right. what's the point in declaring a hiatus? just get lost, and come back whenever you like. people hardly notice.

// btw. i still feel bad. everytime i think of it. i feel betrayed. hahaha serious much? i realized it's no good sharing to people friends how happy you are. next time you know, your feelings are being played at and every time you speak, morons are laughing at your back. what sucks most is that i trusted these people. hala na. and they fucking broke it with a joke gone bad. i swear, it's not gonna be the same anymore. you're not getting me back the way i was. to you, what a parting gift!!! and i thought we'll stay cool even when you're gone. i was trying to build good memories pa naman kasi alam kong mamimiss kita. hindi na pala. sadya ba to? to the rest of you, i still hate you. so maybe i lied when i said it's ok na, hindi parin pala.

// leche ka, wag ka ngang makapag-comment comment na parang wala lang.

PS: sorry for forgiving half-heartedly. e kasi i was half happy and half pissed off. pissed off senyo. pero happy because of something else. so mejo i was in a good mood last night that it felt right to just let it pass. pero hindi talaga. hindi pala talaga. nakakaburat.

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