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i used to believe that love is a major friendship breaker and that if you don't want to lose the closeness you once had with someone, never ever fall in love with him/her. that's what it says in tumblr lol. i believed that, for quite a while... err ever since i stepped into a situation where i fell in love with a really close friend. i was never the risky type of girl, specially when it comes to love. i tend to save too much of my pride so i end up veering away from situations that would eventually humiliate me and my feelings. but that was before. now, i couldn't imagine myself falling in love with just someone who isn't a close friend. that's where it starts anyway duuuuh.

and i also believe that people share the same sentiments towards this, they wouldn't settle with someone who isn't a close friend at least. i mean, it's just that sometimes, couples are brewing the closeness on the bf/gf stage so it may seem like they're barely friends when they got into a relationship. there isn't true love in there. but when it progresses, they learn to become friends, then close friends, then eventually learn to love each other.

the same thing goes for those who want to become friends first before catering to their raging hormones. they become close friends then get into a relationship and yada yada yada. what's cool with this type is that we're pretty sure they're both in love with each other when they decide to be bf/gf. roight.

i used to (well, until now) worry a lot when someone says he likes me... specially if it's a friend. yes, i need psychiatric help to explain this but i know it's commonplace. anyway, it becomes really awkward and kinda avoid being with em until i'm sure they don't like me anymore hahaha. and yes, even if i do like the person back i still act strange. and i think i know why. it's because any hint of getting into a relationship scares me. big time bro. biiiig time. not ready, obviously.

here's what i really really really wanna do now, i've given up on summer job hunting now that it's May. i want to just bum around but we're maidless so i have to attend to the whole house while our helper is gone. my back hurts from doing all the laundry and i'm just one heck of a loser when it comes to ironing clothes. i hate ironing grrr. i enjoy cooking but i don't like the part where i have to wake up so early for it. =___=;

yes, back to what i wanna do:

DVDs!!! yeah that's all. and coffee crumble ice cream to match. >:)
One Tree Hill
Gossip Girl
One Piece
The L World (i think i can handle the semi-porn now lol)

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