forgive me, for i am going to sound like Rebecca Bloomwood right under the cut. >:(

i stepped out of the coffee shop pretty pleased with myself after downloading 3 OSTs of Bleach, getting lots of sources for my two term papers, and overdosing on caffeine and cookies! then you know, i came down and checked TBS, i wanted to buy another bottle of white musk, it's just that it's too expensive for me right now. but guess what? THEY'RE ON SALE!!! i never realized it until the sales lady came to me and said that the perfume i'm holding is on BUY 1 TAKE 1. @_@ it's probably the happiest moment of my shopping life, seeing my most wanted vanity item ON SALE and best of all, on a buy 1 take 1 promo. i mean, what the shrek? are they phasing it out soon? my mistake though, was that i got myself lured into buying another item, a lip and cheek tint. i don't even know why, but it's also on sale. it's usually 800, now it's 500. i can't believe it, so i bought it. i don't know how, but the sales lady led me to the vanity station and tried the item on my face. i thought i looked good with that freakin tint on. and so i took it. they're evil, you know, their mirrors make you look better than you were if you looked in your bathroom and they put their best conditioned items as testers. haaay. and with one swipe, i lost my entire half-month salary. Lord, what's up with me? i don't think i'm that vain. and i'm not an impulsive buyer too. i don't really buy when i see it, i buy when i need it. i mean, i'm running low on these items. i'm so in a valid mood to purchase, it's just that both of them ran out at the same time, so that's double the cost. it's not like i didn't plan it. naman, defensive.

haha! and i'm entitled 50 pesos rebate because of that purchase. LOL big deal?

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