hey hey short heyurr

i remember how we used to talk about random stuff when sir gupa isn't around for speechcom1. thank you for being such a good and supportive friend. thank you for bearing with me when we review chemistry together. you're a big big part of my LB life. tagay on your 21st! >:D
lol. lemme share these pics to you...

that's what happens when i get too bummed out with projects. how's my hair??? >:D
wtf. who am i kidding?

4THGL project ----- 1%
1% means we've downloaded a sample project to use as a guide. and the 99% goes to the chance that we're copying someone else's work (namely: the sample project) then pass it on as ours .

lol. i'm kidding. how are we going to defend that anyway? !@#$%^&*() if only our prof would actually TEACH us about VB and databases, then we probably have a good ground to make this project. video tutorials are my only hope. i'm learning through them. but grrrr... i can't learn this alone. i'm too dumb for online tutorials. SIR!!! care to teach?

FILITWO project ------ 30%
yehey for 30%. i'm actually dedicating tomorrow to finish the entire filipino project. yes. i'm doing the biggest bulk, ALONE. you don't realize how i'm sooooo cool with that (note: no sarcasm behind) hehehehe

ENGLISH3 project -------- 10%
uuuuuhhh.... 10% for the sources. hehe. i really don't know about this one. =____=

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