this is so uncool

5 pages in FILIPINO made my nose frakking bleeeeed.  i just finished 3 chapters of our term paper in Filipino. wtf, such a hassle. i'm sleeeeeeepy.

btw. does it happen to you? that your dreams come true? literally! there are a lot of times when something happens and it feels too familiar like a dejavu, and then i'd realized that i've dreamt of it that's why it's freakily weird when it happened. it happened twice this day, when i was talking to jen at the cr at school. and when i read umpe's text message. there are many more from before, but i couldn't remember...

anyway. sometimes i try getting ahead of it. like when i realized the dream-coming-true too early, i try to predict what's gonna happen next based on what i can recall from my dream. unfortunately, i've never had a successful attempt. the situation changes once i try to get hold of it.

anyway i feel groggy. i don't understand what i've just written.


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