lol i thought i already quit summer job hunting but i just responded to a job offer. brian, tara ulit. baka sakaling dizizit na talaga hahahaha.

this day, i did the laundry, ironed the clothes, and DID TERAI'S CHARGE SLIPS. you see, it's a very simple task that she does everyday at home, she lists down charge slip details of metrobank users who participated in their promo blah blah blah. it's easy but it's A HELL LOOOOOOOOT. i was like,

"terai, you're doing all those??" pointing to the stack of charge slips beside her...
"ok, lemme help."

and that's how i ended up having such a sore back and pasmado hands. grabe and dami dami daming sinusulat mehn. i'm grateful though, cos she buys me ice cream and treats me to oi! sisig. hehehehe BUT STILL, i want something that actually pays. hahaha

i don't mind having a lot to do as long as i'm being compensated for it.

i really really wanna go to LB asap cos july needs me daw. aaaaw, i wanna be there for her and i also wanna see batch equilibria. haaaaynako. problem is, kacheeeeeng $$$$$$$$. where are yoooouuu???

k, back to worrrrk.

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