no regrets!

this morning, brian and i came to convergys for our initial interview. hehe i just came to experience the application process, i wasn't really planning on working there because my parents are both against it. anyway, when i heard that there were no part time slots available and that a shifting schedule would be observed thoroughly, i already knew it wasn't for me. but i continued the process just to know how far i could go.

i passed the initial interview and the series of tests afterwards, and then i was scheduled for a final interview. BUT right before i was called in, i quit already LOL. i talked to the test administrator that i can't show up for the final interview because i can't work with a shifting schedule and a full time job right when i'm also a full time student. yon. so, yuuuuun. i didn't get the job. they put my application under active files in case i want to continue the application process, it'll stay there for a month. hehehe they say the final interview is the second to the last step, before the contract signing. ewan. no regrets. it was nice to know that i am capable of getting a call center job. feels goooood. >:)

but i also know i deserve something better HAHAHA yabang meeeehn.
so for now, i'll focus on studies! and being a SA parin hehehehe.

i'll most probably reapply after two years lOl. TSR sounds coooool.

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