the horrrorrrrrr! T___T;

what i want to do now is watch dvd and eat ice cream. my hair fucking sucks.

you see, i had it cut short and it was so coooool right when i stepped out of bench fix. i washed it at home and when it dried, it was all messy and wavy and i just don't like it, the stylist was right. so i went to a cheap salon at the center mall and had it relaxed for 600. it came out straight, not to mention too stiff, and the ends of my hair look kinky burned. i fucking haaaate it. terai says i look like monkey girl from meteor garden. grrr.

my hair is so stiff i could look like a super saiyan effortlessly. T___T;
so now, my freakin hair cost 1,000. =____=;

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