finally got an interview schedule at convergys. hello call center... O_O whew. quite scary really. first real job interview. !_! anyway, i was wondering if they'll allow part time contractual employees. SA pay is too small, and i wanna get serious with helping with the household bills. (yeah, and like buy a new cellphone, a digicam and laptop LOL)

i fucking hate meralco right now cos our usual 4k monthly bill jumped to 8k!!!! and the consumption graph didn't even double in height. grrrr...

right, back to work issues. it's actually win-win. if i get a job at the call center, i'll try it out for the next 3 to 6 months, if i can handle it without losing my scholarship... i'll push through. otherwise, i'll continue working as a SA. sounds cool.

pero you know what, i kinda don't want to leave being an SA because of JM. LOOOOOOL!!! attached much? AS IIIIIFFFF!!!!

brian tatawagan ka rin nyan promiiiiiseee!!!!!

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