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you know how i love listening to people talking about science, physics, or chemistry, most especially if i'm not in a classroom and is not forced to listen hehehe. i've always been interested in science, reaaaaally. but i've recently figured that science is the most accessible thing that you cannot easily grasp. but the cool thing is that you don't need a lot of brains to appreciate it, like me. >:D (not fishing here)

ok. so Dr. Chris Monterola is still on air so i have to listen first bwahaha

anyway. he talked about the same things that got me glued to the TV the last time i watched nat geo. ASTROPHYSICS. actually, he discussed a lot of things, centering on einstein's theories and experimentations. he mentioned about time and space as two inseparable identities. he talked about how the speed of light is constant in a vacuum. he talked about the megapressure that produces sonic booms in aircrafts. how it is most likely impossible to go back in time. he says you could go to the future, after all, time is designed that way and is unidirectional, but you can't go back (theoretically, at least). he talked about sooooo many mindfucking things about physics that are sooooooo fucking interesting, minus the proving part of course.

i'm a theoretical person. i love theories. ♥ listening to super smart people like that, and actually getting them makes me feel like one heck of a genuis (that i'm not). just don't make me solve things hahaha. Dr. Chris Monterola, i give you my highest respect for being soooo smart and for making a study on how a chalk's teeth pattern can be traced back to the person who used it on the board via artifical intelligence. grabe lang e! grabeeee! magna nung college (UP diliman physics i guess?), most outstanding nung masters! @_@ bow ako sayo serrr.

depressing thing this week. i'm a major fail at data structures now. i didn't nail the recitation. i didn't top the quiz bee. all because sir's quiz now includes NUMERAL LOGIC. and i didn't nail it. i could memorize the entire chapter, but i couldn't solve that fast. [i'm only 2nd on the reci, and 3rd on the quiz (although i got perfect,2 people got 3 points past the perfect score, and i only got 1).] asar yun sobra. if you're in my shoes you'll feel depressed.

alam mo yun? parang nasira yung winning streak ko? hindi ko matanggap. i was always on top (back then).

hindi ko naman pinagmamayabang na matalino ako e. in fact, i know of people in school who are way smarter than i am. nagkakatalo lang sa sipag at effort.

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