while waiting for 1pm ...

i don't know how i ended up sick, but i'm sick anyways and it frakking sucks... and to add up to the mounting reasons for depression i'm having today, i got a really low midterm grade at 4GL. 87.something. yes, that's a biggie. especially if i'm struggling for scholarship. what the hell is happening to me. highest in our class is 89... i guess.

it rained awhile ago! it was even foggy @_@ ang weird talaga. whether that was a result of cloud seeding (artificial rain) or a real natural phenomenon, i couldn't care less. point is, it rained. >:D thank you Lord!
you know what. one of the things i'm excited for, is getting over my first love. yeah, like it's some sort of a tragedy awaiting to be written. that's what i wanna do about it, write. make poems, create a story. just let it aaaaall out... well, when it's over. and i promised not to tell anyone about it. no one  will know who he is until i get a boyfriend. he, at least, won't. wahaha! it's one big love story. most probably a sad one, but that's why i wanna write about when i'm happy, so that everything i've written will be accounted to my memories, to the past. >:)

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