maybe it's love, maybe it's something else. either way, it remains a very special feeling. something i've never felt before. something that lingers every single day. whether i'll wait or give up isn't a necessary decision to make, either way, he'll never know. he's not aware how well he breaks my heart.
reading romance novels make me yearn so much. when i read Confessions of a Shopaholic, i wanted my own Luke Brandon. now that i'm reading The Choice, i want my own Travis Parker. of all the leading guys i've read about, Travis Parker has the best character. maybe because of the fact that he's already at the 'settling' stage. you know, looking for a potential wife to a raise a family with.... so he's done with all the play dates and is taking love seriously. yeah, i'll get there... someday. i like it when a man thinks about his future, his wife, kids and job. ♥
someone told me i have to groom myself better, like a girl. comb my hair and wear skirt.
i don't know why i still get those, i think i'm girly enough. @_@ have you seen my vanity kit? i have two blush-ons, a lipgloss, lipstick, mirror, face powder, ointment and a hair clip! and believe it or not, i use them all! hahaha is it my problem if my skin eats them?

but you knooow, i'm getting there! i'm gonna have my hair relaxed and my hair cut short so i don't have to iron it everyday. and maybe i'll wear a skirt next school year. yes, maybe.
ah! and i thought my php midterm exam didn't run! but guess what? our class had a retake awhile ago and i was exempted, along with brian (timing na timing ang absent mo) and erni. sir says we're perfect na daw! yeheeey! 4 out of 6! awesome. just awesome.

RA you're my saviooooor! thank you! >:D
LB this saturday! >:D

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