everything worth waiting is worth having

but sometimes, it's also worth leaving. people say, whenever you think of giving up, think of the reason/s why you're still holding on. then again, that's only one side of the coin, why not also think of the reason/s why you thought of giving up? surely, it's big enough to consider since it was able to shake your resolve. >:P

// i kinda want to sleep early because i want to do a lot tomorrow, like go to the gym! people say i'm getting fatter @_@ that's what i need summer for!

// fortunately, i didn't see JM this day. maybe God is hiding him from me because i already got too much yesterday. and besides! how will i greet him if we see each other by? HE-HE-HELLOOOO? i spent the rest of my break at the canteen because i knew he'll be at the library at that time, reading the newspaper. not that i'm trying to avoid him, i just don't know how to react... naturally.

// i figured this will be much easier if none of my friends knew. e i want to share my happiness e! bakit ba?!

sige, goooood night! >:D

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