D
lol. lemme share these pics to you...

that's what happens when i get too bummed out with projects. how's my hair??? >:D
wtf. who am i kidding?

4THGL project ----- 1%
1% means we've downloaded a sample project to use as a guide. and the 99% goes to the chance that we're copying someone else's work (namely: the sample project) then pass it on as ours .

lol. i'm kidding. how are we going to defend that anyway? !@#$%^&*() if only our prof would actually TEACH us about VB and databases, then we probably have a good ground to make this project. video tutorials are my only hope. i'm learning through them. but grrrr... i can't learn this alone. i'm too dumb for online tutorials. SIR!!! care to teach?

FILITWO project ------ 30%
yehey for 30%. i'm actually dedicating tomorrow to finish the entire filipino project. yes. i'm doing the biggest bulk, ALONE. you don't realize how i'm sooooo cool with that (note: no sarcasm behind) hehehehe

ENGLISH3 project -------- 10%
uuuuuhhh.... 10% for the sources. hehe. i really don't know about this one. =____=

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