can't hear ya!

too much water in my head. @_@ awhile was great! too many kiddos! i remember i wanted to become a sunday school teacher but yadda, yadda, yadda, didn't happen obviously. 

anyway, summer plans? nothing! GYM. driving school for sure?. or some cheap house party with BTS, plus whoever calls. not really up for expensive trips since i'm kinda broke. look, i'll be losing 3 days worth of sweldo because of holy week and my highschool neighbors are done with school so no more free morning rides. haaaay pera. and i only started earning for myself this march cos i dedicated my entire feb money for someone. >:) man, i want a hair relaaaax. @_@ i'm out of perfume too. and blush on LOL.

i hereby declare tomorrow as my research day. i'll probably be at blenz. this makes me guilty cos i'm really just up for the coffee but i freakin need an entire day just for research cos the net here has gone slower than ever! =____=;;

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